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  • Five Star Wars Games We’d Like to See - The List -

    The Star Wars games I want to see:
    1. Shared world RPG in the format of Secret World Legends.
    2.Open world + open narrative along the lines of Shadow of Mordor meets GTA V (world style not theme).
    3. Turn based single/multiplayer RPG in the format of D:OS2, Pillars, and Torment.

  • Rift - Bastion of Steel Raid Preview -

    Ozmodan said:
    Used to love this game, but the costs of returning to this game are ridiculous.  Every other MMO publisher makes allowances for those not up to date with past expansions, NOT Trion.  The chances of many former players returning to this game are slim because of that fact.
    I returned last holiday, spent a bunch of money, the xpac was horribly buggy, and I left with a month of sub time very disappointed. I feel like Trion has made design choices that has fragmented the game where most people just queue and only a small few play the overland stuff and mostly just to level through the story.

    The sad thing is that this game has all the core features of a truly great MMO. Why is Trion just sitting on it like this? The vanilla game was so much fun, not because it was slower or harder or grindier (it wasn't), but because the systems all worked together so well. Now I feel they don't at all and it's littered with leftover cruft from previous patches.
  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    Rhoklaw said:
    BruceYee said:
    Current WoW and Vanilla WoW are like two completely different games which is why these guys were able to do what they did for so long.

    Blizzard should realize that some people just don't like current WoW just like many do not like D3 and would much rather play D2 if they could.
    Can you link me to Blizzards official Vanilla WoW servers though?
    Blizzard gives away several older games for free. That doesn't obligate them to give every version away for free or accommodate everyone. It also doesn't give people the right to steal something they feel entitled to because it's not being offered to them on their terms. Trying to justify a wrong doesn't make it right.

    Say Blizz provides Vanilla servers, what next? I think Vanilla sucked and I personally want something post Wrath and Pre Cata. So do they need to provide an "every xpac" version of the game for everyone? That's just forking ridiculous.

    MMOs are evolving worlds. That's why the old school games haven't stayed the same because players and devs evolved and those games incorporated those changes. If a changing world throws someone then MMOs aren't for them. They really should play single player static games because the "massively multiplayer" is only one aspect and feature of the genre. And I have bad news for those pinning all their hopes on the old school reboots. The same thing will happen to those games at the first content patch. They wont' be the same and at some point they'll change enough to incite the Luddites to don their torches and pitchforks once again.
  • Start Your Engines, PCers! BattleNet Updated for Preloading D2 - Destiny 2 -

    I'm installed and ready to go... in 6 days! wtf over
  • Goken: Bringing Old School ARPG Game Play Back - The RPG Files -

    I've been playing past the review. It's fun and there are some really hard boss fights.

    I've unlocked the next set of sword after defeating the last region boss and can move to the next area. I need to do a bit of grinding after that to get the materials to level up my weapons. I also need more cash to replenish my supplies. I used most of my consumables on the last fight which had a ton of CC and AoE dots.

    Has anyone else played it? The game was in Early Access for the last several months. How do you like it?