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  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    Dagon13 said:

    Gdemami said:

    DMKano said:

    It won't change anything - because people have become completely numb and even if they get alarmed - what do people do? Make some angry posts on social media - and in a few days - zero action and back to normal, and all is forgotten.

    It seems that we've become a fatalist and apathetic society - completely unwilling to do anything beyond our immediate self-serving interest.

    ...yep, once people do not share your view, they must be completely numb, fatalist and apathetic.

    Sound logic. But hey, common sense is treated as offense on these boards...

    I notice you LOL'd everyone that posted negative feelings towards this information. Pot, meet Kettle.

    I wonder what implications something like this could have on match/party finder mechanics. Intentionally match people with whales in an attempt to advertise? How about charging a premium just to have someone OP in the party?
    Gdemami is the bar on these forums for knowing when you're logic and reasoning is sound.  Whenever you get an LOL, you know you're on the right track.

    When you get an Agree, you know you need to reconsider your entire position on the subject.
    He gave me an Agree once, I tried to return it but he refused :'(  

  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    Oh darn, thieves got robbed. What a pity, really. Boo hoo. Now where will all the freeloaders, entitled whiners, and nostalgic historical revisionists go?

  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    Iselin said:
    I'm kind of wondering what extra costs we're even referring to here.  It's not like the previous title released a decade ago..  So, inflation, I guess?
    I think there is an underlying perception that some believe is "economic truth" that since a loaf of bread cost "x" in 2000 and it costs "x+y" in 2017, everything else should follow the same pattern (never mind that wages, especially minimum wages don't... but that's a different discussion :) )

    When applied to game prices it ignores the explosion in the market that for example, made 100K players in an MMO in 2000 a success where that would be a colossal failure in 2017.

    Game prices have remained relatively the same simply because the volume of sales, without and equal volume of costs associated with the increased sales, has exploded. But there seems to be this casual folk wisdom going around that the prices should be higher because you know, bread costs more.

    Then the next step is to posit that we the consumers are cheap bastards and we need to be tricked into paying what we should be paying. Sure keep the box price at $69.99 just like 10 years ago but since we should be paying more (see above) the companies need to add microtransactions and loot boxes so they can charge that $99.99 average which is what they really "should be" charging.

    These things, expressed in simple twitter-friendly one liners, is what I see posted over and over again in any internet post trying to defend shady business practices in game we would otherwise want to play. 
    Yes, the gaming audience in general has enjoyed substantial and sustained growth over the past decade, from what I've seen from entities like the ESA.  And I remember a time new titles only cost 50 USD, actually.  So box costs have increased, despite the transition to electronic purchases eliminating a substantial amount of the manufacturing and transportation costs of selling copies.  All this contributes to your point.
    Posted before so I'll just sumarize instead of linking all articles and posts. Physical to digital hardly saves anything, not more then 5 bucks max per product. Production costs have increased 15x and money from sales about 5x in the last 10 years, do the math. A game should cost between 100-130 dollars compared to 15 years ago, that is taking everything into consideration from inflation correction to increased profits etc.

    Are companies greedy? Hell yes, but we are paying low prices for our entertainment at the moment, we sure as hell aren't victims, just cheap.


  • Warframe or Destiny 2 ?

    What Kano said. Warframe is good but with money left out of the equation there is no comparison. I also find Warframes art style so ugly it should be considered a crime.

  • Is Guardians of Ember the Lovechild of WoW & Diablo? - Guardians of Ember Review -

    Wizardry said:
    This game is proof of the sign of the times,cheaper less aggressive game builds.I played Runes of Magic and actually enjoyed it,yes a sort of Wow clone but did more than Wow and used the sub class system.
    Dragon's Prophet i did not like but i could see they went for an idea and the game was still an aggressive build.

    Runewalker does at least try to put several ideas in their games,i just don't like the cheaper platform/Diabloesque type game that is Embers.If it was a better open world concept with free look i would likely play it.

    However,i would say it is much better than Diablo given the same platform as Diablo really doesn't do anything besides waste your time until you get that perfect build then it is another brainless waste of time,at least Embers is building a rpg.

    So although Rune copies Blizzard a lot,they are 2/2 in my books as i would rather play Runes than Wow and this than Diablo.

    You like games??!! Omg...