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    blah blah blah... Folks will rant about there add-on store or telethons, but the reality is anything in those stores can be made/attained in game ...blah blah blah

    That is a flat out lie.

    - Salvaging a store item gives you a reusable pattern. Crafted items do not.
    - Store gear is not lootable in PvP. Crafted items are.
    - Store items don't lose max durability. Crafted items do.

    Shall I go on?

    Portalarium groupies are getting pretty desperate. Lying to prospective players to entice them to play with last 50 people still willing to log into this embarrassment of an MMO.
  • Thoughts on the prospects of the survival genre

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    you cant have thoughts on survial titles?

    what? why bother replying? too funny
    I've toyed with them and enjoyed myself.

    Much evolution to happen yet.

    A diamond in the rough.

    Now I must step out for lunch, The Deer Garden awaits.
    I think the evolution is far more along then people realize. I agree there is room for growth but when you compare what features exist in non-survial games and compare them to the feature list of a survial game its fairly clear (at least to me) that survial games have a lot more.
    There is one thing that totally sucks about these games (including other genre's) that they share in common:

    The AI

    I'm looking for immersion and the AI kills it. 
    well I know when I played EQ2 there really wasnt any AI basically speaking. Mobs where in one location usually followed a path.
    At least roaming mobs is a normal thing now in survial games unlike other genres that i am aware of anyway.

    AI always seems like an afterthought. We need some kind of technological break through.
    Dev 1; “We need to offer more innovation and better game tech. Players have started seeing through our simplistic design.”

    Dev 2: “But that’s hard, expensive, and will take months. It’s really beyond our capabilities.  And...we’ll make less money!” 

    Dev 1: “Well, what about a new sparkle pony in the store? Better yet, add it to a RNG box. It will distract most players enough so they won’t notice we’ve not really improved the game and we’ll make tons of cash.”

    Dev 2: “Great idea! We can have it done in three days. Alert marketing.”
  • Marvel & Disney Cut Ties with Gazillion Entertainment, MHO to Shut Down - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    I'd guess Disney bailed either due to MH not meeting financial requirements...
    This is most likely. Game developers are businesses, not personal assistants established to supply self-absorbed entitlement babies an endless supply of entertainment.
  • Can an MMO Work on a Phone? - Lineage 2 Revolution Review -

    I played it on a tablet that's hooked to monitor with a controller.  Very addictive.  I'd never thought I'd see the day when a game bots for you.  

    It only bots if you let it, which says more about the person playing the game than the game itself.

    My point is this is the first game I've ever played that had it build in.
    GW2 should come in a close second with their "press 1 and go do the dishes" combat mechanic and Neverwinter is not far behind.

    BDO is on their way with auto-walking.

    Expect to see more of it. 
  • Can an MMO Work on a Phone? - Lineage 2 Revolution Review -

    Kyleran said:
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    DMKano said:
    A MMO on a tiny screen with dumbed down swipe controls draining my cell battery and using up my data?


    playing on my triple monitors at 144hz+ sync with GPU with an awesome keyboard and mouse?

    Yeah mobile can F right off
    Literally this. <3 3 monitors. Once you have 3 you cannot go back to 2... or even 1.
    Still hard to bring that set up with you to the mall.   ;)

    I was interested in the Razor triple monitor gaming laptop prototype but they seemed to have lost interest after they were stolen.
    I guess if you never leave the house, that's all you know... ;-)
    Worse than never leaving the house because playing video games (imo), is leaving the house only to play more video games.

    I'm with @DMKano on this one- if I'm in the mood to play video games, I'll be at home, with a beer, chillaxing in my chair with my headphones on.  When I'm out and about, I prefer to enjoy that oldest of old school games, the one still with the best graphics and realest grind, called reality. ;)
    Apparently you've never taken a two-hour commuter train to work where all the passengers have their faces firmly implanted in their phones, trying to avoid reality. They're not interested in playing that game with me or anyone else, and staring out the window is boring.

    You and Kano have a pretty limited view of why people may choose to play games on mobile devices. Try widening your horizons. You both sound like stodgy old men, complaining about all that "new-fangled rigmarole".

    True, I live about 4 miles from my office in a city with no mass transit (GG, Nashville!), so I don't have a lot of quote-unquote downtime away from the home where I'm chilling and could play a game on my phone for any significant length of time.  It's either driving to or from my destinations.

    And hey!  My beard is not yet even showing grey, much less white!
    Well, my beard is white and I suspect I have about 20 years on you, young'un ;-)
    Ha!  I suspect you might.  I'm relatively young, for stodgy old MMORPG gamer who started out with vanilla DAoC.  I got a really young start.
    MMOs didn't really exist until I was in my 30's. I started with Ultima Online. I was 38.