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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

  • Gothic Fantasy MMO, Shadow's Kiss, Outpaces KickStarter Funding Goal - News

    Sovrath said:
    DMKano said:
    Sovrath said:

    DMKano said:

    I know it's pre-alpha - but to me this looks like a crappy version of TSW, except the movement is even slower - so it's one of those "walking simulator" games /shudder

    20 years ago - vampires, werewolves, it was pretty cool, but today - just feels so damn worn out.

    I still think vampires and werewolves are fun.

    I think this is going for more Vampire the Masquerade. At least from first glance. Some of the walking is a bit funny I'll admit.

    If one were to do this they would have to realize that this was an indy game and that it would only be "so good".

    Hey I still have friends that dress up in goth - and they eat this stuff up, and that's cool. Whatever makes people happy.

    I am only speaking for my personal level of interest in vampires/werewolves - it has gone from HYPE (back in early Underworld movie days) - to completely over it in the last few years.

    Pretty much the same thing happened with the whole zombie craze - was cool at first, but now... ugh
    There are only so many relatable monsters. Of course, I suppose, one can make a sort of Demon realm and start making up anything and everything but I imagine that would appeal to less people the more "way out" one got.

    What DMKano is talking about it more of an old timers problem. It's the same in games or movies etc.  Once you have been playing or watching or just have years of experience with something it gets old.

    It's like horror movies I used to love them when I was a kid but rarely watch them now as I find it hard to find a horror that will give me the same feel as it used to, it's all just so old and seen that, done that before.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    ScotchUp said:
    Makes me laugh after 8 years of Obama, any law no matter what it is called can't be trusted when Government is telling us how great it will be for America. Keep Government out of internet!
    Makes me laugh all the Obama hate, when you got someone like Trump who is only doing his best to line his pockets, and how some people think "Govment" is big bad and evil so lets give all the powa to them nice caring corporations cause they sure have your best interests at heart......lolz
  • New Program Lets You Buy Land to do with 'As You See Fit' - Star Citizen News

    I don"t get why people are surprised?

    First people bitched and moaned cause the idea of SC was simply not possible, very much argued for by certain "intelligent" people which I am not allowed to name, it was also said this was a scam, would go up in flames within x amount of time yet this hasn't happened so far.

    Then it was you're just playing a very limited tech demo yet that was proven false as stuff was added albeit very slowly...

    Now some people may be correct in that CR is not the best person to be leading this as he's more a dreamer than someone able to manage things the most efficiently but SC is still here and they are still working on it.

    I mean SC is to be a space game, fps game and sandboxy building game which is why people were all yelling doom dooom scam fail yet as they get closer or add more things towards making this actually come to be people find more stuff to moan about.

    It's as if people have never seen a sandboxy building game sell stuff sell things towards those element as some kind of pre order bonus and the like etc.

    The same for fps games and space games.....

    Hmmm guess it was hard to see coming and is super duper shocking that an ambitious game of this nature is doing all three cause you know it's suppose to be like 3 games in one...hmmm

    Last but not least this is far far far from being BS like

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Quizzical said:

    "We'll lose money because fewer people will buy from us if we do X" is actually quite a powerful incentive for companies to do what people want.
    Not if there's only a few companies to choose from and they all work in collusion with each other .... so in other words, not in the real world.
    Indeed this only works if there truly is competition which frankly I do not believe will happen, we have seen this first hand in Canada where each region was served by only one of the big three until the CRTC stepped in and said enough.

    This whole argument doesn't work Quiz if ISP have a free reign and no one forces them to follow certain rules.