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  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    Kyleran said:
    Teala said:
    I still play now and then, but until they add space-legs, space cantinas, and the ability to actually inter-act with other NPC's and players in stations it's basically just a space-sim.  Besides you can only grind so many credits before you wonder what you'll do with the millions you hoarded.  I also wish they had a better character's good, but it could be better.  Not enough sliders to make fine adjustments. 

    BTW here is a pic of my character - CMDR Khavi Kitamatsu of the Sorento(cargo vessal).

    Are there plans to add the things you mentioned, or are they just something hoped for?

    It has always seemed to me this game just isn't finished yet, still waiting for the "full game" to launch....
    Perhaps but we were told it wont be anytime soon.  Pretty sure they will finish up landing on planets first as this is in horizons but only implemented half arsed, as in you can't land on all planets especially ones that would have an atmosphere where there would be life.

    It's part of what I mean by it's like a huge sandbox but with no sandbox tools.
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    Mardukk said:
    I didn't enjoy the steep learning curve.  I watched hours of videos just to attempt to understand the basics.  The default keyboard controls are madenning.  Maybe I should not have tried to play the game with keyboard and mouse.
    The controls are closer to a flight sim than an arcade type shooter, if you're used to flight sims the curve is not very big, if you never have then yes it is.

    Personally I find using a hotas or stick like the t16000m with it is much easier than using kb and mouse as I find it more intuitive once you have it set up.  Plus you can use something like this:
    it becomes much easier.
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    Asm0deus said:
    Shallow gameplay, high amounts of grind and RNG, the whole season 2 was badly received as can be seen by numerous threads about it in their forums enough so they are dumping the season pass format and last but not least FD has Braben Vision which means they nerf the hell out of anything that is remotely fun and not a grind.

    Sadly the "mile wide, inch deep" saying still holds true.

    I can't say about the other stuff. I find the gameplay fine, but I like euro truck simulator a lot which is how I play ELITE...but in space. And no monthly fee which is great, just buy to play.

    However. Forums aren't much to go by in MMOs. WoW is doing great and still the most subbed MMO, but if you went to the official WoW forums you'd think it was a disaster and that it has no players and everyone hates the game. Ever gone to the WoW forums? Every single person unhappy with the game goes there to complain and rant away...but...the game is VERY healthy and still played by millions.

    Most people love the features of Legion. Most people loved WoD. But go the official WoW forums, and you get a totally different than how people INSIDE the game feel.

    However this thread IS to see why others aren't playing ELITE. Right now last I looked, over 6k people (almost 7k) were on ELITE according to steam charts. That isn't really that much, but for a niche MMO its not too bad.

    But a lot of people ask for a unique MMO that isn't WoW and no cash shop, no pay to win and many things ELITE has on

    I guess people do complain a lot about the grind (they complain about it in Black Desert Online too)...but every MMO has grind. In EVE, you grind ISK. In WoW you grind levels and then grind dungeons/raids/mythics non-stop like a rat in the maze loot system to get a tiny bit better item. In Ultima Online you grinded skills. In Everquest it was an even worse grind. In GW2 there is a grind to unlock abilities and special expansion features, and the grind of doing events over and over. Is there an MMO with 0 grind at all?

    I don't get the complaint of grind in an MMO, when every single MMO has intense grinding of some kind or another. Even Planetside 2 has a grind to unlock new weapons and gadgets. 

    In any case, good to see why people may not like Elite Dangerous and skip it by. It does meet a lot of what people ask for here though, unless its really just a small group of players that post over and over and most would actually rather play WoW style games (that kind of MMO always seems super popular despite what (at least some) users say lol)
    I am a backer that has free access to The founders Jameson station I am not going on just the forums but my overall experience from betas to now.  The updates have been shallow and shiity so much so even some of the better known "white knights" have been grumbling and sayin they wont be handing FD their money ahead of time again.

    I like the flight model and how the ship fly, I like how this a great game to play with a HMD or in a homemade cockpit or triple screen setup and how awesome head tracking is etc etc

    But unless you like space trucking and seeing your creds go up there not much to do as that's really the only endgame there is, I mean even pvp is not great cause many of us don't even play in open to avoid it so...

    I am not saying not to play it, only you need to moderate your expectations cause it is far far from having decent story or gameplay like a single player space games.

    At this point I think NMS has more "gameplay" than ED in its actual state.
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    Shallow gameplay, high amounts of grind and RNG, the whole season 2 was badly received as can be seen by numerous threads about it in their forums enough so they are dumping the season pass format and last but not least FD has Braben Vision which means they nerf the hell out of anything that is remotely fun and not a grind.

    Sadly the "mile wide, inch deep" saying still holds true.

  • Why Derek Smart is right about Star Citizen - His facts and why SC is likely to fail

    Kefo said:
    Asm0deus said:
    Kefo said:
    Rhoklaw said:
    Teala said:
    It's crap post like the one the OP has started that has pretty much kept me away from - this post does nothing but promote Derek Smart and his agenda.  It serves no other purpose and one other little truth - DS has predicted the SC failing almost since day one - guess what OP SC is still on track and getting made and the game development has not collapsed yet.

    Uhm, technically speaking, SC is NOT on track, but that doesn't even concern me. I'm more concerned about what they spend their money on.
    Why are you concerned about that?  It's not your money, it's their money.  If the game fails to be completed, then it makes sense to criticize expenditures after that happens.  But while the game is still being made, sticking our nose in their business is about as useful as pissing in the wind.
    Yeah why should the backers want accountability with the money they are giving CR, who has failed at running a game studio in the past? Better to ask questions when it's too late right?
    There a difference between accountability and wanting them to open their books to the public.  As much as I hate some of the thing CIG has done they have shown enough "accountability", via progress on the game, that you or even KS can't do anything or claim scam etc etc.

    The game is being made, its showing progress.. maybe not how you or I would like but then that a risk we take when we "give" our money away in a KS funded project.

    Bottom line is we didn't invest anything and we are not investors thus we have zero right to "see their books" as most people screaming for "accountability" really want.

    I never asked them to open their books and showing progress at a glacial pace is not accountability. If they were delivering huge chunks of the game in steady updates then I could get behind the game is being made so there's your accountability statement but it's not.
    But it is, it's just not going as fast or how YOU want it to, but guess what that's too bad ask for refund.

    Like I said most people say "accountability" when they want to know what they are doing with the money IE see the books.    Not going to happen as unlike what scavenger is saying when you back a KS you are not an investors you don't get shares or reports on how the money you "invested", the proper word is "pledged", is doing etc yadada.

    You pledge in the hopes a game you think looks interesting will work out and be created... that's it and that's all you're entitled to. 

    You don't get to tell them how to run their project or how to spend their money. If they decide the devs working on the game need rolls of toilet paper that costs 100$ a roll cause it's super duper uber soft for the bungholes that's their prerogative not yours and you have nothing to say about it.

    Now it might be stupid, it might be irresponsible or incompetent but you have no right to tell them they HAVE to do different.

    People and even articles use the term investment when talking about KS but it's not.