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  • Obsidian Entertainment Wants Your Input About DLC & Its Games - General News

    DLC and Microtransactions are a plague to most games. They are abused by large companies for a quick buck, oft deliverying a half-assed initial release in lieu of such.

    Full expansions are something that are still dear to my heart. Like how P2P MMOs have and how GW2 has started to do -- and how the first GWs was. I still remember fondly the days of Baldur's Gate / Neverwinter Nights / Diablo / Warcraft / Starcraft etc. Legitimate additions that provide exceptional additions and content that rival the first. In fact, many of those games had expansions that just made the game go from great to almost perfect. Instant classic status.

    Whenever I see "season passes", I just feel insulted. Like they planned -- or completed things -- before seeing the game's success with the expressed purpose to get more money than the $100 they might have sold an Elite Edition that has even more locked content behind more money. Want another $50-100 for the full story. Doesn't Destiny 2 now sell dyes when the system was free in the first? Along with this season pass and the "Full story" advertisement in the purchased box?
  • No Announcements at Blizzcon but 'We're Hard at Work on the Future of Diablo' - Diablo 3 - MMORPG.co

    (o.o) This is me.

    (-.-) This is me giving up.

    [D3]<(-.-<) This is me giving up on the Diablo Franchise. <br />

    Well. At least we still have Star... Hmm. Uh. D--... Hm. Warcraft IV... Ehh...

    Make way for Phone Apps, RNG and Arena games.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - In Defense of Content Most Will Never See - MMORPG.com

    Nice article.

    I've recently returned to World of Warcraft and the disappointment in how faceroll the end game content is infinite. It doesn't feel like the WoW I remember. It's still fun, but it's crap compared to how it used to be.

    It definitely sucks to miss out on content because it's too difficult and you can't get into a party that's doing it. But I think that's a lot better and far more rewarding than going into a game like WoW in its current state and literally doing nothing while bosses fall before your group.

    Yeah the thing is, the difficulty is tuned differently for WoW. You will be going in and facerolling everything on normal difficulty and even heroic, but then you get into Mythic, and one mistake wipes your group. Raiding is a tad different though, because anything that isn't in raid finder is way more difficult. Try doing a raid on Mythic and just pushing buttons. It wont work. You have to know exactly what to do when. It's incredibly difficult.

    Doing a fight without knowing the mechanics -- having to figure them out for yourself -- is incredibly hard to do (in that you constantly wipe while doing such). Beyond that, what you are describing is playing a game how it's meant (or perhaps a better term is "balanced") to play. It is a shame that most people do just button mash -- and that games catered to this on most degrees -- but saying you have to know "what to do when" is difficult, to me, is just knowing how to play the game. There's no difficulty in it. The real difficulty is getting 20 people together that actually do care enough to "learn what to do and when" and then let addons do the rest for them.

    It used to be that classes had their own difficulty curve as well. In addition to addons not being so sophisticated. This in tandem with multiple difficulties (or even one difficulty with no compromise, or having to do special things to make a fight harder, etc) made for a game where you could edit said difficulty yourself in some small way. Play the easiest spec. or class with the least mechanics to know, decide whether you need the extra help of an addon and be spoiled (as opposed to things such as DBM and others being mandatory), etc. The guild could also collectively decide if they want to challenge themselves.

    This is why WoW has fallen from grace for many, and why I personally scoff at anyone who says "difficult" and "WoW" in the same sentence if they're not in the race for world first and don't have all the answers and special addons given to them for the "hardest" fights of a raid. I mean, seriously... I've seen addons that tell you distance between players, give warning signs and loud noises when you're standing in something (or about to be), for phase switches, attacks, when to use abilities, how to use abilities... even have pictures and sound telling you your entire rotation (and if you have a debuff). Plowing through an unknown boss 600 times in a row takes patience and dedication; the most difficult thing there is finding people that have that. Followed by them all actually playing the game correctly.

    WoW lost a certain charm for me when to took out Challenge Modes this expansion -- as well as the ridiculous amounts of RNG. Those who say that these Mythic Dungeons replaced it never did full gold runs on CMs in MoP and WoD. They were runs that exceptional teamwork, class play, etc. was needed. Item levels were dropped and normal mobs could hit harder than raid bosses. Indeed, tips and tricks and efficiency had to be developed and executed to perfection, and one wrong button press from your tank meant you had to restart the whole dungeon and not just the last boss. Knowing when to kite, burst, constantly CCing everything imaginable, watching for ground effects that killed you in less than a second, mobs with one shot attacks. There was nothing like it.

    Though WoD's break down of classes and Legion's "Fantasy classes" really eliminated much of class difficulty option as a whole. I'm starting to see signs of this in Final Fantasy, though many of the "difficult" individual classes are still incredibly rough to play perfectly. If not just flat out exhausting. Match that with level sync and normal dungons still having multiple one shot mechanics and an absence of addons... Well, it's the closest thing I have to how things used to be in WoW. Especially in Stormblood where I still see people get owned on the new Primal Fights (the easiest difficulty, no less). Kind of insane that they're so unforgiving to players who just "button mash" or "don't care". There are still tiers of "difficulty" that you can combine starting from how advanced a specific class is to play (or how face roll it is, if you want an easy class) matched with other variables and different types of content beyond just dungeons and raids (and even making it so the "Mythic" raids and "Heroic" dungeons are unique and not just a math increase with maybe an extra ability or phase (on the last boss); different paths, aesthetics, mobs, bosses, music, areas, story, etc). You can pick what you like and just stick with it.
  • Dear MMORPGs... Fix Your Management and Hire People With Brains

    Not sure if serious, but in case the post is:

    Instead of saying people need brains and insulting anyone that might not "get it" by insinuating that they might have a low IQ... how about you learn how to read?



    Even when I read the title from the front page, I was thinking... "Wow... this person must have a lot of pent up teenage angst."  Such a thought was reinforced when you tried to set yourself up to be some intelligent person who then can't even connect the dots yourself.  The irony for myself was that I misread the title, thinking you were mad about a ban and yelling at the staff of the website.  We all make mistakes at times.  We just tend put our foots in our mouths when we try to act superior and call attention to others in an attempt to feel good about ourselves.  Like we saw a unicorn and need to tell others how special we are.

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  • Nintendo sells 2.4 million Switch consoles worldwide in first month, above original forecast

    Knowing them, it's likely that they'll discontinue production since it's so popular and high in demand.