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  • The night before you loved the game, next day not so much

    I get that feeling a lot, and it is because i have so many games to play that i am very indecisive. One day i have a blast playing X game, then the next day i am debating whether to continue playing X or try Y game, then there is also Z game whistling trying to get my attention, and so on and so forth.

    Indecision with games makes me have those feelings the OP described. I usually let my mood determine what game i want to play on a particular day.

    EDIT: but many times i end up not playing anything for a day or two, and that usually helps make up my mind and tackle a single game all the way to the end. But the whole cycle of indecision repeats quite frequently.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Destiny is an "mmo" in the same way Warframe, GW1, Vindictus, C9, etc etc are mmos. They are all lobby based multiplayer games. The massively part of the name in these games is on the server capacity, not on a persistent world like WoW, EQ etc. So yeah, it is technically still a non persistent mmo.

    My two cents.

    EDIT: Massively doesn´t imply persistent, its just that... massively. Whether its server side(total capacity) or on a persistent(non instanced) world is irrelevant.
  • Deathmatch in Two Flavors Coming Soon in Arcade Mode - Overwatch -

    Finally FFA Deadmatch, now i can play Zarya in peace without having to tank for a bunch of random people.
  • HTC Vive Review: Awe Inspiring -

    SEANMCAD said:
    A few months ago i went to the Nintendo NY store at Rockefeller Center and saw Mario Kart running on a a big wall using a projector. Seeing it in person was fascinating and chances are that could be my next display/screen for gaming.

    VR just doesn't appeal to me, and the idea of ruining my vision for life doesn't sound fun. I don't wear glasses and i intend to stay that way. A gaming handheld(3ds/vita/etc) is the closest i'll ever hold a screen to my face when gaming.

    If you enjoy VR, more power to you. It's just not for me. Much less if trumpcare gets approved lol.
    I find it cute people who dont like VR and whatsever bla bla bla but 'ruining your vision for life' lol too funny
    there are risks i am not willing to take at the costs of someone else becoming richer with my money while i suffer the consequences.
  • Marvel Heroes Omega - Why Were Fantastic Four Shown the Door? -

    unforutnately Console will never see them, and worst of all they don't get Silver Surfer now either.  He was the only character I wanted on console. 

    It sucks. Invisible woman was the last heroe i purchased on PC before i decided to wait on the console port. She was a lot of fun and was looking forward to buying her on PS4. Really disappointing, really. Why bother making a game based on an IP if you have to stop using content from that ip? shitty licensing deals :(

    Now for me personally, if this ever happens with the X-men i'd never touch this game again.