mmo experience limited to WoW and EVE. lvl 85 human prot paladin in greymane.


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  • Do you think World of Warcraft changed everything ?

    See, this is your typical selfish poster....... " I " don't have time !

    You do know their are at least 200 mmos on the list just for you, and none for the players that have time.
    Holy cow!
    You are right petty selfish of me to put Real life responsibilities first over helping you get your ilvl 970 Legendary.

    I wonder if this actually works for folks in RL.

    i think his point was nobody cares about your rl.
  • Has anyone put money into Wild West Online?

    waiting for the free trial after release before deciding if worth.
  • Why are not more people playing this game here ?

    most like pve and good graphics.
  • A bit of a disapointment... ok, a pretty big disapontment.

    Distopia said:
    Robokapp said:
    Ginaz said:
    DAS1337 said:

    When I looked into this game, at no point did I consider it to look anything like a MMO.  I however, have had a lot of experience with survival games, and I know that they are pretty much always small, server oriented games with smaller player caps.

    Open world does not mean MMO.  'Thousands' does not mean MMO.  The fact that you can destroy your enemies and their bases does not mean it is a MMO.  It sounds to me that you simply did not do any research on the game, and then decided to essentially make a blind purchase.  You then charge back on your CC and blame the company for being fraudulent, when in reality, it was your fault all along. 

    This is absolutely hilarious, considering the wealth of resources you have available to you.  The countless gaming review sites (including this one).. Youtube.. Twitch.. Reddit,  So on and so forth.  I'm not saying you don't have a right to get your money back if you aren't happy..  But you aren't happy because YOU made the mistake of being lazy.  It's sad that in this case, you didn't really have to face the consequences.

    You may have actually learned something.

    In addition, you give people a bad impression on this game.  Plenty of people will read your post title and assume the game is trash.  It's actually pretty good now, for the survival game.

    I have zero "survival game experience". "Open world" combined with "thousands of others" combined with "you can destroy your enemies and their bases leads" to MMO... especially considering Age of Conan was an MMO and this was likened to a sandbox version to AoC (in the research I didn't do).  Finding info about a game that isn't released isn't easy and gameplay videos don't show anything regarding server populations and setup.  I found what I could, read the info on their site, came to a conclusion based on that (which read as MMO) and purchased the game.  It was not what I was lead to believe... so I asked for my money back.  That simple.
    Again, you're the only person that didn't understand this wasn't an MMO.  If everyone else knows what's going on and you don't, guess what?  It's your fault.  The end.
    this site advertises it as an MMO when their own official site does not. I don't see how you could miss that on their official forums. Someone will get sued one day for false advertisement and then it'll get really interesting.
    Where has this site advertised it as an MMORPG? 
    game list says MMO.
  • Method Releases World First Mythic Kil'jaeden Kill Video - World of Warcraft -

    Ageni said:
    Shame on you ! Why don't you post any other MMO PVE success raids ? You propably get paid by's all about comercial sh*ts right now!
    what other MMO PvE raids?