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    ET3D said:

    Just wanted to say that I tend to listen to people who sound like reasonable human beings, and don't call other names or use ad hominem arguments in general. So I think I'll check out the game. Not that I think it's all peachy, but I'm just anti-anti.

    Good for you! See, even if you make a simple statement, these same folks will jump all over you and bash your opinion. If one hates something as benign as a game it's time to move on in life. 

    Youre trying to dupe people and im calling you out. 

    You didnt offer an opinion, you tried to pass off a lie as fact.
  • Is EA going downhill since Battlefront 2???

    Scorchien said:
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    d_20 said:
    Is the stock still tanking?

    EA Shares PLUMMET, EA Down $6bn! Plus New SWBFII Credits Changes

    EA is fine,  the stock price isn't reflective of the firm's actual health, more of a reflection on investors "beliefs" about it's future success.

    To put things in perspective, EA stock had a huge and probably unsustainable run up this year peaking at $122.79 per share.

    Current price is $105 so the drop is substantial true, but it is still well over the 52 week low of $76.42.

    EA is still the same gaming juggernaut today as it was when the stock was at its low, and they continue to make much of their revenue from sports franchises which appear to be embracing the new gaming as a service model more readily.
      I got it for 15$ a share in 08 ..has been a great investment
    Because that's what stocks are supposed to be - long term investments. You can't tell most people that, which is why most people should never own stock.

    You look at 1-year and 3-year trends when determining which stocks to buy. EA is a good choice. The price will bottom out shortly and then those who are smart will buy.

    The only people prophesying the fall of EA are those who either blindly hate them or hate corporations in general. It's personal, not based on any real-world information.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Asm0deus said:
    ScotchUp said:
    Makes me laugh after 8 years of Obama, any law no matter what it is called can't be trusted when Government is telling us how great it will be for America. Keep Government out of internet!
    Makes me laugh all the Obama hate, when you got someone like Trump who is only doing his best to line his pockets, and how some people think "Govment" is big bad and evil so lets give all the powa to them nice caring corporations cause they sure have your best interests at heart......lolz
    You know, we can have this conversation without the usual political bickering.

    How about we do that.
  • Any active MUDs?

    Well, Gemstone IV was a bust.  The game lagged horrendously in the browser with just a handful of people in an area, and the downloadable game client (last updated in 2007) didn't do anything at all when launched.  It's a shame, what I played seemed really cool.
    lol .. really? The game lagged when all we are talking about is some text? We have better technologies in the 1990s.

    Yeah, I was really surprised.  I mean, I'd type, and there would be a 20 second delay before the text appeared on the screen.
    That sounds way worse than non-optimized graphics. In fact, how can you code a text interface with slow performance? Add in unnecessary loops just for the heck of it?

    "How can you code a text interface with slow performance?" a browser.

    The site specifically states the "no download needed" web client requires Internet Explorer 5, which should tell you how old that client is. There are five other more recent clients on the same page. The OP just happened to choose the worst one.

    If you're going to blindly bash something just because you don't happen to like it, at least do your homework beforehand. It will save you from looking like a fool.

    Now off with you to your highly graphical Barbie dress-up-decorate-my-dollhouse-fun-palace games. I hear there are new dresses in the cash shop.
  • World of Warcraft Classic – Quality of Life - Garrett Fuller -

    The community voted, well 32k people, and they have very little interest in group finders for vanilla. I'm surprised you didn't even reference this poll.

    My opinion is that nothing should be changed unless 75%+ of players support it.

    Flying mounts 95.4% NO
    Dungeon finder 88.8% NO
    Raid finder 93.2% NO
    Level for mount 89.8% level 40
    Pay to double leveling rate 96% NO

    There's hope for this game yet.