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  • TERA - PlayStation 4 Hands On Preview -

    Ui looks suprisingly good.

    Looks like a decent port. I hope it doesn't require psn to play.

    I believe you meant PSN Plus, it probably would as in most online games do. But PSN+ is a great service. Free monthly games and double discounts justifies way more than the monthly sub fee. But then again, depends on how much you play on PS4. 

    In 2017 by paying an annually PSN+ fee of £39.99 I've saved about £800 considering the free games and double discounts. 

    Free to Play games don't require PSN Plus. Not a single one does. Only retail games require Plus membership for online play. So if you have to purchase the game then you have to purchase PS Plus as well. But yes, Plus is a good service, especially when amazon sells it for $40 bucks on some holidays.
  • Hideo Kojima on Game Development time

    SC hasn't fully launched not because its incomplete, but because CR saw how good it feels to make so much money selling concept art. When they stop making money then they will release the game to a different audience for more money.

    Just my opinion. Its hard not to think thats what they are doing with SC.
  • Will Competitive Gaming Take Away Our Single Player Fun? - Garrett Fuller -

    Dauzqul said:

    I never understood the desire for solo adventure games. Go here, go there. Watch cut scene. Really boring, IMO.

    Those are the bad games these companies make. The best single player experiences don't boil down to mmo-like task collection gameplay.
  • Favorite video game music composer?

    Galadourn said:
    Jeremy Soule, he wrote music for the Elder Scrolls series
    And for GW 1 and 2.

    From the west he's on my list too, as well as WoW's composers.

    From the east, Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Miki Higashino (Suikoden 1 and 2).

    I'm sure there are others i really like.
  • 'Mount Adoption Licenses' Now for Sale for Gems, Community Ignites at RNG Nature - Guild Wars 2 - MM

    Albatroes said:
    Even though I dont like the RNG element, I dont think one can truly categorize it as gambling since you are getting something guaranteed, even if its not the item you desire. You can't say the same when you pull slots or roll dice. Then again gambling is only really defined as taking a risk with some form of financing (using financing broadly since you can gamble items as well as money depending on who you're dealing with). It doesn't say anything about the end result (i.e. risking money in a casino does not guarantee you something tangible in return). Lets not forget ESO did the same thing and it died down quickly.
    Many years ago, a friend of mine was robbed of all the money in his wallet. He was far from his house and the thief gave him a few bucks to take public transportation home. Was that still not a robbery? i'm pretty sure it still was.

    I think RNG is just a slightly altered form of gambling.