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  • What's with the overall lack of superhero games?

    I think he means the games are lacking. There are some excellent fantasy games, sci-fi games, but i can't think of one great hero game.
    But while lacking is just an objective, quantitative term, quality is subjective :wink:  Personally I think CO is really good, and DCUO is fun too.
    Tamanous said:
    When everyone is super ... nobody is.
    Except... Bicycle Repairman!  https://youtu.be/U01xasUtlvw
  • The 10 Best Story-Driven MMOs of All Time - The List - MMORPG.com

    Sure, different strokes to each... still, it's a very odd list, Bill :wink:
    GW2's living story is meh at most, ESO is just a watered down Skyrim (and mind you, Skyrim was the shittiest ES...), FF is nice but not as good as it was before (I'd put it somewhere in the middle, definitely not onto the 2nd place).

    Can only repeat what I said in the countless story-themed threads over the years, for me the first place is LotRO and TSW shared (LotRO for lore and writing, TSW for narrative and building).
    The rest without any particular order:
    some classes of the original SW:TOR (KotFE can go and jump into a sarlacc's pit),
    STO's main storyline episodes,
    AoC (a bit of a guilty pleasure, but the world building and NPC conversations are great, just as the ties to the lore),
    DCUO's main storyline, backed up with the one season of DCUO Legends comics,
    AO (what can I say, I'm a sucker for Ragnar's writing... :wink: )

    Edit: My bad, you had it as SWL :|
    Yeah... except they've wrecked it so much in Legends, that it's now filled with loopholes and stupidity. Sure, the source was so amazing that even with their fuck-up Legends could be on a list like this, somewhere at the back. Still better than GW2 for example :smiley:
  • Producer's Letter Hints at Big Changes Coming Starting this Month - Armored Warfare - MMORPG.com

    DEXA88 said:
    Thats not very fair is it? Makes EU customers pay more for the same thing ?
    Not fair at all, never was. Sony does that since many years, and on that scale it is even worse (the difference gets huge when the price tag is in the hundreds).

    And the reasoning is, khm, misplaced (since I don't play it, I have no interest in calling them liars :wink: ), because the dollar is actually got a nice amount weaker since the new guy took the keys of the white building... meaning the Eu folks already payed more for the same $10 (with current rates it's close to $12 now...)
    So why not the opposite? If they want to unify, why not bump the US $10 to $12 instead?
    (rhetorical question :smiley: )
  • United Forces to Lay the Groundwork for Big Changes Including Server 'Connections'

    Man you should make a game. You clearly know so much and you have the ability to bypass a game's limitations with ease. Wow! Hurray for Korwe!
    Like it or not, he has a point (*partly), and it is not the game's limitation, it's just weak design.
    And not some novum idea either, the advantages (at first almost wrote superiority :wink: ) of Cryptic's @handle system usually come up at every server merge where there's a naming collision.

    * only partly, because the Legacy name is not tied to the character's ID, more like just a "special" shared title.
  • Story Driven MMOs

    Loke666 said:
    TSW is questdriven but with few more epic quests unlike the EQ/Wow model with a full questlog, it is a different way to tell a story from other MMOs and feel closer to pen and paper RPGs to me.
    Agree on the second part, the narrative structure is awesome. That's why I used to put them (with LotRO) on the shared first place, I love LotR more and Turbine's writing team did a great job with the lore, but Ragnar's style, his affection towards details, and the way TSW handles the events makes it on par with LotRO.

    Quest-driven, however... It's more like a mixed bag between quests and lore. And that's why it falls apart in Legends, you can't slice up a fine-woven tapestry with scissors, glue it together and hope it will be the same :wink:  Sure, on the base level (cutscenes) it might even work, and let's face it, the "yay, finally levels and action combat, and gear scores with gear grind" people don't look anything beyond that anyways :smiley:

    But cutscenes tell only half of the story, maybe 60%, and not even always tell the truth. And the reports at the end are usually biased towards your faction (that's why it was advised for lore addicts to play through the game with all three factions. Not anymore in Legends, FC removed everything faction-related as a design choice, they said faction pick will be only cosmetic in Legends)

    World design, mobs (appearance and behaviour), item placement, etc. gave a new layer and was part of the storytelling - this part was butchered the most in Legends, relocating stuff in the name of "smoothen the gameplay for the action crowd" :disappointed:

    Collecting all the lores added a new layer on top of everything, occasionally giving a total opposite reading of the same events.

    And then going outside of the game (since the lore is basically the world around us) you could find even more addition in form of the websites FC made for the game, the tweets and other soc.media entries of notable NPCs, etc.

    Not to mention all the stuff which FC didn't make, just used... and which can add an awesome topping onto the cake. Like when Kaidan arrived, if you dug up the most popular of those stories (which kaidan means) you understood much better the mobs and the rare bosses in Kaidan, just as the lore. Or when Christmas Conspiracy was added (2014 winter event), if you watched / listened the Magic Flute or red some Mozart biographies, you got an extra layer of experience/fun while playing through the event...

    And the best part, since everything in TSW was planned to the smallest details, after you've learned all the above, you could find some hints and tells in the lore without answers. The discussions and ideas about those hints fueled the lore section of the forum for years :wink: