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  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    Sum of article, I don't like loot boxes just like you but in this game its ok because not everyone will buy them and that is ok!
  • Starting Cities

    Amathe said:
    Somehow the issue I raised has been given its least charitable interpteration. I am confident I never advocated for instant travel for everyone. What I did do is suggest a discussion of how to accomodate friends wanting to play together early in the game, that of course should be done in a way not to ruin the game's many challenges. But that is not nearly as fun I guess as accusing people of wanting WoW like casualism with the attendant primate chest thumping. So let me 
    join in then! Dadgum casuals hate em want something for nuthin - instant easy my little pony mmo. Friends should never even see each other for the first year. F'n A.

    Dullahan said:
    Amathe said:
    I'm not sure what WoW has to do with my original post, other than for one guy just to insult people (while ironically calling them immature). 

    The issue is how, if at all, to accommodate players in different starting cities who know one another to be able to group together early on (in a game oriented to grouping). Doesn't have to be at level 1. But when might one reasonably expect to be able to make the journey to hook up with one's friends?

    Keep in mind that leveling is projected to be slow. Travel is expected to be slow. Naked corpse runs are a possibility. And there won't be a map (beyond whatever that very basic overview of the world thing is).  So it could be quite a while before a player could succeed at such a meet up. If that's the goal, looks like mission accomplished. But it is kind of sad, to me at least, not to be able to share the  new experience of a game with the people you want to play it with (unless you limit your race choices and play something or someone that isn't necessarily appealing to you). 

    As I'm typing, however, I do seem to recall players paying other players (with in game currency or goods) to serve as their guides and bodyguards while traveling. So that's one possibility. Except that when a game first starts out players tend to be poor and lack much to pay with. 
    One of the greatest memories for many people in EQ, was being able to get from one city to another, particular in the early levels. It was that very danger and inconvenience that made it seem more like a world than a game.

    I think this really answers your question. When I first started eq I played as a barbarian warrior, my friend started before me but was only lvl 6 and was a human SK in Freeport. Now for those that didn't play eq that was a very far run. After so many raids, groups, stories that right there was one of my first stories to that game. The thrill of making it across the world(not the entire game world but at that lvl, it felt like it) Of course as the game goes on I'm sure there will be teleports like eq had. But if your in on launch day then it probably is out of the question.

    One thing you can do if started as the same race is out of the question is find a middle ground to meet at, or whoever is the braver of you can make the run to the other. I really enjoyed that run, it was challenging, really let me learn the land and helped me to find areas to come back to once I got high enough lvl. I see these things as a hurdle or an obstacle not a road block. It may seem crazy at the time but once you do it and look back it was worth it.

  • Next Pantheon Stream this Friday

    Game is looking better and better. I remember the first vid, I was thinking wow they really went for an old school look along with the concept. Now it looks like a brand new game and it looks amazing. Can NOT wait for this to come out, seriously thinking about breaking my rule of pledging to games on this one lol.
  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Just jump on Kickstarter, share your idea, ask for money and the rest will fall in place. Its been working so far, why change the formula now?
  • Which MMO/RPG lore would you like to be made into a TV series like Game of Thrones with high budget

    Elder Scrolls could have a fantastic series, FF as well.