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  • So what is old school MMO really?

    All the things the OP has talked about is true.

    I have been playing on the Project 1999 of late and I am realising that I have changed so much.  While I have no problems with the graphics and admit that some of it has a peculiar charm that those of us who have played the Original Everquest can attest to I am no longer that naive first timer. I am rather good at playing these types of games therefore I am not as daunted as I was before when I played it as green first timer with my first online video game. I can take things slow and boy is the soloing in some cases slow but I am knitting, crocheting and watching  some television on my Samsung tablet while I get my health and mana back up.

    I realise the game for what it is and opportunities it afforded to building a good community. People talk to each other. Only yesterday while catassing some experience I got into a nice conversation with an Erudite enchanter and I went looking for him to give him a SOW and he a breeze in return. I also buffed him and others without expecting anything in return.

    People stop send tells and talk to you when they pass by for no reason other than to just talk. Tell me how often does that happen today in a new game. While it is completely true that the old systems sucked donkey's balls and soloing a paladin I can tell you is no joke with horrible gear at that it is with a sense of pride I feel as I ding a level. I totally agree it was needlessly tedious and will not appeal to a lot of players but I do honestly think that you need some horrific system like this for players to engage and talk to each other. Players have become so inured in not interacting with others it has become a badge to accomplish stuff with minimum talking and time.

    There are rules to follow and you need to ask if something is camped and you can also ask to be included. Yes it sucks that the higher levels take over areas meant for groups but with every good thing you have the bad and the raid scene in Project 1999 ai ..ya..ya yai very bad. I can totally see how the bullying is much worse than when I remember back in 1999 to 2003 or 2 when I played this is leaps and bounds worse because the server is locked on the Velious Expansion.

    However as a journey to level 60 it is a remarkable experience that is truly unattainable today even in Elysium WoW simply because WoW is a far too easy a game. Nothing wrong with that but in Project 1999 you can actually feel like you are part of the world and not some quiet creepy playground where the players devolve into passing NPCs.

    I am not sure you can get the community without the bad things the OP described and that my friend is perhaps the saddest indictment of us as players and human beings.
  • The Joy of Azeroth Shared, of Enduring Love and Gut-Wrenching Loss - One Man's Story - World of Warc

    I felt sad reading that. Poor people both becoming progressively less able to enjoy the world. At least they could game a little together. I always pray god takes me away fast and not let me linger to bother my loved ones.
  • Steam Hammer Early Access Key Sweepstakes! -

    Scorchien said:
    Awesome ,it gives us another oppurtunity to watch this ....

    This one is the same as the pineapple song the one from Phillipines

    Although the one with the woman is better looking.

  • Which MMO has the most entralling world?

    To answer your question between the two games choices I think Darkest Dungeon for sure.
  • Tedium and whether it can be totally separate from what is considered difficult

    I posted this in one of the other threads but I was wondering if people can actually clearly demarcate what makes a game difficult from tedious. I feel that some of the systems that were in Everquest actually made the game both tedious and hard simultaneously because they existed together making it hard because of the way the game worked. Take for instance the simple fact that you had no map and had to rely on landmarks if you were not quick on /loc button you would not be able to find your corpse unless someone with locate corpse helped you out. So when you are in some area lets say you are a melee class with no ability to simply memorize a spell and then 'gate' yourself out and you fell in some hole at the bottom of a dungeon your only recourse was to not to fall in there in the first place or log on another character and convince someone to summon your corpse out. This made the game very hard for people who lost their body and this is a genuinely hard situation not one that is tedious. 

    The tedium of waiting for a boat however is definitely one that can be considered as tedious but if you did not introduce time as a way of calculating distance then taking yourself from one area to another will not convince your mind of how big the world is. The tedium in this case and it was definitely tedious was to make one believe you are in a big world. If you did away with travel that took time the world will shrink considerably. This comes under tedium but necessary tedium.

