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  • Can an MMO Work on a Phone? - Lineage 2 Revolution Review -

    Kyleran said:
    Tarblood said:
    DMKano said:
    A MMO on a tiny screen with dumbed down swipe controls draining my cell battery and using up my data?


    playing on my triple monitors at 144hz+ sync with GPU with an awesome keyboard and mouse?

    Yeah mobile can F right off
    Literally this. <3 3 monitors. Once you have 3 you cannot go back to 2... or even 1.
    Still hard to bring that set up with you to the mall.   ;)

    I was interested in the Razor triple monitor gaming laptop prototype but they seemed to have lost interest after they were stolen.
    I guess if you never leave the house, that's all you know... ;-)
    Worse than never leaving the house because playing video games (imo), is leaving the house only to play more video games.

    I'm with @DMKano on this one- if I'm in the mood to play video games, I'll be at home, with a beer, chillaxing in my chair with my headphones on.  When I'm out and about, I prefer to enjoy that oldest of old school games, the one still with the best graphics and realest grind, called reality. ;)
    Apparently you've never taken a two-hour commuter train to work where all the passengers have their faces firmly implanted in their phones, trying to avoid reality. They're not interested in playing that game with me or anyone else, and staring out the window is boring.

    You and Kano have a pretty limited view of why people may choose to play games on mobile devices. Try widening your horizons. You both sound like stodgy old men, complaining about all that "new-fangled rigmarole".

  • Mobile Version Character Creation Video Offers Stunning Ways to Make Just the Right You - Black Dese

    These comments remind me of the things we used to say about mobile devices for watching movies ("Who would want to watch a movie on a tiny screen") or the things my parents used to say about computers and later the internet. Yet, millions of people watch TV and movies on small devices, and computers and the internet are as commonplace and accepted as the refrigerator.

    Change is hard and will always have stodgy dinosaurs trying to get everyone to resist moving forward. But like Earth's dinosaurs, they'll be extinct soon enough.

    Sorry naysayers, mobile gaming is your asteroid.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    SEANMCAD said:

    really the best thing to do is to stop replying to me, its silly waste of time
    The most intelligent thing you've said in your life, I suspect.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    ScotchUp said:
    I'm getting a headache watching you two go at something we can never know until release. Who has the good pain pills? :#
    You don’t need pills. Just stop reading the thread.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Kefo said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Kefo said:

    Sure this is worth "a fight over" cause you've already lost with your second sentence.

    "You base the discussion off of experience, experience of BOTH developers saying what they say they will do as well as not doing what they say they will do."

    CR already has a history of saying one thing and then doing something else or walking back promises in order to make a buck. So it's not beyond the realm of belief that buying these ships for real cash will give the player an advantage. And no your example of renting a ship for 5 credits and buying a ship for 5 billion is ridiculous so you can't use that as an argument. 
    none of that matters.

    For the record. I have not donated a dime to this game and I havent played this game. Why? because I know CR is horrible at time management, I knew that more than a year ago!

    What a developer says is often times horseshit, sometimes it works out but here is the thing..and pay close attention to this part.

    ME: suggest given that A. its EXTREEMLY easy to do what they are claiming to do and B. Other developers have done it. that MAYBE...just MAYBE...we should not go around stating opinions as facts .

    Everyone else: Its unreasonable and unfair to not predict that its factual that they will not make the ships have an advantage and use words that suggest that is a given understood fact is the only reasonable course of action.

    None of that matters? So you're giving up? Cool glad this was over easily enough.

    Not sure why you have to bring up if you have any money in this project or not. It doesn't lend weight any argument you're presenting.

    Ok I must have missed it but what is it that it's extremely easy to do? And what other developers have done it?

    Everyone else is throwing in their opinion, for the most part anyway. We don't all prefix our arguments with "oh I think it's this way" or something similar because it's implied. Christ if we had to prefix everything so that you don't come in here and start screaming at everyone about opinions as facts we all would be writing novels to say a sentence or two.
    He’s just ramping up. I give it three more days before the kettle whistles.