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  • My Pantheon Dream Come True...

    Kilsin said:

    Would prefer not to see any support for PvP.

    Far too often, PvE content is altered/nerfed due to PvP complaints.

    PvP will be completely separate, we can make class/world changes on a PvP server without affecting the PvE classes/servers so it won;t be a problem.

    So with that in mind, we plan on making a few really fun and challenging PvP servers with different rulesets depending on what the PvP community wants and we will start to ask for that feedback after we get into testing.

    Nothing changes Pantheon from being a PvE game first and foremost though and we have been very clear about that from the start.
    Love the last line so very happy.
  • Necromancer Freeport need help

    Use Win EQ 2.15 to stabilize it, I run it in windowed full screen. The link is in the setup guide at Project 1999.
    Make sure you run it at your desktop native resolution and although it will say 59 hz its 60.

    I am using windows 10 . I actually had the old discs but unfortunately they don't work with windows 10.

    The server options for Project is the Velious and PvP one. It says Project 1999. For the account you created it will only work with those two servers. The Velious one is called Blue server and it is the most populated one. You will see the population of the other servers are far below that but I think many private versions run on Titanium.
  • Adding the ability to choose your religion in an MMO

    Sovrath said:
    Eldurian said:
    dave6660 said:
    Sovrath said:
    Keep religion and politics out of mmos. We would have more civil wars than we have now.
    I would let keep individual things (politics, sexuality, religion) to oneself, not to demonstrate.
    I think fantasy "made up" religions are fine. And could even drive game play.
    I would love to be at the meeting where it is decided which religions are "real" and which are "made up".

    Which category does this fall under?

    Church of the Fonz is a very respectable religion and I highly endorse it.
    Yes a church I can totally worship.
  • City of Heroes

    I had been playing MMORPGs for awhile before I got invited to beta City of Heroes. My previous experience was Everquest of course, Anarchy Online, FFXI, a brief sojourn in Asheron's Call and Dark Age of Camelot.

    I don't know what I was expecting but definitely not the first shock of utter chaos this game was. It was delicious. So many powers and ways to use them and 8 people in a  group meant you saw  all types of effects and the sheer possibilities of combinations made me giddy. The very first time I was in a sewer group I was hooked because I was playing like a fiend on crack. I mean you had so many things happening it was gloriously chaotic but it meant you could also play with so many possibilities and combinations that can work with a little imagination and willingness to try the unlikely and ditch the traditional.

    Initially no one worried about group make up and even if you had no tank and had like a controller,defender and scrapper you could still play with careful progress but it meant the trinity was out although it had people still asking for tanks and healers and CC you could just play with shields and debuffs . Yes you died a lot and it was a hard game and the mobs were plentiful with some brutal powers of their own. The point was that it worked.

    You could really make literally any combinations of players work to finish a mission and people really worked together to utilize their powers and using them in creative ways was part of the fun. Soloing in some cases was horrible for sure like a gravity/empathy controller for instance but when  you joined a group the power of CC and heals made you a fantastic asset. A defender on his own could do squat but in a group with their debuffs and buffs was able to be the backbone of the group if the party members knew how to utilize those debuffs with their own powers. You could knockback and large areas were covered with rain or snow or whatever the power the defender had and it was magnificent to behold. The power effects were very convincing and it really worked well. 

    The game was really good with its stories and power combinations that was its strong point with flying and jumping great heights and landing in deep holes with mobs all around you it was exciting to boot. The only problem was that the missions got boring because it was the office , cave or sewer. The powers , stories , character customisation options and unconventional approach to the classic trinity made it a real breath of fresh air.

    Have you tried as a mastermind to be in a group with 7 other masterminds? 

    If you didn't play City of Heroes and City of Villains you missed something phenomenal.
  • Richard Garriott: Classy move or new level of creepy?

    You know that old saying "he'd even sell his own mother if he could".....