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  • Uplay is giving Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag away for free this week

    I already had it on Steam (which is automatically registered on Uplay because it uses my Uplay account on Steam.

    Uplay has seen much improvement in the last couple years. Its a lot better than Origin, and to some degree it is more consumer friendly than Steam itself. Earning Achievements on any Ubisoft game on any platform (pc/consoles) give you points which you can spend on downloadable content for all ubisoft games.

    And the client itself is a lot more stable and smoother now than it was before. And if you play any of their games on Seam, you already use Uplay through steam in order to run those games.
  • Hideo Kojima on Game Development time

    SC hasn't fully launched not because its incomplete, but because CR saw how good it feels to make so much money selling concept art. When they stop making money then they will release the game to a different audience for more money.

    Just my opinion. Its hard not to think thats what they are doing with SC.
  • Will Competitive Gaming Take Away Our Single Player Fun? - Garrett Fuller -

    Dauzqul said:

    I never understood the desire for solo adventure games. Go here, go there. Watch cut scene. Really boring, IMO.

    Those are the bad games these companies make. The best single player experiences don't boil down to mmo-like task collection gameplay.
  • Will Competitive Gaming Take Away Our Single Player Fun? - Garrett Fuller -

    Single player died for those few big companies the moment they started releasing single player garbage.
    That's what they are salty about. Their multiplayer gargabe still sells microtransactions, but their single player garbage doesn't.

    The best part of all this is that the best single player games are made by other companies, not by any of these "games as a service-lootbox to the throat" companies.

    Between Steam, GoG, and the last 8 generations of consoles + handhelds i have enough games for a life time and still have to buy many more. And the majority are better than the crap these few companies put out lately anyway, so their games as a service can die in a hole. I'll spend my money where it's deserved.

    TL;DR: Make good games or gtfo. Its now even more evident that these publishers are just wasting the talent of so many developers that could be making great games with other companies.
  • Bethesda & Lynda Carter Throw Shade at Other Publishers & Vow to #SavePlayer1 - Elder Scrolls Online

    Are single player games really in trouble? I'm not really seeing it.

    There's more single player games coming out constantly that I want to play but can't possibly find the time to play.
    It is not a coincidence that the only company/ies claiming that single player is dead haven't made a good single player game in years.

    Make a bad game, then don't complain that it isn't selling.