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  • Marvel Heroes Omega - Three Lessons I Learned From the Gazillion Shutdown -

    Cogohi said:

    Elvoc said:

    Its just really sad that we cant get a super hero MMO to last very long, this just seems to be a pattern among these types of games. Its amazing DC Universe is still running..

    *sigh* It's comments like this that keeps us locked into stale fantasy settings and tropes. 

    There's nothing inherently wrong with superhero or sci-fi settings.  Correlation is not causation!  Name one MMO that died because it didn't conform to the fantasy cliche. 

    When you look at the post mortems the vast majority of failed MMO's never had a viable post-launch operations plan.  A good chunk simply don't have the professional discipline necessary to maintain a functional 24x7 service.  MMO's are not the disposable software many of the hacks that call themselves games developers are trained to produce.  Not to mention the plethora of design gaffes that plague us to this day (ProTip: Western audiences hate grinding)

    And when the manure hits the fan their Customer Disservice departments actively insult their customers.  Way to make that brand shine!  There is no excuse in the world to be stingy over pixels especially when a customer suffers loss due to bugs.

    Before blaming "the setting" or the "lore" take a hard look at their operational support, customer service and development teams and ask yourself if you'd trust them to write a high availability web presence.  Then look to see how predatory their business model is.  Do the designers have too much of a hard-on for their own lore? etc.

    flame off

    A lot of potential players seem to look down on comic characters in games. I'm not sure why, but it is an issue that exists. Even I don't quite understand the appeal of super heroes in typical MMO settings. But I don't see the issue in an ARPG or MOBA. License holders are VERY limiting though and tend do prevent quick turnaround of content or flexibility toward changes that are good for the game.
  • MHO shuts down after less than 6 months on consoles. Microsoft offering refunds, NA Sony is not.

    What I've read is that MS requires companies to provide their online services for a certain period of time or refund players.  Sony does not have such a requirement.

    I'd still have to guess that MS is paying out of pocket as Gaz is going bankrupt and their creditors probably get first dibs on any assets.
  • World of Warcraft Classic – Quality of Life - Garrett Fuller -

    The community voted, well 32k people, and they have very little interest in group finders for vanilla. I'm surprised you didn't even reference this poll.

    My opinion is that nothing should be changed unless 75%+ of players support it.
  • Refund Requests Piling Up, Gazillion Remains Silent - Marvel Heroes Omega -

    BruceYee said:

    LordRoach said:

    calibek said:

    1. If a customer bought something in the last month then, yeah, I feel they should get their money back. I highly doubt this was sprung on either company and figure they had entered negotiations for at least a month.

    2. Gaz has no responsibility to refund as stated in their EULA. Problem is most people either Don't pay attention or care about fine print and then when they get hit with things like this they start to complain. If they knew there was a shutdown imminent and still sold then yeah that is scummy, but those who bought several months back should not get a refund.

    3. Charge back should not be the way to handle these things. It's going to get to a point where people do this just because they can and then banks will stop doing it, or worse charge a premium to do it. In the end it will only hurt those who try to remain honest and those who do it just because they are butt hurt will ruin it for everyone.

    Wrong is wrong. Funny how Microsoft recognizes this. They released a game in June with planned out content till February. They released content that promoted longevity( OMEGA SYSTEM). I don't understand what anyone's arguing about. Had marvel heroes stayed on PC and decided to close by all means. But they scammed the console players. As far as an analogy. GAz bought the rights from marvel and had a 10 year contract. 2013 is when the game released if you went to the movies. And the movie runtime said two hours. But you watched it and it ended in 30 mins regardless how enjoyable the 30 mins was I'm pretty sure you would want your money back. If this is the practice of F2Ps why would anyone invest in them. That means we should all stop playing any game with a free to play model since it can shutdown at any moments notice.

    They actually said recently that the license was renewed til 2025 so 2 years more than you said but still a stupid amount of time after 2017. Did they lie about the license being renewed? cause originally Doomsaw said the license was only until 2018 and now look the game is closing on Dec 31st 2017...

    The license was renewed but it wasn't guaranteed to last. Disney was able to revoke their license, likely due to lack of income, nopayment of fees/profits or maybe even a morality clause.
  • MU Legend Free Starter Pack Giveaway! -

    time007 said:
    is this game live? at the launcher it says my login failed...
    the server has been having issues tonight so i bailed.  maybe that's what you're seeing