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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    ScotchUp said:
    Makes me laugh after 8 years of Obama, any law no matter what it is called can't be trusted when Government is telling us how great it will be for America. Keep Government out of internet!
    Makes me laugh all the Obama hate, when you got someone like Trump who is only doing his best to line his pockets, and how some people think "Govment" is big bad and evil so lets give all the powa to them nice caring corporations cause they sure have your best interests at heart......lolz
  • Mom Claims Teen is a 'Scapegoat' When Sued by Epic Games for Cheating - Fortnite -

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    Talonsin said:
    At the end of the day even if Epic loses the suit, that kids parents will have to pay legal fees and you can bet after that, they will be all over that tool of a son they have not to post any more stupid videos.

    You have to be pretty arrogant and entitled to refuse to take down a video of you cheating in a video game. 
    It's called being a stupid kid.  Guessing you walked on water as child and never got in trouble for anything. 

    Thing is most kids dont get sued for this kind of thing which is far different than saying the parents shouldn't be on their arse for it.
    Being stupid still means being accountable for actions.

    The kid brought the suit on himself by having that YouTube account contest the DMCA takedown. Another consequence of bad choice. Maybe if he had learned that lesson earlier he would have made a better choice this time and not be in the predicament he's put himself in.

    There should be accountability for actions. They should also be appropriate for the age, damage done (if any), and remorse.
    Same thing can be said about the company, are they too chickenshit to go after the real culprits hurting them?

    Sure he should be held accountable, I agree with that so I wish people would stop implying that I am saying he should get a huggle and a stern warning, but its damn sad people nowadays think that means suing a 14 year old is the appropriate action.

    Total waste of the courts time and our tax dollars.

    And people wonder why the USA is going to hell in a handbasket.
    Have you taken the time to read all the posts explaining how Epic had no choice but to file suit because that is how the law is written.....
    wrong...They were not legally obligated to file a lawsuit. In fact, one is never legally obligated to file a lawsuit

    They have two choices in response to a DMCA dispute - do nothing and let people run over their IP, or file a lawsuit because that is the only option when responding to a DMCA takedown request dispute.

    So I'm not wrong, you are. Nananananaaaaa.
    BS they could have had their attorney sends a letter to the mom, I mean if they have the info to sue him then they have to info to do this, explained what was going on, threatened to sue etc etc like how most shit is done before heading straight to court to sue.

    Pretty sure the mom would have made him take that youtube vid down without all this crap and pretty sure the mom would have made sure he learned his lesson.

    I get the impression there's lots of non parents in this thread that don't have a effing clue about raising kids yet are all damned experts on the subject.

    As a parent I say fuck this shit, they never communicated with the family in question and went straight to bully mode to try and prove to their "fanbase" that they are real tough on cheating and don't fudge with us.

    Lets get effing real here, the kid didn't go around selling dope, he didn't go around vandalizing other people property then refuse to pay for it, he didn't go around with a group of other kids beating the crap out of other kids or anything ...he cheated in a videogame.

    Epic and some of you need to get some damned perspective and realize the right move was to go after the ones that are actually selling these cheats to kids.

  • Mom Claims Teen is a 'Scapegoat' When Sued by Epic Games for Cheating - Fortnite -

    While I am not saying his account shouldn't be banned for cheating, minor or not, it looks like Epic games made some fairly substantial blunders by releasing his name to the public if there are laws there against that.

    Dunno but so much hoopla for an aimbot, have to say ladeda here, which maybe end up with Epic being in "more" trouble than the person they are suing.

    Seems WoW aka Blizzard has had cheating problems for a long time but have they ever sued one of their customers, much less minors?

    Seems to me they have went after the people making these cheats which makes more sense and you have to ask if why not, I am thinking their lawyers told them to do it this way for a good reason.
  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

    Beyorn said:
    I hate loot boxes as well but this makes me worried for some of the smaller mmo I play (Secret World, LoTRO).  Do you think this will finally make them close up shop ;(?  I would think a large chunk of their money comes from loot boxes.

    I would much rather put up with loot boxes if it means I can play the mmos I love.
      I would rather they close up shop or find another way to stay afloat. I would rather lose access to a bunch of games I play while the industry readjusts itself and we can get back to decent mmo that are not just peddling the same ole junk.
  • Will A:IR Reignite AAA MMORPG Development? - Bill Murphy -

    Biggest gripe is "Asian" mmo so can we expect stamina bar or labor point malarky?  Maybe they will also sprinkle in some lootboxes etc etc too?