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  • The positive CoE challenge:

    It's actually super funny that you label this a strawman thread.

    Because by doing so you acknowledge that CoE has nothing positive that exists at this point.
  • WoW Player DDOSes Teammates to Secure Raid Spot for World First Hunt - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.co

    DMKano said:

    You want to send a kid who s 5min late to school to prison too?

    You should really stop making comparisons - they are always off.

    A kid being late to the bus is just a slight mishap because something came up.
    Hacking another person is a crime.
  • The positive CoE challenge:

    Ok, you ask for positives so here goes. 

    Alpha backers will be entering VoxElyria by the end of the year. Where we will be able to start testing the back-end mechanics of CoE.

    The end of the year is on 4 weeks.
    Do you want to bet if this is going to happen?
  • Patreon for poor people that cant afford CoE? Elyrian Assistance Program announced...

    And because Slapshot said it must be fact right? Perhaps you should do some of your own research instead of riding on Slapshots tail feathers. Just sayin. 
    He gave quotes?
    If any of those quotes were fake then here is your perfect chance to expose him as liar.

    No seriously you are the one grasping straws.

    If you said something like:
    But some of the people changed their mind later on and Slap should have mentioned that.

    Then I would take that as valid critical point.
    But instead you chose to do what all Elyria people do:

    "HALF TRUTHS HALF TRUTHS HALF  TRUTHS!" Chant that Mantra over and over again
  • Patreon for poor people that cant afford CoE? Elyrian Assistance Program announced...


    Seriously? Now you are just grasping. If you would like I will clarify that for you. Yes, some of the high backers where put out when it was first announced as to what items would be offered in the store. Those, of course, were the only comments Slapshot posted in his thread. However, once the store had actually launched and players were able to see the cost of the items. There was nothing but a positive response from the community, which are the quotes that Caspian posted. CoE isn't unlike any other community, where players sometimes react before they get all the facts. If I am wrong, please provide me the source. 

    As for me constantly implying half-truths, yes this is true. Why, because that is what is being done. 

    Excuse me but how am I grasping here?

    The info was out and Slap said SOME high level contributors were upset.

    If they changed their mind later on it doesn't change the fact that this is what happened...