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  • Microtransactions is working

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    I remember when cash shop apologists were saying "but it does not effect you, the game is funded by whales". They want every player paying, if you are not playing now you will be. We saw how software has been written to team up big spenders with little fish. They may not be using that yet, but if you think they never will you are naïve.

    Companies go where the money is, expect more micotransactions making money any way they can in the unregulated gambling market that gaming has become.
    'cash shop apologists'?

    seriously guys just play games that dont have it.

    I hate to tell you this but you cant rant a developer into being a good developer. you have to find games that dont fuck with you, they do exist.
    for example lets say you are watching a movie or a TV show, sure you can force the creator to make some changes but in the end you would be better off watching a show where the artist understands already because if the artist doesnt understand they will likely create a new fuck up and another one and another one and another one.

    you cant force a person to be good at what they do. You can force them to do something, you cant force them to be GOOD at it. 

    its the argument that output is always better when the person doing it is very good at it and very engaged in it by desire. you cant force that 

    The entire gaming industry is moving to dubious revenue practices. First it was cash shops in MMOs, they should what the companies could get away with. Then mobiles reinforced the idea, we can milk them till the cash cows come home. Now we see this in more and more multiplayer releases of any kind. So you can't choose and avoid this.

    This is not about creators, originators, artists, developers. It is about the CEO's, the marketing team, the business team. They are doing a good job, a good job of fleecing players. They are the people we are trying to make sit up and listen.

    Players have won this battle for a Star Wars game to have fairer revenue methods. But we have yet to see what they will come up to replace what they have had to roll back. One victory does not win a war. 
    Here is where I find confusion.

    I play games, I play a lot of games (less so now to be honest) and I have never in my 34 years of gaming ever had a game that had a loot box or a cash shop or at least not one I ever saw. AND...I dont even try to avoid games with lootboxes and cash shops, it just so happens that the games I like dont have them yet

    So if I can do it without even trying why cant others do it with effort. I can help.
    fixed that for you Sean ;)
    lets think on that for a second shall we

    SeanMCAD: games with lootboxes ZERO...literally ZERO nada nothing, play all the time zip
    Others: Cant friggin get away from them

    You: well the saving grace that will allow us to keep our grief is that SeanMCADs games might have them in the that was a close call we still get to be the victim but it was close.
    Like you, I never had a game with lootboxes. Starting in the fall of 2016 they started to show up in the type of games that I like to play.

    It's growing and expanding like a cancer
    well if you ever need some help with game titles dont ask me :)
    because we know that never works
    I move into my new 10 acre place next weekend. I negotiated an existing track loader, tractor, utv and a couple excavator's including all the attachments into the deal.

    I plan on playing my own version of farmville  ;)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II AMA Happening Today - 'This is Fine' - News

    immodium said:
    immodium said:
    And all that without even acknowledging the elephant in the room that makes digital lootbox much, much worse than any physical trading card game:

    If Magic stops making cards, you still have the cards in your possession.  In fact, those cards are likely to objectively increase in value.

    If EA shutters BF2, they can literally reduce the value of the items won to abso-fucking-lutely nothing, to the point of legally and actively preventing you from enjoying any value out of them.  Just as the lootbox winnings in Overwatch, and just as the lootbox winnings in any other online game.  Wizards of the Coast can't force you to send them their cards back.
    That's not unique to lootboxes. Look at the amount of MMO's people own that they can't play due to being shutdown.

    You can argue that many games with purchasable loot boxes are prolonging the life of the product they've purchased.
    It's not, but it's a key difference that makes the comparison to physical trading cards inaccurate and misleading.
    But labeling loot boxes gambling is also inaccurate and misleading.

    Gambling implies you can lose, you never lose with loot boxes. Whether you got what you wanted from it is irrelevant. You get something of cash value regardless.

    If it is classed as gambling it's the best form of gambling as you always win.

    If the casino gives me a gumball after I lose my bet at the blackjack table it's not gambling.

    I think I'm going to open up another business.
  • What would bring you back to WoW?

    laserit said:
    Dual Spec
    Have they removed dual spec? :|
    Oops ;) I thought we were talking about Classic servers.
  • Thoughts on the prospects of the survival genre

    SEANMCAD said:
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    There is one thing that totally sucks about these games (including other genre's) that they share in common:

    The AI

    I'm looking for immersion and the AI kills it. 

    I agree that's a big one. Also I find the combat, skills, and progression systems to be pretty mediocre in survival games.
    I'd like to add Procedurally Generated worlds to that list. The majority of them become vapid.
    Do you have examples?

    and can you point to non-survial games in which procedurally generated worlds work well?

  • Remember Kazzak Invading Stormwind? Yeah...He's Back for WoW's 13th Anniversary - World of Warcraft

    Ah the fond memories

    It was a riot when a couple guys kited Stitches up into Goldshire back in those early days. Skeletons everywhere, poor newb's never stood a chance ;)