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  • Johnny Depp's Production Company to Produce TSW Series - Secret World Legends - MMORPG.com

    They can do what GoT did with A Song of Ice and Fire then ;)
    Never liked Martin (and miss those days 20 years ago when you could actually debate on his screen-influenced writing style in peace, without mouthbreather addicts rushing in waving flags that GoT is the best thing since sliced bread, they know, they watched it on TV :lol: ), but it's a great comparison in work tempo: Martin and FC are in a toe-to-toe competition about who shall be the living avatar of the concept Soon(™)  :smiley:

    Fun fact, but Depp also played once a similar "slow working" writer in Secret Window (blaming the so-called writer's block). Not a bad movie, but I believe Turturro was better in it.
  • Johnny Depp's Production Company to Produce TSW Series - Secret World Legends - MMORPG.com

    Ok, at first the mandatory ( :lol: ) rounds: F U ncom for not doing this over the years, the option was there (maybe not much after Ragnar left), as usual, the PR got their daily dosage of white lines apparently ("the globally successful MMO game", "in 2012 as one of that year’s top games" :lol: ), why call it "The Secret World" when you killed that game off and now it's Legends, etc. etc.

    So, TV.
    I don't think Defiance is a fitting example here, they did the lore building for and with the show in mind, the game was just a tie-in, supporting. With Ragnar the IP and the lore is in the games, so the show will be the supporting one.

    Hopefully they won't mess with anything in the games (it's enough what damage FC did already with funcomming parts of the story in their Legends...) and they were serious about the announcement's "will be based on the universe of the Secret World IP" (emphasis is mine). There's lot to cover outside the games as well.

    Hopefully they won't use the NPCs, their VAs are 6 years older now, some of them not even available or not fitting for their character's look and behaviour. Except Stormare... man I hope they can somehow squeeze in Aldini for a short appearance :smiley:

    I hope it will be something like True Detective was (first season, obviously :wink: I don't mind Vaughn, just... ). Revolving around one case while world and character building happens on the go. If Depp is on the cast, I hope he will be a true detective (pun intended) this time, and not a goofball like his Guy LaPointe was...

    And the main case should be something which we never had a detailed grasp, like the missing painting from several years ago. Or something which we never had details because FC stopped delivering content 1.5 year ago (idiots), like the Hive.
    On a second thought, Hive would be a nice pick. It could easily support a season-long investigation, and all factions are affected, the showrunner could add in the differences and faction grudges too.
    But since they said in the article "Central to the plot is their battle against the supernatural in an adventure that spans across our world", I guess that won't be the case. Maybe for season 2.

    Lol, actually that would be epic, if the show's season 2 would arrive sooner than FC's 'promised since 2014' season 2 :lol:
  • 'Shared-World RPG' Launches for the Masses with New Trailer - Secret World Legends News

    simmihi said:
    Wow... so, for me, someone who did not have a problem with the combat animations and fluidity, this re-design is terrible... they took away everything i liked, the synergies and the ability to make wacky not-flavour-of-the-month builds... for me this seems like game over at this point, experiencing the story up to Tokyo for the 5th time does not sound that exciting anymore. Hm, Tokyo, probably they'll open it again, wonder if they will leave the horrible Aegis grind as it was before.
    Scary stuff or not, welcome to the club... it really is terrible and Tokyo is not even there yet, just the base game. And yep, AEGIS will still be there.
    Torval said:
    People that don't like change lash out irrationally in bitterness and want you to share in their hate.
    There's nothing wrong with changes, Bowie even wrote a great song about them.
    The wrong starts when they (FC in this case) change almost everything, and all of the changes are much worse than the originial state was.
    Literally, there's not one tiny detail in Legends which was changed for the better. Except the chance that it might, probably, on some chance be better for Funcom's wallet than TSW was - but that has nothing to do with the game itself, only important for their dumb beancounters.

    Add to that the year-long lies about the new content (might I add, it's still nowhere, just some promises for the end of the year, so don't be so sure there will be any :wink:  just look at the previous year), also add to that they killed TSW for this crap, and that bitterness you mentioned seems already a bit more rational, eh?
  • 'Shared-World RPG' Launches for the Masses with New Trailer - Secret World Legends News

    simmihi said:
    I did not play much of the "new" game, but it seems to me that they fully removed all the synergies, no more strike or blast or affliction or penetration builds, can anyone confirm?
    In case you haven't heard, synergies were bad, and just caused headaches and confusion to the crowd FC now targeting, alongside with the "dreaded" skill bloat (how dare they add abilities onto the Wheel with the same damage just with different sub-type, right? down with those!), so yeah, that was gone with the Wheel.

    Actually just had an hour and watched a "first hour" video, man, if only that'd be on the removed list... :wink: 
    Missions were nailed onto the leveling path, with some stupid order in cases (you do the first mission with Norma, and only then you get the cutscene for storyline - where you first met her, she introduces herself, etc.
    Hello, we already met, according to FC's new story version :smiley: )
    "No change in missions" was the motto anyways, and lol, you should see how dumbed down both Horror Show and Bannerman's clinic are (one of the easiest investigation, but they managed to make it even more dumb with adding a Vivaldi cd and a note from Helen about his Vivaldi addiction). I guess the "launches for the masses" in the news title is very accurate...
    Oh, and HS reminds me, they also swapped Helen's two mission, you do Horror Show first, which is also kind of a hiccup, story-wise.

    The best laugh was though the level gate in the story, because I remember Peon was raged about that too, well now if they think you are not pumped enough for a story mission, you simply can't do it, instead you get a popup window about you're too low and go back, level up more :smiley:

    It would be funny, without a dead TSW on the other side... but with it, it's more like sad.
  • Secret World Legends - A Peek Behind the Curtain – Beta Preview - MMORPG.com

    Adrian is cool, especially in LotRO :wink:  but his TSW videos are usually great as well.
    This is an older one, and I agree on the Aegis part. Don't really care about the animations, the only place I care about looks and animations is emotes / roleplay :lol:  but I can accept that others have issues with it.

    The middle part, however... that was a bit odd, and there was even a thread about it on the forums I think. I'm not saying it is totally missing the mark, maybe it is just reflecting the views of those who left the game, but still... "4 slots are always taken by two builders and two consumers" what? :wink: 
    Same for the build 5 resources which was the main (fake) complaint of non-players, only a handful consumers are set to 5, the majority of them are more fluid. As for resource building itself, you could totally drop the mechanics and using cooldowns, or you could speed up the building with passives... one of the main part was the total freedom. Too bad it's gone now.

    btw. even if I don't agree with most of the middle part, the video is still a good tell about how Funcom ignores the issues.
    Aegis will stay, animations will be similar due to the same engine, and the middle, which got the most changes, got the opposite what Adrian suggested :lol: 
    issue is the limited slots, they reduced it even further with Legends, with more restrictions and less freedom,
    issue is the builders spamming, now you will spam the mouse buttons instead (and will get hardlocked on using 2, while in TSW you could use just one builder like most players did)

    Yeah, Legends is really the answer to all 3 problem parts listed by Adrian :lol: