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  • Yule Festival Kicks Off on December 17th, Set to Run Through January 8th - Lord of the Rings Online

    cmacq said:
    According to my wife who plays this game daily, this event has already started?
    Yep, you should trust her in that, not just for the marital status, but even moreso a LotRO player hence trustworthy :wink:

    It looks like the usual communication failure on their end. Festival was planned for the 14th (in the schedule since months), then at first they added to the patch notes two days ago that they updated two Yule quests (causing a confusion they started the festival earlier), then launch yesterday as planned but setting up a Yule page with a Dec.17th starting date. Weird...

    Anyhow, the elk on the picture is indeed this year's new mount. Looks pretty cool.
  • Can a strongly group-focused MMO survive in today's market?

    DMKano said:
    Highly depends on how good it is.
    More depends on the greed factor of the devs :wink:
    Forced grouping / no real way of solo is not something they can use as a key selling factor, since the current era is all about handholding and easy solo focus...

    So, "Can a strongly group-focused MMO survive in today's market? "  sure it can, if the devs accept the fact that they will only have a niche audience, and keep the focus on that audience instead of changing the core concept just to lure in the new kiddiez for more mullah (*cough*TSW*cough*)

    Survive, totally possible. Getting rich, setting up a new trend, be a big name on the market... nope.
  • Modern LoTR:O

    Dragnelus said:
    Edit: Found it, cosmetic vendors :) 
    Not just cosmetics, there are housing items and mounts too, plus some crafting stuff and essence removal too I think.

    Since you just started and missed the Fall festival it is just a lucky timing they've switched it back yesterday for an encore event :wink:  will be on for 10 days, and then a few days of pause before the Winter festival starts.
    If you like those funny (and sometimes silly) festival quests then you'll have a treat with the winter one, the story of Frostbluff is great (maybe even better than the Haunted Burrow of this current Harvest festival), the theatric play is really fun (especially throwing bad apples to the actors, haha) and there's a snowball arena for some -mostly- harmless pvp fun.

    If you did the Inn League initiation you might noticed that at the same time you got negative rep with the Ale Association - well, those guys are maybe a better fit for you roleplay-wise, since they are the dwarven version of a drunkard faction. Their initiation quest is active now as well (during festivals are switched on, you can join to those groups), it starts in the inn of Thorin's Hall.

    A fair warning, those festival quests are easy and always on level, so even just a few days at festivals can fast overlevel you from your current standing, and turning your current list of quests grey. If you don't want to make your story / leveling experience over-easy, you might want to consider putting an xp-disabler stone in your pocket :wink:

    But if that is not your concern (or even the opposite and you like to go fast), these times are handy for some easy levels. For example, if you're familiar with the layout of the Haunted Burrow, you can finish the quests there in about 10 minutes. That means 7 or 8 (if you do the Inn League / Ale Association quest there too) level-appropriate quest completion in 10 minutes, so at level 20 those are level 20 quests, and level 70 those are level 70 quests. With the same difficulty and 10 minutes overall completion time... :wink: and if you already have LIs, the quests give Item xp too. I know players who raise their alts during festivals...

    And if you really like festivaling, they also switched on Hobnanigans for the weekend, that's a weird / funny sport event, kinda like a mix of hockey, golf and lacrosse - where the ball is a chicken :smiley:  It's pvp(-esque) like the snowball fight, with two teams (3vs3 or 6vs6), for cosmetic rewards, emotes and chicken (cosmetic) pets. Looks something like this: https://youtu.be/RUhn2ZOqshQ
    (kinship's name and language is a bit odd, Withy was an Eu english server...)
  • Modern LoTR:O

    Dragnelus said:
    Does dying from cliff counts? I trusted my sister, was making some tea and putted follow on.
    I'm afraid it does (never trust anyone :wink: ). Not much loss though, no virtue or freebie Points for it, you only lost the title - which is just a shadow of its former value nowadays, compared to the early years where it was a real feat.

    I think it was before the bridge, most people I know of lost their Undying either
    -at the first group quest while not noticing the little "small fellowship" mark, around level 12, the sheep rescue from the goblin camp or Prunella's umbrella (hobbits and their quests...), defending the shirrif from the brigands in Bree or saving the dwarf from the spider nest,
    -or bumping into a signature and not noticing / knowing the difference. In Ered Luin while doing the Rath Teraig missions, in Bree the Southern Barrow-downs, or even before at around level 14 in the Marshes the eastern part had signatures. Old Forest was a dangerous place too, with high mob density and fast respawn.
    Lots of places between 10 and 20 for a quick defeat :smiley:
  • Modern LoTR:O

    @TheScavenger sure, nobody can predict the future, and anything can happen. (though Nc-diots is a different league, CoH wasn't their first out-of-the-blue cancel, they've killed AA years before)

    But I believe it won't happen soon. LotRO has a pretty good track record of dying since almost 10 years now :smiley:  (https://forums.mmorpg.com/discussion/comment/7240026/#Comment_7240026 ) and it is still here. Worths mention, that Whiteberry drawing is old, after that there were 2 license negotiations (with voices of "license will go, NOW it will close finally"), server close/transfer (ok, that was a crappy move) and a publisher change with the death of AC as a side-effect. Still, LotRO is here.

    Truth to be told, I don't like the Mordor pricing, the radiance 2.0 and the lootbox changes currently on BR. Regardless of those, it is still one of my favourite games. Hopefully we can play it for years more.