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  • New Teaser Site & Steam Hub Herald a 2018 Release - Bless Videos -

    Torval said:
    Albatroes said:
    I'll be honest, I'm only going to try the game cause they let you have body tattoos at customization.
    What is your interest in body art and character customization. I've seen a few games with body art options but I've not seen someone comment about that as a significant factor in playing. That's interesting.
    Yeah I've seen a few MMO's with body art. I think the game with the most in depth Body Art customization was APB to be 100% honest. As bad as the actual game was (I liked it though for some reason) the customization was insane. 

    As for Bless, that video looks very good. I don't see the stuttering that people are mentioning, but I do see a bit of a time speed up that may make it look slightly choppy? I don't know. I replayed that section like 6 times and I hardly see anything at all. Once we get a full video of it in action then we can judge. But seeing 5 seconds of something and saying "OH IT STILL HAS THE SAME ISSUES THEY DIDNT FIX IT" is ignorant as hell. Especially if that was a glaring issue prior, and the company knew about it. I'm sure if they were willing enough to take the game down and do a rework prior to launching in other regions, I'm sure willing to bet they worked on whatever MAJOR issues people had with the game. 
    I'm pretty certain it's an effect not stuttering.

    The interesting thing about this video is that it looks like an MMORPG gamers MMO, much like the Ashes preview stuff I've seen. Both of those games shout "classic mmorpg reboot" to me when I've watched the trailers regardless of all the other stuff (good or bad).
  • Grab a Steam Link for Just a Buck! - News

    I believe it's $8 shipping. You still get the bundle for under $20 and the game normally retails for $40 $10 and the SL for $50 for whatever that's worth. The deal is pretty sweet if you want a Link or the game.

    edit: I got the price wrong on the game. The strike through on the original price looked like a 4 to me. sorrynotsorry
  • Guy gets so annoyed at lazy Steam game that he clones it for free in 15min

    I don't remember when I ever saw Wal-Mart or Target market or sell unfinished products...
    I wasn't specifically thinking about quality when commenting on Sovrath's post, but rather how it's similar to a retail outlet when trying to find what you're looking for. The Walmart and Amazon apps are similar to the Steam Store in that they try and predict what you want and push it on you while having a robust search to help you get to exactly what you want.

    There is a lot of crap to wade through on those sites as well. You can do it the old fashioned method of perusing the aisle item by item manually or you can use the search engine method and look for it using filters.

    There is a ton of crap on Amazon, Walmart, and Target that is junk of quality and use that's no better than half-finished games on Steam. All three of those retailers, during the last eclipse, didn't fully vet all of the UV protective glasses or third party partners selling them. They had to recall, replace, or refund.

    So I see it very much like Steam with many more similarities than differences.
  • Visceral Games Closing, Star Wars Title Heads to EA Montreal - News

    Someone posted some links to Ars and Polygon discussing this as the death knell of single player games in lieu of software as a service. Polygon was a bit bleaker while Ars acknowledged the issue but also pointed out some upcoming AAA releases. Both have very good points and even Ars admitted this could be the canary in the mineshaft.

    Hopefully the reality of that is somewhere in the middle. The mainstream market is shifting towards game services. Look at the staying power of the revenue generating gorilla that is GTA V Online. Month after month, year after year, that title is in the top 10 money makers and often hits that across platforms. That is the new golden carrot the industry is chasing.

    This could mean a lot of things especially in light of the recent revelation by Activision that it has patented a method of squeezing more money out of us, the gamers, by manipulating the game play experience in ways that aren't fully disclosed but are supposed to be related to matchmaking. Since most "game as a service" models feature matchmaking at their core this means the corporate half of the industry will largely abandon single player experiences for the more lucrative model.

    In short unless a AAA franchise is a guaranteed mass revenue generator, like the Witcher 3, it will be shelved in favor of or adapted to the game service model. At best I think we'll see an anemic hybrid that will favor the service portion of the game.

    And that makes me a sad panda.
  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    Iselin said:
    SBFord said:
    You know, it's one thing that we "understand" we're being manipulated by microtransactions, but it's a whole 'nother ballgame when we see it so blatantly placed before our eyes in cold black and white. 

    Hopefully, this will turn the tide. I wonder what, if any, impact recent legal maneuvers overseas with regard to loot chest odds and so forth will have on this which obviously wasn't present in 2015?

    Of course, we also have to be careful in assuming they'll actually use the patented process. It's possible that things have progressed beyond its capabilities over 2 years after filing.
    Just another step from the now common method of game broadcast announcements that games like Neverwinter use when someone gets lucky with a loot box prize.

    What's next? Walmart Online: The Game
    I have the Walmart app installed on my iPhone. It's awesome and they don't lie about trying to sell me stuff. They're sort of like a little baby Amazon, but just for retail stuff.

    So this thing, where a company directly manipulates its users into spending more. Is there precedence in other industries one way or another that would indicate whether this will shake anything legally? It seems odd to be granted a patent for something illegal, but maybe that kind of review isn't part of the process.

    Industries can't collude to fix prices right? They get in trouble for that scale of manipulation, except where there are vast exceptions to the rule. So some industries are held to that standard.

    There are some other very troubling questions that started popping up. Activision doesn't just have the technology to do it. I think we can be pretty sure they're already doing it. They've field tested the concept and know it works or they wouldn't have patented it. So now what leverage does that give them in the industry over every single other publisher?

    Activision isn't the only one who's discovered and doing this. This isn't gold that someone just found one day and patented the next. Patenting IP takes planning and intent and research and development. So if they've been working on this the rest of the industry, or some parts of it must have been too, right? Am I on track here or is that not plausible?

    Next, how long has Activision been doing this? In what games? Have they been implementing these sorts of algorithms in LFR and public matching across their other titles? How about non-Blizzard IPs with public matchmaking? What other publishers have been doing this and for how long? Where else do they implement these sorts of heuristics?

    Does it matter? Does it affect what we're going to play? Who knows what games and pubs have been manipulating us and for how long. We've been paying for progression for so long in online games now, who knows.