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  • Johnny Depp's Production Company to Produce TSW Series - Secret World Legends - MMORPG.com

    J-Nius said:
    Although the news of such a series is exciting for entertainment purposes, is anyone at all excited about this for the wider exposure of truth it provides, or at least interest for truth? Are we all asleep zombies or are some of us awake?
    I'm a researcher by nature and I study nearly every topic I come across.  And yes a lot of people are asleep and spend most of their time chasing after shiny things.
    Then maybe you can enlighten us what the "wider exposure of truth" is because from what I can tell these are just some mad ramblings.
  • Massive Russian and Brazilian Monthly Price Spike Reported - Final Fantasy XIV - MMORPG.com

    The Russians paid 5$ a month so far?

    Lucky Guys
  • CoE Dev's forcing backers to get less then what they paid for?

    Termii said:
    Quote KaosReaperCOB:
    "that was a logical consequence.. .the space is limited and a kindom of 50 square kilometers its not a damn kingdom..."

    You got the number wrong. Its 50000km² per kingdom.

    And now we are at the point where the defenders criticize each other because they don't bother to read properly.
  • Closed Beta Impressions & Gameplay Footage - TheHiveLeader - Secret World Legends Videos - MMORPG.co

    I will give it a try. Make any judgements based upon gameplay and personal experience. I am sorry to go against the grain on here of trashing a game and writing it off before its released, but hey that's just me.
    "I will ignore everything I have seen on this video and make a side jab against the community because I feel morally superior."
  • One of the largest whales in CoE turns on the blatant P2W scheme and asks for changes

    Distopia said:
    Dakeru said:
    Im glad someone like Slapshot has the patience to keep tearing this game a new asshole. Ive already wrote the whole thing off as just one gigantic asshole, cbf'ed. 
    Oh, yeah, for sure.  We should all be thankful that somebody invests so much time and energy towards tearing down a project because they don't like it ... what an admirable goal!
    Presenting the truth about a game is admireable.
    Flat out lying and defending the game because you are a fanatic is what we should loath.

    And you yourself have done more than just 1 questionable thing when it comes to this project.
    You lost your objectivity.
    What truth? there is no game to see in practice, therefor we do not know how all of this will play out. Don't mistake confirmation bias for truth. 
    The truth of him quoting people but no matter if he quotes top donators or even Caspian himself he always get's the "you are spreading misinformation" answer by die hard fans.

    "This is what Caspian himself said"
    -Doesn't matter, you have no idea!