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  • Mists of Ravenloft PreOrders Begin, Packages in 3 Flavors - D&D Online News

    Yep, to think about getting Witcher 3 and updates, plus Fallout New Vegas full, and still have some money left - or - the Mordor expansion... no wonder I'm waiting for it to appear in the in-game store so I could get it from Points :wink:
    DDO's expansion might give more, especially with the included race which has a bit more weight there compared to races in LotRO.

    Asm0deus said:
    The game was hella better than Neverwinter Online, not to be confused with neverwinter nights, as it felt much more dnd with all the gear and build choices whereas in neverwinter there's not really any build/gear choices with a very limited amount of skills you can use at once.
    When I have to narrow it down, I used to say: if you have a few dedicated friends you plan to play for a longer time, or you want a lot of freedom, NWN is your best pick.
    If you want an online, mmo-esque D&D with emphasis on group play, but don't have a dedicated group, DDO.
    And if you just want some quick fun, action, and not much thinking about your characters, Neverwinter.

    All 3 are fine, for different goals and playstyles. I still used to play all of them, from time to time.
  • Whats up with Champions? Craving Superheo action

    That's a lot of questions... :wink:
    I used to play, but not as my main game. The community is helpful and mostly friendly, probably because their number is fairly low :smiley:  there are a couple recruiting supergroups, and smaller ones on the side for roleplaying. You've just missed the anniversary, activity spikes up in those weeks (the freebies sure help in that).

    How's it, content, development since launch:
    well, first of all it was switched to f2p. If you left before that, you won't be able to access your former characters unless you subscribe, since the main f2p restriction is that they don't have FreeForm.
    (if you don't want to sub, you can convert your characters into Archetypes and play them for free, but that way you will lose their power selections. Maybe not much of a loss, don't know how well you remember their skills and gameplay)

    There were content updates over the years (those are all available for free now), changes into mechanics (mainly the crafting), new ones added (Alerts, vehicles, "housing"). There was a couple years long dormant period, but lately PWE is paying a bit more attention to the game, last they changed the endgame and added a new lair (this February). There are smaller events too, almost every month.

    Since it's just a quick download away from you (client is pretty small, less than 7 Gb), if you already have an account I'd say jump in and give it a try. The free ATs are decent enough even for the endgame, especially if you don't want to hassle with theory-crafting your powers.
  • Old TSW is way better than SWL.. sorry but thats a fact...

    The majority of SWL players probably aren't Steam players though. They launched the game a good month before the Steam launch.
    While technically it might be correct, they indeed launched with the non-steamy client, if you put that in chronolgy it tells a bit different story :wink:

    They wanted to start with a lot of steam, so much that for a while it was even doubted they plan a standalone client at all, and not just going steamy-only like Exiles. Since they only said the steamy-free client will follow somewhere after, no specifics detailed.
    But then they noticed the other launches Gabe has for June and they got the creeps (they said "crowded market conditions" :lol: ), so pushed that back with a month. Which of course caused an issue, since they've said to the investors they will launch on Q2.
    And that's when suddenly, without any explanation, they just dropped in the line that the June launch will use their own client, and only next month comes the steamy launch.

    For the ratio of players, nobody has data on that besides FC, but I'm pretty sure (there was a moderate uproar on it), after the steamy launch in July they automatically put everyone who had steamy TSW onto the steamy client, probably just to boost the numbers.
    Torval said:
    They have stated it has performed well beyond their expectations. This last quarter was their best ever.
    It is mentioned a lot around here since the report is out, and I still don't get why :smile:  It's right in the report, so doesn't even need math skills or anything: the best ever 6 months (and not quarter) is Exiles. It has nothing to do with Legends, since it launched at the end of the month, and even from that week 3 days were the early headstart for TSW players.

    So it doesn't matter if you examine the 3 or the 6 months, a few days have minimal impact on that. But it is there, in the report too. Sure, it's a fine print under the graph, but you can use the zoom function if needed... :wink: 
    (even help you, if you checked only the presentation which was circulated around the news sites, with the screamy face logo and such, you can find it on page 9. Or, if you like number crunching, you can check the actual report too.)
  • City of Heroes

    Agree with @GladDog above. There are no successors, those are all in the development phase. CO was built as a competitor and not as a sequel or successor. And DCUO was built for Sony get an mmo-ish console game for the PS3 which they can market as the first console MMO :smiley:

    It's only natural that they are different... and the reception of those differences is up to each player. Personally I went with CO because the character building, the powers (including travel powers) were much better than CoH, and that outweighted (for me) that in overall gameplay Cryptic tried to make it more close to the generic, regular MMO gameplay, dropping a lot of unique ideas from CoH. Which was unfortunate, but... FreeForm :wink:

    At the bottom line, neither of them was better than the other, both were stronger in different areas. And I agree on that as well, that neither of them was perfect. CO is still not (and CoH is down). But it's still fun, and they're adding new powers to play with frequently (at least since the last year).
  • Are there any MMORPGs left that don't have easy-mode PvE?

    It might not get as hard as you'd want it to be but it would definitely get a lot more challenging post level 20. Although I haven't played it since launch, but I did level 3 toons to max back then. 
    They made it a lot easier at around the f2p switch, I agree with Sedryn that currently during the leveling the only challenge you can find is if you solo a public event - on level. If you do it a few more levels above, you find that fairly easy too.
    Nyctelios said:
    And that's our Average Joe of MMO world. So devs suffer pressure to design challenges to suit said audience, the same way in a classroom the teacher will hold down an explanation if the dumbest kid can't understand it: The worse drags everyone down, even the game design itself.
    With a slight edit, not the dumbest "kid", singular, sadly they are the majority now, since almost everyone is a so-called gamer. And since their money is the same as the smaller and brighter group's money, just more easily parted (a fool and his money... :wink: ), the devs don't "suffer" the pressure, they embrace it. Dumbification might mean more money to their pockets. Just look at FC's Legends...

    For the question, I don't know. Couldn't say a single one. And it isn't a new thing, it is going on since years... I remember when Defiance launched and HL did the video about it, praising at one point that he died a lot, and how great to finally see challenge in a game's PvE - then turned out he just wandered into a public event, solo :smiley: