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  • The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game Revealed by Asmodee Digital - MMORPG.com News

    SBFord said:
    Either way, not having to spend millions of bucks to get the cards I want has great appeal.
    You can spend a truckload of bucks on LCGs as well, they're just removing the randomness (* from the boosters), and adding narrative - both are great decisions, if you ask me, but I'm a story player anyways :wink:

    The printed version is only optionally single-player, it is aimed for 2 (optionally 1-4 players) so there's a good chance for multiplayer here too.
    Fingers crossed that this digital version won't be steam-only... I don't play gabe :smiley:  but hopefully it's just the EA phase.
  • Condition Based Abilities

    LotRO, rune-keeper, Do Not Fall This Day. Puts on a fellowship member, and if s/he is defeated ("condition triggers") will get revived automatically.
    Eronakis said:
    This potential mechanic could have synergy with other classes that have self buffs to increase their chance to meet a certain condition for a nice buff.
    Also LotRO, mini's Song of Aid, for each targeted class in the fellowship it does something different, gives to a (more or less) signature or frequently used skill or state or condition to trigger. (i.e. for song-receiving hunters gives parry response since some of their better skills needs a parry to use, for guardians it gives block response for the same reason, etc.)
  • Favorite video game music composer?

    The good old 'game music' thread, welcome back :wink:  (there's one every few months)

    No change on my part, Knut A. Haugen and Chance Thomas (and a proud owner of two AoC and three LotRO discs - yep, that means the Mordor and the Anniversary collection discs are not in my grubby hands yet, but christmas is coming :wink: )
  • High Elves & Mordor Expansion Now Available for Points - Lord of the Rings Online - MMORPG.com

    They are different too so if you want more story you can do them all.
    Actually as a dwarf-elf couple you definitely should play both, since those two are joining at the end, and it's good to see how the other side gets there :smiley:
    I mean all 4 starting book ends up in Bree, and from there every race does the same Books (tied to the given zone), but elf and dwarf (since they are both in Ered Luin) joining before that, and finishing the last, I don't know, 1/3 of Ered Luin's story together.

    (with avoiding spoilers I'd say if you don't mind beating some lower level mobs and doing easy quests, then when you get to Gondamon with the story, go back to the other side's start and play that story too until Gondamon. After that your story will be shared, and you can do the instances together)
  • High Elves & Mordor Expansion Now Available for Points - Lord of the Rings Online - MMORPG.com

    Either do a rock-paper-scissors (lizard-spock :wink: ) and team up at the winner's side and finish that book first, then go to the other's, or
    Do both simultaneously. (that way you will run back and forth a lot)

    No race's first book is "locked", so as a dwarf you can do the elf starting story (rescuing the prince) just as she can do the dwarven one. And both of you can do the man and hobbit start too. And you can do all four even at the same time. Or you can skip them entirely, level up till 10ish and go to Bree.

    The storyline in LoTRO is absolutely not mandatory, more like just a guideline through the given zone. Each zone has a Book, can start at will or ignore entirely, and that Book has a storyline based on the given zone.

    edit: of course playing all the Book quests, and preferably in order gives a nice "around and parallel the Fellowship" feel, but totally optional. Can be a bit confusing though when you skip Evendim for example, then later at endgame go there for grabbing the deeds, and you help reforging the Narsil which Aragorn already had while you were at Rohan :wink: the in-game explanation for that is each zone is "time-locked", so it doesn't matter when you play a zone, that zone's story has a "fixed" place in the storyline (the Book numbers).
    So the events happened in order, you just read them while jumping back and forth in the book.
    I think it's a clever solution onto the whole "nothing is changing in the game" complaints theme-park MMOs usually get.