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  • World of Warcraft - The Big Reasons to Be Excited About Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth - MMORPG.

    TheAmir said:
    There is literally nothing about this expac that has me even a little interested :/ including the lame "new" races. Meh :/ it's a pass here.
    yep.  the entire xpac is underwhelming lore wise.  I think it will not fare too well.
  • World of Warcraft Classic – Quality of Life - Garrett Fuller -

    Torval said:
    The community voted, well 32k people, and they have very little interest in group finders for vanilla. I'm surprised you didn't even reference this poll.

    My opinion is that nothing should be changed unless 75%+ of players support it.

    Well more than 75% of the players wanting something is how it got changed to its current state. Design by democracy is typically a horrible approach that opens up all sorts of unanticipated side effects and consequences. Users think they want systems they don't and don't end up using systems as envisioned or requested. The 75% that requested really didn't represent 75% of the players, but 75% of the players that voted because most people didn't want to vote.

    A better approach would be to provide the classic experience with no grouping tools from the get go. If there ends up being an issue with players connecting or having a hard time forming groups, then add utilities to help them achieve those goals without changing the fundamental design of the game. If not then no development time or effort is wasted over it.

    So in this case, if there is a problem, the developer should ask, What imaginative methods have players invented to help facilitate grouping? How could we bring that interface in the game to help facilitate grouping up?

    Approaching the problem that way provides a solution the players are familiar with that doesn't actually change how people access group content (ie: no teleports to instances).

    The point being there can be solutions to some problems that can work with and not against the core design. I don't think LFD changed the core design of the game but its design reflects a core shift in the game's design focus at the time. It's certainly possible to develop systems to help promote interaction and community and get people connected. Also no one solution is going to please everyone and I think success will depend on people choosing the battles appropriately and a willingness to see other views over issues. So far there has been more bitter division than there has been cooperation.
    People clamored for vanilla servers - not vanilla servers with lots of changes.

    So yes, if you plan on making a major change to vanilla, it needs to be vetted against the community desires.

  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    The fact that an idea like this can be patented is absurd. But I'm well beyond shock at how far developers will go to get people to buy stuff
  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    SBFord said:
    laserit said:
    Torval said:

     People just don't care about right and wrong anymore and I find that sad.
    Starts at the top and works its way down.
    Blizzard consistently shows its attention to "caring" with millions donated to charitable causes on a yearly basis -- and those are just the initiatives that we know about.

    That doesn't prove that they care.  Plenty of companies make charitable contributions because it looks good.
  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    their sketchiness was revealed over 6 months ago. such a sad state of affairs Vanilla WOW is abandonware at this point imo so I have no issue with private servers, I'd just prefer more transparent ones and preferably not those run by russians