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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    It's pretty simple.... companies should be Internet Service Providers or  content providers....not both period.

    When I surf the web whether I am skyping, watching youtube, using facebook, streaming movies, tv or music or gaming it's not any of the ISPs damned business and they shouldn't have any right trying to charge me more or less because of what I am doing or block content cause it's their competition etc etc.

    They can already cater to certain groups by offering certain packages, exactly for old folks that just facebook and do emails  or groups that game or groups that game and stream etc etc etc.

    It's the same thing with Trumps BS idea of trying to make monument changes in the US, it has nothing to do with giving back to the people and all to do with taking control and removing protections, that protect the interest of the PUBLIC, to give more control to his company cronies so they can rape and pillage their way to big $$$$ like big ISP and big oil. 

    It's a recurring theme with Trump and anyone with half a working brain cell can see this and it's influencing everything he does.

    Why bring Trump into this?  Well for one he's the one that designated Ajit Pai as FCC Chairman and no one is going to tell me there's no conflicts of interest for a Verizon shill to be in that position.
  • I am definitely having problems playing games

    cheyane said:
    Asm0deus said:
    Why are you playing these games? 

    For the story or for the challenge as in the twitchy need to have a good clicking finger movement challenge?

    If you are playing these game for the story and not so much for the challenge and it's the combat giving you the biggest problems you could always just cheat and use cheat engine to get by the parts you are getting "stuck" in.

    Pretty much all these game have standard cheats such as infinite life/energy etc which can be turned on or off, or fast leveling, add XX gold/cash/creds which general once can be turned off for example once you hit lvl xx turn off the cheat and you stay at lvl xx

    That could always be an option other than simply quitting or not being able to play them at all.
    To be honest I never thought of doing that. Kinda floored really not sure I want to cheat though . I don't think I would feel happy doing that  but you're right though I play for the story and plot more than the combat although actually playing through a game and succeeding has its own rewards too.

    Lots of these cheat like inf life or energy can be turned on or off if you have trouble in just one spot and some allow you to decide how badly you are going to cheat so you can do just enough to get by and still enjoy the game.

    I have limited play time and a huge backlog on games to play with new games coming in all the time so those older games that I know are going to stay at the bottom of the list and I will not have time to get to before I kick the bucket I sometimes do play with CE so I can get through it say in a couple days just so I can experience the story that I would otherwise never see period.

    Recently did so with Wolfenstein 2009.

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Quizzical said:
    Asm0deus said:

    Wow almost prophetic ...lolz

    This idea is just as awesome as building the Trump wall....but hey Trump will make America great again.....sure!

    Why NN should stay and is still needed.

    I'll bet you that a whole lot of people who don't use the Internet all that much would love to get access to everything they actually care about for less than they pay today.  American ISPs traditionally haven't gone for that because it would result in too many people paying too much less than what they pay today.  It's actually very similar to the cable bundling argument, where you might actually watch 5 channels, but in order to get the five you want, your cable company makes you pay for access to 100 channels.
    Just FYI I live in Canada so I know all about overly expensive cell phone and cable bundles. Canada did not have much net neutrality originally and ISP had pretty much free hand in how they could throttle you depending on time of day and what you were actually downloading, IE streaming or p2p etc. It was bloody awful, our net was a complete joke and we paid up the arse for it, in 2009 our CRTC started in with NN and it all got loads better (both in speeds, availability and infrastructure) now I am now not saying every single regulation in the US NN is for the best but what they are doing IS going backwards.

    Here in Canada now that the whole last mile BS is done with and ISPs MUST share their lines with the little resellers it has put some power back into the customer by giving them options on ISP where there use to be none (only cogeco, videotron or bell) which in turn has forced the big three to be a little less douchey towards their customer, has forced them to be willing to offer better deals and indeed grow and build out.

    Funny cause before the CRTC stepped in this wasn't happening.

    Way things work presently in the USA if you give ISP free reign there's not really anything to force them to play nice and saying well they wont want to piss off or be mean to their customers is more than a little naive.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Wow almost prophetic ...lolz

    This idea is just as awesome as building the Trump wall....but hey Trump will make America great again.....sure!

    Why NN should stay and is still needed.