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  • I've had this warning tag since May......

    If you know how to add a custom CSS to your browser:

    .WarnLevel {
    display: none;
    visibility: hidden;

    Voilà, problem solved.

    You'll still have the warning, you just won't see it any longer.
  • Which one to play Mortal Online or Valnir Rok ?

    That's like choosing between leprosy and scurvy, but VR is probably the better choice since it appears to have a future.
  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Quizzical said:
    Bestinna said:
    Sovrath said:
    Bestinna said:
    Asheram said:
    So no one else can have ideas?
    that's right because they're all done already.. you could make suggestions on how to make some better but you could spend that time programming instead so it's made faster
    I think I'm going with quizzical here. I just don't believe you have all the textures done for every item, all the animations for everything, etc.

    I do believe you have some concept art. that's great.

    Do you really want to get people to help you?

    Make a site with some of your art and the concept for the game. This way those who are interested can see the level of your work.

    Make a business plan. If you can't make a business plan or don't know how to run a business then that is an additional person you want to recruit.

    if you want this to be a "free game made by the fans" then you are going to have to have some sort of development plan in place so people know that you aren't going in blind, aren't "dicking around".

    You have to show you are serious, you are professional, dedicated and know what you are doing.
    ur right but right now I just want someone who can program some cryengine so I can import my models and stuff and make a video to put on the site otherwise I don't feel like there's enough to make one or rather there'd be too much reading when a lot can be seen
    How many fully animated models have you created for your game?
    And to add to it...

    • On what platforms will you release your client?
    • Who will be responsible for infrastructure?
    • How will you determine your needs and configuration strategy for your firewalls? Loadbalancers? Databases? Login server? Game server? Web server? Payment server?
    • Have you determined how much bandwidth you will need? Do you know how much it will cost?
    • What's your disaster recovery strategy?
    • What kind of encryption will you use to ensure privacy?
    • How will you stage and test your implementation?
    • Who will provide support?
    • Have you decided on legal counsel? Will they be doing your branding scrub to ensure you aren't violating copyrights and trademarks?
    • What is your marketing strategy?
    • How many developers will you need? Software testers? Product managers? Game content designers? Graphic artists? System administrators? Community managers? Customer support?
    • How will you fund all of this?
    I could keep going all day long...
  • Joseph Update Arrives Next Week - Check Out This Trailer - Albion Online Gameplay Footage

    Blackboa said:
    Those of you who know me know that I use to be the biggest fan boy of Albion Online. No longer. This game has lost its original vision of being a hardcore, full loot, PVP game and instead is implementing themepark, instanced, non full loot additions like the Arena. It is really a sad sight to see a game that could be dominating a niche try to expand to appease the casual players who blow like the wind and will leave the game as soon as something better shows up. In the current state of the game, I don't recommend anyone play Albion Online.
    BlackBoa at his finest...


    Dear Albion Community,

    On my recent campaign to #MakeAlbionGreatAgain, I have taken it upon myself to combat people on forums who are spreading misinformation about the game and in fact are ruining the experience for others who may want to try the game while it is still in beta. The battle has been fierce and although I feel as though I have been doing a good job alone, the internet trolls are starting to come in and overwhelm me with opposing views of the game.

    To this end, I require the help of the Albion Online community as I battle the internet trolls of the website

    For those of you as passionate about Albion Online as I am, please take a moment and look / comment on these two discussion threads regarding Albion Online and say something positive / defend the game against malicious attacks of the internet trolls:

    Let us unite under one banner and take down the internet trolls who seek to bring down the game we know and love!

    Thank you for your cooperation in advance those of you who choose to participate.
    Kind Regards,

    Blackboa / MannyMoments


    Ah, memories...

  • The 10 Greatest MMORPGs of All Time - 2017 Edition - The List -

    A lot of you guys don't understand that this list is for 2017, not 2009. We can't have the same MMOs on every single list over and over, specially when your nostalgia in interfering with your concepts of a "good" MMO. 
    So you think Avengers might at some point replace Citizen Kane on the best movies of all time then?

    Not that I got anything against this list though. But when you say all time you don't replace lesser titles with better titles just because they are newer. 
    While I agree with you in principle, the fact is a "best of" list has to also remain relevant. Unlike movies, games can only be experienced in the moment. We have reached a point where gamers weren't born when UO released and were roughly three when it reached its heyday. There is no way they can relate to UO on this list or even begin to understand why it's on the list. A movie you can just go rent, watch, and make an assessment. You can't go play UO in 1997.

    Twenty years from now gamers will think of UO the way we think of Pong today.