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  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    CrazKanuk said:
     The person referenced in the original post (Representative Chris Lee) is not looking to define lootboxes as gambling (he knows that they are not). He isnt looking to change the laws to make this true (he realizes that it is much more complicated than just lootboxes). He is looking to regulate 'Gambling Mechanics' in relation to sales make to people under 21.

    The goals are something that is achievable, and not world changing. I expect the industry to push back on this, but I also expect that a compromise can be reached.

    I agree, the idea is novel and seems achievable. However, how do you implement it considering you don't have a person present on account registration. How do you enforce it? Who is responsible if they are gaming, since it's under your roof? Remember that there are plenty of slots apps out there already. 

    Again, I don't think it's about whether or not it CAN be done, but whether it provides enough VALUE to justify being done over some other solution. 
    Our solution of "not buying" is still viable. Inform people, just like food boxes, and let us make our own decisions.

    People have equated my stance to supporting loot crates. To the contrary, not at all. My position is that the grass isn't greener, the environment we have is acceptable, and consumer purchase power has the ability to correct it. What we need is better information and disclosure about costs and reward rates from every aspect.
  • Bethesda & Lynda Carter Throw Shade at Other Publishers & Vow to #SavePlayer1 - Elder Scrolls Online

    SBFord said:
    People should have a better sense of humor on a Friday morning. :D
    Gamers are too busy looking for an opening to play the victim card to have a sense of humor.

    I don't have one because I'm an old mean guy. :lol:
  • Destiny 2 - Our Curse of Osiris Review -

    Guys, it's OK to not like Destiny 2. But it's ALSO OK to like it a lot.
    No one said they didn't like it.

    Liking something doesn't mean you automatically ignore it's faults, especially when it comes to the business model.
    So you like shallow offerings that are of low value and hardly worth the money. I'll be sure to remember that when you comment highly about a game, that your standards aren't very high.

    If you have an actual criticism then you'd have a lot more to stand on. Thoughtless grandstanding isn't criticism.
  • UPDATED: Free Trial to Possibly Become a Permanent Fixture Starting Dec 20th - Shroud of the Avatar

    Man some of you guys stay so salty about this stuff. People can download and check out the game for free now. Complain about games that don't offer you an anytime free trial but want money first.

    I'm playing a demo of a game on Steam. I get to decide after trying it. Now if a game pulls an AoC with Tortage as the demo then I'd be pissed. But this game is pretty much the same throughout and gets more interesting the more skills you unlock.
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    I think I've gained some of my ability to be persuasive, funny, and aware of body language from tv and movies.  Certainly tv has a huge impact on what people dress like.  But you're talking to a woman who has dressed like a hippie, goth, or punk at various points in high school and college.  ;)  I've had my hair black, red, blue-green, purple, in a mohawk, down to my hips...

    wow .. now i have more respect for you. I have never dressed beyond the narrow parameters of "business casual" for decades :(
    So you were influenced Alex P. Keaton in Family Ties. You didn't even know it.