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  • PC Version Closing in January 2018, Console Versions to Remain Open - Hawken -

    Look at the image in this article. A cool picture of a guy standing on his mech´s shoulder. That didnt happen in game. It was a cheap call of duty with robots instead of people. The idea of this game at first was good, but they made such limited gameplay and focused on cash shop too much.

    This could have been a great F2P alternative to Titanfall, but it doesnt even come close to be a good mech shooter. A generic F2P shooter with limited pilot-less robots replacing characters was never going to cut it. Im surprised it lasted this long when you can get Titanfall 2 for very cheap nowadays.
  • Battle of the Royale Stars - Fortnite Battle Royal Releases - Fortnite Videos -

    Im not interested in Battle Royale so i wont be missing out on anything by skipping PUBG and Fortnite´s BR. I will be playing PVE in Fortnite, nothing else.

    If PUBG had a building and PvE mode i would be more interested in getting that game. As it is now its just not for me.

    EDIT: also, after trying the BR in Fortnite i have to say that the eye of the storm mechanic makes the game mode even more ridiculous. Why make a big map if you are going to force people to a tiny portion of it? I hope the PvE mode doesnt do that.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Destiny is an "mmo" in the same way Warframe, GW1, Vindictus, C9, etc etc are mmos. They are all lobby based multiplayer games. The massively part of the name in these games is on the server capacity, not on a persistent world like WoW, EQ etc. So yeah, it is technically still a non persistent mmo.

    My two cents.

    EDIT: Massively doesn´t imply persistent, its just that... massively. Whether its server side(total capacity) or on a persistent(non instanced) world is irrelevant.
  • Path of Exile - The Exiled Tribune - China Launch, XBox One & Plans for the Future -

    After the last big update i came back and played a new character all the way to the end of Act 10. It took me less than a week, and now i'm done. That is the most i can handle playing this game with a mouse. I'm considering getting an Xbox One slim on black friday for very cheap, and if i do get it, i will definitely play again with native controller scheme.

    This game was good before, and the last update made it so much better. Good job GGG.
  • Obey the Call - Kel'Thuzad Comes to the Nexus - Heroes of the Storm Videos -

    am i the only one taking the hint that next WoW expansion (or possibly next big update) will kill Jaina and turn her into a dreadlord / possibly scourge??

    I hope i'm wrong. I'm watching you, Blizzard. Leave my waifu alone.