    Working on your faction so that you can interact with the people of a city is a grind and tedious but it brings home the choices you make about your race and the deity you worship or class you have chosen to play. This cannot be emphasized without requiring you to spend time and effort to raise that faction. The fact that people still play the most hated class/race combination is a testament to what lengths people are willing to go to play what they want. Choice is so powerful in its variety and simple existence. Even if people find ways to work around the disadvantages it nevertheless is a powerful tool to enhance the differences between the races,classes and factions. It is a spice that will definitely make any game much more interesting in its totality.

    Below is what I posted on another thread but I think it might not have been relevant and may be largely ignored not that I expect much traffic on this one I admit however here goes...

    I have been playing on Project 1999 which is Everquest with Kunark and Velious which is quite ancient as far as MMORPGs go. We are talking about a game that is over 18 years old. My experience in them while not as old as @Loke666 started with Everquest in 1999.

    I have been examining the oft repeated claim that Everquest is tedious and not actually hard. In some ways it is but in others it is not  and I think it is quite involved in that the tediousness is very much a part of it being hard too.

    Let me give you some examples I encountered while playing and you decide is this tedious or hard. The first is about my Shaman in Halas. It's a Barbarian place that is cold and full of ice and you start at an area that is sometimes patrolled by a high level skelly that walks around the newbie area from time to time and he looks exactly like the other newbie mobs called the 'decayed skeletons'. He has a rather amusing name that starts with 'vengeful' and followed by either soloist, lyricist or composer but the soloist part always made me think he died repeatedly while soloing and is mad enough to kill newbies every chance he can. I know it's about music but it still amused me to think he died soloing in Everfrost.

    The problem in Everfrost is that the mobs are scarce at some point you run out of blue con mobs and you cannot kill the even con and the yellow con will eat you for breakfast. At this point you can move and go to Qeynos which means you have to brave Blackburrow a dungeon which you can and probably should. The place also does not have that many players at times I was the only low level player there.

    I am telling you this story not because I like reading my words in print (which I do too) but because I decided to try some of the even cons and as long as some high levels threw some buffs on me like spirit of the wolf for running speed I was able to kite some polar bears and snow leopards. When that wore off I died and I lost most of what I had earned while buffed. Now that is painful the death I mean and then going back and kicking myself for trying to play alone. No one to group with though because of the hours I play but I suppose if I had made a track to Commonlands it would be better. I think it should be hard when you solo and because there is no in game map you pay very careful attention to where you are in case you die and have to get your corpse back. I noticed that while I was dying the misses were really hurting me. This is why you do not take on an even and higher level mob. Your skills are really bad and raising them is the tedium to me as they go up exceedingly slow. My sense heading is maxxed to help me because there are no maps but I can minimize the client and check online of course but where's the fun in that.

    Contrast this with the Human Necromancer I made in Freeport and I spent two days just raising my faction to make it so no one randomly kills me in the city I was born in. Then I walk out to Commonlands and a Cleric wench from Qeynos (another faction) decided I cannot even pass by her hut and killed me three times and I lost the level I had earned. Things like this make you very aware of where you are and check every single person you see before blindly going up to them or pass by their shack because apparently they can see through walls.

    My guild is under the city of Freeport and if I used the wrong entrance I will be greeted by drowned citizens whose damage over time is insane and even if you get away you die after zoning to the dot. See everything about Everquest is harder than what is it in today's games. It is a combination of learning your surroundings and being very much aware of it and dying and losing experience teaches you to treasure the time you spend on learning about your surroundings and avoiding the loss. See the loss makes you wary and careful and that is why people describe it as tedious but it is not actually, because if you did not risk the loss there is no possibility of teaching people the concept of being aware.

    This also goes for the boat rides and other long forms of travel that can result in your death and having to go back all that way to get your corpse because the place you respawned was very far from where you died.

    The system has many tedious, very trying and grindy stuff but it is enmeshed in the game making the whole a very rewarding experience because every level is not easily earned and all the money and equipment you end up owning means a heck of a lot more.

    There are however some aspects of Everquest I absolutely feel should be changed. They should not allow people to camp areas exclusively for hours. This is an aspect of the game that simply has to go. No one should be allowed to tie down an area and its loot to their exclusive use and enjoyment. It is absolutely unfair and encourages bullying and high levels camping areas they are farming while denying groups that are level appropriate their chance at it.