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  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    No, I like diversity. If every game is super hard then its annoying, if ever game is easy then its boring. Not every game released needs to be a hard game or easy, not every game needs to be a pve only game or pvp only game. Just make a solid game with a specific direction and stick to it.

  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Just jump on Kickstarter, share your idea, ask for money and the rest will fall in place. Its been working so far, why change the formula now?
  • Party Hearty with Rockstar Energy Drinks & Pop-Tarts - Destiny 2 -

    Lol odd marketing to say the least but not the first time something has been done like this. Leave it to the Debbie Downers of the community to be offended by it.
  • Level Grind: can we finally admit that this turns off most players in New MMOs?

    Can we finally admit its not the leveling, progression that drives people away but boring, repetitive, clunky gameplay that drive them instead? Why limit advancement because the devs cant make the game itself fun. People wont play a game if the core element of the game is lacking. You can target it to whatever audience you want and it will flop like most games have.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Why Everyone Should Try Forming a Static -

    Ghavrigg said:
    I would attempt a static, but I don't play games to treat them like a job and set up schedules for playtime, or commit to long periods of wiping to one fight while (generally) listening to boring people talking about boring shit and calling out mechanics. The entire thing just screams "anti-fun."

    Honestly I don't get the static, I had a group of friends, we had similar not exact schedules. We always ended up grouping up. I think the term "static" sounds boring and is opposite of what actually goes on. 
    what about the rest of us who just want to play the game, progress through the story and move on without having to deal with the responsibility of committing to a group of people?

    I don't mind if an mmo is designed to encourage grouping (thats kind of the point of an mmo IMO), as long as it doesn't get in the way of me enjoying the story. That is the biggest mistake XIV needs to fix, remove instanced group dungeons from story progression.

    Don't know about that, for the most part its single player and very accessible. Dungeons tied to the story are pretty fast and really not time consuming. Even queues as a dps class going through the story solo wasn't bad. They are short and easy(for the most part) If you remove grouping from this game there is literally no need for interaction with other players in this game till your maxed. I understand not committing to a group forever but for a couple dungeons through how many lvls? Come on man.
    back when heavensward launched i was still doing ARR content. I wasted 2 months of subscription trying to find a group to beat Garuda. I could not progress through the story without beating her. 2 months..... got so upset i resubscribed when Stormblood launched and finally got a max level group that basically carried me through the whole fight. Either nobody was doing older content or i was so unlocky i subscribed exactly for the 2 months nobody was playing that content. I don't subscribe every month, but when i do, i don't want to waste my money like that again.

    Yeah I can see in that case how that would be frustrating. Maybe I just had good luck/timing/whatever. I think the most I waited was about 20 minutes, this was also after some of the instancing changes tbh.