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  • Titan Quest - THQ Nordic Announces Expansion Called Ragnarok - MMORPG.com News

    Tokken said:
    Bought it! Gonna give it a go!   Can't beat that price! Taking all your advice :smiley:
    i was close to buying it.  i played it for hours years ago.  i even remember a guy who was so good, he could beat the game naked without dying once.  i then got into the mods they have for this game.  sooooo many mods for this game.  i wanted to do a hardcore league mode, but the game can be modded so its easy to cheat that part and reset your death count.  im probably gonna pass on it.  but if you havent enjoyed it for hours on end already years ago, its a good pick up now for sure.  now if they made a titan quest mmoarpg........well some asian company would pick it up and turn it to garbage..who knows..
  • Crowfall - Looking Ahead & Learning from the Past - MMORPG.com

    warhammer's RVR/PVP/large scale combat was just nonstop keep flipping at a super fast pace. sieging was lame, as the map could flip nonstop in 30 minutes to 1 hour. youd take something and like 5 minutes later the other zerg would take it back. was just nonstop flipping with no meaning. Daoc at the time took like 30 minutes to an hour to take one keep. 3-8 hours for relic sieges. (daoc is much faster now though, was talking about pre-toa type stuff)
  • Half-Giant Race Explored in New Post - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    YAAAAAYYYYY! more drawings!!!
  • Chronicles of Elyria - A Delayed Concern - MMORPG.com

    Iselin said:
    TimEisen said:
    Consumers are literally being bombarded by marketing and advertisement every minute of every day.  To act as if anyone can independently verify such claims in every aspect is to be wilfully ignorant of how much we all depend on company marketing to help us make purchasing decisions.

    And, unless you think that marketers should be allowed to lie directly to your face about a product with immunity, the companies share in the blame when they create unrealistic or misleading expectations.  They have infinitely more resources to buy marketing than you have time to independently verify all the products you consider buying every day of your life.  This incongruity in resources needed for two antagonistic transaction entities is the very reason things like false advertising are illegal.
    Education is key. I'd wager the majority of social media users dont even realize its not a social platform, its for marketing and advertising. The education systems of the world are absurdly behind the net driven reality we are struggling to keep up with and its showing in the worst possible ways starting with a flat out rejection of said reality. 
    Luckily we have people like gdemami to set us all straight with his insight.

    as soon as you say "social media users" and education, well thats asking a lot to have those words together in the same sentence.  I mean these are the same ppl that believe facebook articles written by russian and ukrainian hackers. 
  • Free flowing fun

    Spaced76 said:
    This game is broken. Whatever you do , do not buy this game. Its been live for about 3 weeks every single day the game goes down for hours. Everyday it gets worse. Its is massive Pay to Win. No limit to how much gold you can buy and change it into sliver in the game. Bot everywhere farming, gold selling. also this game is not free its pay to play then sub per month. The only thing about this game you should know is...
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! its bad mmmk 
    Should have started the post with this:  I remember i sold an uber cloak to a guy for $10 bucks in dark age of camelot 16 years ago in 2001. so, dark age of camelot is p2w.  even before the term p2w was invented.  
    For the past 5-10 years I've read about how every game that comes out is pay 2 win.  So I, like many others are desensitized to that claim.  Also, there is an ongoing monster debate about how every game is pay 2 win, because I can google any MMORPG you feel is not pay 2 win, and find a site where I can buy ingame currency through their gold site, or buy an account, or buy ingame items with cash.  Go ahead, name an MMO and most likely you can google a gold site.  Anyways, dun wanna make this debate about how every game is pay 2 win.  Path of the exile did a good job of stopping buying ingame items etc with cash, but besides that its everywhere.

    Yup its pay to play, and has premium membership for 10 bucks a month.  You can buy gold through the site, convert to silver, and buy some gear from the AH.  But wait, you can't use that gear, you gotta grind until you can unlock it.  Then if you get killed with that gear on, in a pvp zone you probably drop it.  Yeah there might be some oil barons out there pwning everyone, but thats fine.  ill spend 5-10 bucks to compete against them.  beating them down will be fun, and i can take their gear and silver.

    you still gotta grind to be able to use that gear.  I dunno, again, for the past 5-10 years, i always reply to people being upset about "P2W", with "name me the game you love that is not p2w and I'll send you link to a gold site where I can get all the stuff you have with real money".  After that the person doesnt reply anymore.  so again, desensitized to the phrase p2w, since every game since 2001 is p2w.