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  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    4 new purchases in the last month,all 4 i played a lot for one day and now lost interest to go back to them.
    I am very disappointed in the constant CHEAP game designs i am seeing all over the place.

    The game industry no longer looks like passionate game designers,it looks 100% like a business,design games as fast as possible,unless of course going the Star citizen route making more money without a product than you would with a crap finished game.

    If i were to make a game i would love to play,i would put a lot of thought into each area of design,what i see in games right now,is VERY little thought,linear,hand holding,simple games look like they were built for 8-10 year olds.

    When i saw people giving high fives to games like moba's and arpgs and stuff like Bloodthorne or whatever it was called,i shake my head in disbelief,seems the new generation of gamer's are a VERY easy sell,low standards and perhaps no clue what they are buying.

    I guess it is pretty obvious when we see twitch TV full of viewers and NOT players,there seems to be more interest in just hanging out than playing these games.
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    I am very disappointed because for a very long time,i had very high hopes and did see a steady stream of improving and new ideas.

    Now almost everything in the industry seems like greedy gimmicks to enhance sales and cash shops and a lot less improving games.

    I see someone mentioning "TALKING"try hearthstone a Blizzard game,NO talking ,just a few simple emotes that a lot of players consider bad.

    So when i saw how Square Enix introduced the language translator i was impressed,now we see devs NOT allowing any talking,just real sad.

    Game mechanics trying to give us some plausible realism?Screw that many games going even more automated,an idea that Eve was the first to really piss me off with that idea.

    Wow the most played mmorpg...NO HOUSING,how dumb is that.Acceptable if for example some small studio that is trying to get it's feet wet and needed a expansion or two to get it in there but this is MANY years later,still no form of housing.This says a lot abotu how developers wil only give what is needed out of them,they will not go that extra mile to deliver a realistic ROLE playing game.

    Remember the heat was on,GW1 a lobby instance game,NOTHING has changed,devs in many games still delivering the ANTI mmo ,instance gaming.

    Exploration?Soem of these modern devs thought of some stupid idea that we will hand hold you directly to each destination then hand out exploration completion xp/rewards.The whole idea turns me right off,like none of these people making systems have a clue they are making a role playing game,instead they just add ideas to give players something to look at or complete.

    Markers over heads,what a relief to see FFXI,no markers,no hand holding,all i have seen since that time is games getting far worse with the immersion ruining experience.Now they want to bring back scaling,an idea tried by EQ2 MANY years ago and proved to be a huge fail,nobody learning from mistakes i guess.
  • Hawaii's Sean Quinlan on Loot Boxes - 'It's Best for the Industry to Self-Regulate' - General News

    Look see,take notice phase,expect another 10_ years before action is actually taken and enforced.

    No matter  what comes of this recent shotty business practices,expect no enforcement because there are lots of LAZY ass government employees sitting behind a desk doing nothing.
    Ideas have to be argued for years,then votes influenced by lobbyists,nothing meaningful gets done,just more stuff to read in the news.
  • Crowfall - From Crowdfunding to Preorder - MMORPG.com

    LOL what the heck did that video have to do with Crowfall?I feel like they released the wrong video for this thread.

    If a single player that took part in crowd funding had the perception the game was not coming,why the heck did they give money then?So the perception would not change one bit as they obviously believed it would release no matter what phase it is in.

    "GREAT people,easy to get along with",haha what else would an employee say being paid and put on the spot?What is she going to say...i don't like working here,i wish Artcraft would go bankrupt?Furthermore ,what does that have to do with the game?Even if i was someone thinking about working at Artcraft,i wouldn't be like....ok i guess i am in,she said it was great here,so it has to be.

    Me? I wouldn't back a single game,i am a customer,not a sucker,i buy products that work not products that might work or will work some time in the future.

    If these rich guys couldn't trust themselves to build a game with their own money,then why on earth would i trust them with my money?

    There has not been one and i doubt will ever be one quality game through these free money ventures.Nobody on this planet will ever respect money given to them the same as if they had to earn it.

    Bottom line,this Crowfall team needs to start sending meaningful videos,something that might actually entice a person to want to play,however they stil need a game to advertise,not promises.
  • Alpha 3.0 Testing Opens to New Groups of Players - Star Citizen - MMORPG.com

    Key ideas are the "quality" and content of these components.

    Example...Is there any reason to land on these moons?If there are modules or assets on these moons does it appear to be the same repeated assets form moon to moon?
    Quantum travel is meaningless,a nice term to throw out there to make it sound amazing but it is VERY simple tech to use in a game.

    To me al that matters is the overall PURPOSE to play the game.If all the game represents is a single player 3-4 weeks game plus a pvp game,that is not something i want to play,same reason i couldn't care less about Eve.
    I have always had a strong gut feeling that the majority that like Eve and this game are just there for the ships,like a mmorpg gamer only there for the mounts and pets,i am not looking for superficial reasons.I want a complex yet simple game to maneuver full of content ideas and longevity systems.