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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    Horusra said:
    All the doomsayers here clutching to government's boots is funny.  The government can not run or regulate anything successfully.  You all can have faith in them I will not.  Less government the better.
    It's remarkable that any human being could have such a narrow view of a situation like this.  "Government is bad" is just some stupid trope that's been pushed on you relentlessly for decades.  There are some things that government is good for.  It's too bad that so many folks like you don't realize that yet.

    Your government Kool-Aid must taste great.
    Your "corporate will save us from govment" kool aid must taste even better.
  • CoE announces plan to commoditize and sell many perks individually, gets hit in face with backlash.

    bohooo I can't get a backpack!! I'm disappoint!! this P2W!!! :,,(

    Grow up kid.
    Says the guy with the throwaway account and highly immature troll name in a flame post.
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    Frontier Expo
    • We watch a video of four Thargoids chasing a Cobra Mark 3, before one of the Thargoids turns to us and initiates a scan.
    • Enthusiasm of working on the game in its 3rd year remains high.
    • Behind the scenes video of the ED team hard at work. This team clearly cares about their work and the content they’re delivering, as well as the passion the community has for the game.
    • 2018 updates will be focused on three areas- Core Game Improvements, Narrative Expansion, and new features which build on the first 2.
    • Season 3 of Elite Dangerous is called “Beyond”.
    • 2018 roadmap – Q1, Core improvements, followed by 2 more updates delivering new ships, missions, scenarios. More on Q4 in a bit.
    • Q1 – A bunch of QoL improvements.
    • Engineering improvement – when rolling a blueprint spin, that spin will always be better than the previous spin.
    • Improvements to system authority.  new improved crime and punishment system
    • Improved Trade Data. Traders rejoice!
    • Wing missions! Suppose to be harder than solo missions
    • Asset polish to planets in Q1 2018 (Shaders and Graphs).
    • Wide variety of planetary color variation. In Q1 2018 end to the great beigefication!
    • Narrative improvements.
    • Another video. SRV visiting Guardian base. Intercepted by Thargoid. Oh, it doesn’t like Guardian Tech! Example of narrative thread which Frontier will be expanding on.
    • Q1 will continue the Guardian story. New experiences, CGs, players working together.
    • Personal narrative will be expanded.
    • Ohh, new equipment! A new weapon, a gun of some-kind, and what looks like scientific equipment/sensors are on the way! Related to personal narrative.
    • Frontier not done with Guardians, not by a long shot.
    • Galnet update!!! New feature, Galnet Audio which will read out Galnet articles while you’re in flight in your cockpit.
    • New ships!!!
    • “A lot more ships in incoming updates”
    • New ship shown – the Chieftain– work in progress mesh shown. It’s an answer to a dangerous universe and return of Thargoids. It’s an Allance-Lakon vessel, a more military Lakon vessel.
    • More alliance ships on the way!
    • Another new ship announced - then the 1984 version of the Krait is shown! Cue biggest cheer of the night! Then 2018 re-design shown. Unique cockpit placement among with hardpoint placement.
    • Q4 will be largest update for 2018 – there will be a new organisation structure for player groups called Squadron (guilds). Create your own, featuring enhanced communication options regardless of what squadron members are doing in the game.
    • Squadrons can purchase their own fleet carriers! Large, mobile, dockable ships. Squadron members can refuel, rearm etc.
    • Mining improvements! Improvements to detection and extraction of materials. Frontier looking to improve Wild-West feel of prospecting.
    • Concept art of ice planet shown, enhancements coming to planetary surfaces and environments.
    • Improved lighting model, both space and planetary.
    • Improvements to scatter-rock planetary system to improve placements of rocks and other surface objects.
    • Improvements to localised ambient effects including fog.
    • Exploring improvements, to how you find stuff.
    • New feature – the Codex will log your discoveries. It will also serve as an encyclopaedia, and will hint at other potential discoveries for explorers.
    • For explorers, there will be new exploration content and new anomalies to go out and find.
    • There’s a lot more content to be revealed in ED: Beyond. And its all going to be free to Horizons players.
    • But what about 2.4? Sneak peek video!
    • Is that the Type 10? It could be a Type 9 to be honest. Typing and watching so I could be mistaken.
    • SRVs at deserted Inra base.
    • Thargoid ship destroyed in space. One of the human Commanders scoops up something (a Thargoid probe?) at which point 3 Thagroid Interceptors jumps in and unleash swarms of Thargons.

    kitarad said:
    Same thing for me I was interested and then I watched a youtube video of some guy trying to land or take off no sure which and it looked too hard for me.

    Not hard at all it just looks it.

    1. Approach station
    2. open coms panel, go to contacts tab choose station ask permission to dock
    3. Once given take note of which landing pad you are given
    4. fly towards slot or landing pad, you can boost in but there's a speed limit of 100 so lower that to a little under 100 as you enter slot to avoid fine and lower landing gear
    5. look for your Landing pad number as you enter, big glowy yellow box
    6. land on pad.
  • PC freezes ~ KB and mouse

    Just to update

    It turns out it was the mouse causing these issues.  I got my son a new keyboard/mouse combo and the new mouse which my wife is now using has stopped all the problems.

  • Alright, Caspian, let's dance

    The person I responded to stated that he doubted Caspien ever made such statements so I provided them.  Don't ask questions to which you don't want answers.

    No, I said he most likely made the post in response to a small malicious minority, whose comments you conveniently choose to ignore. Clearly you think context is overrated.
    When this game first came to light, right here on these very forums, some of us showed interest in the game but had some question and a few reservations about it. 

    Instead of talking to us normally Caspian showed himself to be very sensitive about such questions and frankly came across like a snarky, angry kid and totally put some of us off even wanting to back this game even though we thought it had some very interesting ideas.

    In the end he is showing himself to be his own worse enemy, and trying to make it appear he is a poor victim of trolls and haters is a sad sad defense for his behavior both here and elsewhere.