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  • High Elves & Mordor Expansion Now Available for Points - Lord of the Rings Online - MMORPG.com

    Gorwe said:
    >.< edit: Here's an idea: Let us purchase an overpriced version of Istari! Or...or! How about VALARS themselves?
    Purchase? Are you insane? Gamble! :wink: 
    Istari will be the top item in the next lootbox, and BoA so you won't be able to buy it through AH either, everyone will open the boxes. Not to mention the drop rates will be abysmal, maybe one Istari for every thousand boxes per user.
    *edit: sarcasm, for the record :smiley:

    Dragnelus said:
    If you sub one month you also get all those xpacs?
    No, but everything else besides the expansions (and there's a zone parallel each expansion's level range, so you can questing and level up "next to" the expansions), and the main story in the expansions is free.
    The current sale on the expansions is a really good one, $16.5 for all five is a massive offer. Maybe that's why there's no Quad Pack on the list, now it's cheaper to add each one into the basket plus Helm's Deep, and still better than the Quest Pack was.

    Even for those who don't want to spend much, the Moria expansion alone for $3 is like a freebie, since it has 2 extra character slots plus the warden and rune-keeper classes next to the content itself.

  • UPDATE: Belgian Minister Wants EU Ban on Loot Boxes, Speaks Before Committee Ruling

    Tofke said:
    As far as I know the study of the Kansspelen Comissie (gaming commission) hasn't been concluded yet. There's no mention of it on their official website. This sounded more like a minister already speaking ahead of it.
    Yep, but the (oddly single one) news article said nothing about the concluded report, just what the Minister plans to do.

    Personally I think it's a good start, but of course a detailed study would be useful too. That was the greedy f.cks' 'escape card' for all these years, stating that boxes are not gambling. If there will be a concluded study that they indeed are, which politicians can wave around, that will change everything, and not out of goodwill of course, but because states and governments are greedy f.cks as well.
    If they see it as gambling, they will either want their levy from it, or ban it.
    And since it's all digital, after the decision is made, they can act pretty fast, the regulation of outside-Eu betting sites was rolled over in months.

    I'm more curious about the response. They can't rally up protesters (since who would march with signs "we want boxes" and "boxes are good", right? :smiley: ), they can't ignore the market if it will be a Eu-wide regulation, since it has a pretty big market share. And (in many games, without a separate NA and Eu server) they can't lose the boxes just for one part of the playerbase.
    Not to mention, for the mobile market... it will be a huge blow if it goes through. Which they absolutely deserve :wink:
  • Lotro adding raid gear into loot boxes (BETA)

    /sigh... if you "Didnt notice single mission changed for the game."  but what you've noticed "but it only was better for the game" then congrats, this dumbed down Legends is the perfect game for you.  Have fun.

    ciely said:
    lootboxes in lotro... i did not expect this, good thing i don't play this game and now i have a good reason to disregard it completely
    LotRO has boxes since... I don't know, 7 years now? This uproar now is about a new type of box for Mordor, which kicks up the status quo which was unchanged all these years.
    Don't get me wrong, the original boxes shouldn't be there either, but at least those were totally ignorable. Not just by me, I mean :wink:  (I trash both boxes and keys on sight, that's the only way you deal with boxes) but by most. The boxes had gear, money, some advancement (tomes), lots of cosmetics, mounts - but nothing mandatory.

    And that is what they want to change with the new box - which also has a new key, in case someone has a bunch of leftover keys from the previous years and with those s/he could avoid spending. If the ash changes go to the live version, the entire Mordor expansion will turn into a massive grindfest, without any noticeable progression, unless you start opening the boxes.

    That's the issue, not the raid gear in it, who cares about raid gear, you can get that (or similar) gear from multiple ways even without the boxes... and that gear is not mandatory in any way, not even for endgame. But ash will be in the box only, and it is mandatory for advancing, for all the players who are just at the gates of Mordor yet.
  • What's with the overall lack of superhero games?

    I think he means the games are lacking. There are some excellent fantasy games, sci-fi games, but i can't think of one great hero game.
    But while lacking is just an objective, quantitative term, quality is subjective :wink:  Personally I think CO is really good, and DCUO is fun too.
    Tamanous said:
    When everyone is super ... nobody is.
    Except... Bicycle Repairman!  https://youtu.be/U01xasUtlvw
  • The 10 Best Story-Driven MMOs of All Time - The List - MMORPG.com

    Sure, different strokes to each... still, it's a very odd list, Bill :wink:
    GW2's living story is meh at most, ESO is just a watered down Skyrim (and mind you, Skyrim was the shittiest ES...), FF is nice but not as good as it was before (I'd put it somewhere in the middle, definitely not onto the 2nd place).

    Can only repeat what I said in the countless story-themed threads over the years, for me the first place is LotRO and TSW shared (LotRO for lore and writing, TSW for narrative and building).
    The rest without any particular order:
    some classes of the original SW:TOR (KotFE can go and jump into a sarlacc's pit),
    STO's main storyline episodes,
    AoC (a bit of a guilty pleasure, but the world building and NPC conversations are great, just as the ties to the lore),
    DCUO's main storyline, backed up with the one season of DCUO Legends comics,
    AO (what can I say, I'm a sucker for Ragnar's writing... :wink: )

    Edit: My bad, you had it as SWL :|
    Yeah... except they've wrecked it so much in Legends, that it's now filled with loopholes and stupidity. Sure, the source was so amazing that even with their fuck-up Legends could be on a list like this, somewhere at the back. Still better than GW2 for example :smiley: