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  • 322,000 Players Banned Since Launch, 6k-13 Per Day - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - MMORPG.com

    I am not going to say i did thorough research or even know much about Battle eye,however just vaguely looking over the numbers ,1.5 million in total since 2004,does not seem like gold standard to me.

    I would be more concerned on how they treat these bans,1 day, 2 day,cheat to your hearts content,sure buy another copy,your welcome back to cheat some more?
    Over the many years,i have seen several devs do more on cover ups or denial,forum bans than do anything about cheating.
    What good is a ban if the player is allowed back in with a new game copy?Next time they get an updated cheat version or try a different still working cheat.So yeah i would like to know what they are actually doing about cheating ,other than catching people who cheat for likely weeks before getting caught.
    They could try the infamous copyright lawsuits on these sellers.Sadly they can't prove loss of revenue since PUBG has gained a lot of players over the last several months.
  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    I will first copy/paste,i hope people can see the problem before i spell it out.

    [UPDATE] In a statement, Activision confirmed that this patent was only "exploratory," and such a system has not been used in any games.

    "This was an exploratory patent filed in 2015 by an R&D team working independently from our game studios. It has not been implemented in-game," a spokesperson for Activision said.

    Additionally, Bungie community manager David "Deej" Dague confirmed on Twitter, "None of this functionality appears in Destiny."

    Keywords....working independently.

    So how does an independent research and development team file for a patent on behalf of Activision,while Activision is claiming they are not of the same entity?

    You see this is the kind of crap devs/publishers are trying to pull on us.Furthermore,how could a Patent be issued based on something NOT fully disclosed and only meant to be EXPLORED?How would they even word it and how did the governing agency/court decide an exploratory idea is fair game for a patent?

    Furthermore on the account of "non-obvious",to me this is a very obvious tactic,so to someone skilled in the field of human manipulation or even simple marketing or whatever skilled technician you want to label as here could think of this.SO how did it get a patent if really this is a very obvious tactic?I am assuming there is no official title given any person with this kind of skill,therefore nobody to relate the non obvious to.
  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    The frame rates sound awful.GTX980 is a pretty decent card to only have to handle space and it's limited few textures/assets.As to the ships,most of that would be from inside the cockpit only seeing a hand and the Hud's are very low poly.

    Dropping down to 15-20 with a GTX,ouch,so anyone with anything less ,might as well fire up a game of Yahtzee?

    Point being,the overall polycount in a view able area cannot be very high at all,i could be wrong but i doubt it knowing what space maps require.As proven in many videos i have watched,competent people in this industry know how to lower the polycount of models and objects and still maintain a good looking product.

    Looking it up right now ,i see they moved from CryEngine to Amazon engine,so imo a sellout likely partnering with Microsoft,not that i am surprised at all.I happen tro stumble into a link to Microsoft store and see a free SC app "Star citizen Center" boldly boasting "BEST space sim ever",,haha hold off their Jack,wait until the game is actually a game before boasting best ever.
  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    It still depends on the overall game design for me,difficulty will not make a bad game good.

    One of my biggest turnoffs is difficult UI,it is cumbersome or too many menus,i will not play it no matter how good the game is.Point being,it has to be the entire package,great UI,great gameplay,well designed and preferably open world not linear paths of unlocks.

    I do not  want super difficult,i have seen the results of that and they always play badly or fake/unrealistic.
    A couple examples of difficult that turn me off.
    1 The red carpet idea from FFXIV done in a few other games,i do not consider dodging markers on the ground as good gameplay.
    2 Hearthstone story gameplay.Blizzard has chosen to  rather than create real decks for constructive/difficult challenges,they just cheat the entire game design and make decks that are not even possible in the game,cheat mechanics are not good game design.

    Another sign i have seen throughout gaming is combat made difficult by removing player abilities/spells,in other words the Bosses are immune to pretty much everything meaningful,again a LAZY way of creating difficulty.The other common trend in difficult is to think that a 24 man raid is the way to make difficult,WRONG,having access to several healers is not harder than 1 healer if dies your whole group is dead,raiding is actually an easier form of combat.

  • Elder Scrolls Online - The Conundrum of Balance - MMORPG.com

    Hence why pvp does not belong with pve,they cannot mix without ruining what PVE can best offer in form of class roles.
    Yes you can change them for pvp but then they are not the class the player wants to play anymore,just some pvp fabrication.

    If a developer can ever figure out how to allow pve to be it's best and have strong defined roles while still maintaining pvp balance,great,but imo,it will never happen.