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  • City of Heroes

    Lerxst said:
    And, of course, it lacks super hero powers!!
    Because TSW was not a superhero game :wink:  but it had the most free customization, even more than CO...
    Here's the hundreds of abilities, pick the ones you want: actives only from the 2 equipped weapons, max. one active elite and one passive elite.
    That's it, not even in a nutshell or something, that was the entire limitation set.

    CO is similar, just has a few more rules and limitations.
    CoH blew TSW out of the water when it came to custumization. Wanted to play a lizard-headed, pink alien with angelic wings and a cat tail? No problem. A more realistic cyborg with the symbol of Paragon PD on his chest? No problem. You could build just about anything. ...

    On CoH you could even have strangely shaped legs ending in monstrous paws, weird robot feet a la Ed-209 or hooves, or whatever.
    Yep, and CO has all those and more :smiley:  that's why I added that note in my post too. It was great in CoH and even better in CO. TSW with the only human body types are no match indeed - true, don't even intended, since it's a modern day setting and not a superhero game.
    DCUO on the other hand has a much weaker character generator for this reason, only a few human bodies (small/medium/large), clearly not for lore reasons but for the console limitations (DC has plenty non-human characters).
    When it comes to the power sets, CoH was also way simpler than TSW's (whether you consider that a bad thing or not is subjective).
    Yep, way more restrictions, and of course it is a bad thing :wink: heck, when I first went back to CoH after a few years of CO, the limitations on powersets were like entering the boxing ring with one hand tied back... I think that was one of the reasons CoH never got back its place among my main games after. I've played it a lot, the closure was sad, but when they killed AA that was a tougher punch to me. (not a quality issue, just at that time I've played AA almost exclusively, barely hopped onto anything else. Actually CoH helped me through those months...)
    Also, Masterminds. CoH had Masterminds...
    Nope, CoV had masterminds :lol:  one of my favourite villain class... CO is less than CoH in many areas (and more in others, like theorycrafting for a start), and one of those dearly missed areas is the villain side. Nemesis system is just not enough...
  • ...A party of five (Prizes included!!)

    Gratz to the winners, some amazing parties indeed :wink: 
    I'm still on Boris as the best tank, André is great, but in the Princess Bride he was defeated pretty easily by a single man in a duel...
    (kidding, ofc)
  • ...A party of five (Prizes included!!)

    I don't know if fictionals are fit or not, but I do know that this is awesome :wink:

    Tank – "Boris the Blade. Boris the Bullet Dodger. As bent as the Soviet sickle, and as hard as the hammer that crosses it. Apparently, it's just impossible to kill the bastard".

    Heck, even better than my Mayweather pick, since, let's face it, Floyd is light... and as Boris said:
    "Heavy. Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable. If it doesn't work, you can still hit him with it"
  • ...A party of five (Prizes included!!)

    @Nycteliosis right, it really is a fun idea. I admit I haven't really thought it through, just the first names popped in mind (with the criteria of actual persons)
    Healer - me, that's my first and main role

    Tank - Floyd Mayweather. C'mon, that dude is literally the living example of an Evade/Parry tank :smiley:  (even if almost killed boxing with that style)

    Dps - Chuck Norris.   'nuff said.

    CC - Harry Houdini. He could easily draw the attention of any crowd, breaking their induction. Could shock (stun) them too. And as a bonus, his chains. Nobody would cc break from those chains :wink:

    Support - Jamie Oliver. He's a helpful guy on general, plus he could buff the party with nice food. May have some hidden talents for debuff too (just ask PETA :smiley: )

    edit: just because you said no edits :wink:  seriously though, I don't touch steamy gabe's stuff, so pick someone better for the gift cards, I wouldn't use it anyways
  • Funcom making a third Conan game.

    laserit said:
    Screw another card game, I was thinking about something more in the line of Angry Conans ;)
    Chopping off pictish heads, in adjustable angle, and with the heads you have to break down the tower of TA? Sounds like a great success among them kidz!