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  • Priming the Hype Cannon, Bungie Releases PC Launch Trailer - Destiny 2 Videos - MMORPG.com

    It is called massive marketing campaigns,all they cared about was that initial big sale,millions of copies,profits made.What happens here after is icing on the cake,but you can bet they are already working on the next cash grab angle,some DLC or something.

    Destiny had better be a beefier game,you are paying a lot more money to play it than Warframe.I feel Destiny 2 is an ok game but not even remotely worth the hype it has received and that is because all the hype has been from marketing campaigns.
    This site first posted on D2 before the game was even announced,so yeah you know how that is possible....marketing and then the D2 threads were literally spammed here,you know why that is...partnered marketing.
    So basically D2 was forced on us the consumer,they let the marketing sell it more so than on it's own merit.

    As of this very minute,Warframe is 5 on Twitch D2 is #14 and you know why,Warframe began a massive marketing campaign to try and keep up.I have noticed Warframe advertised everywhere in the last week or so.I doubt D2 will react again,the push has already subsided,time for Activision/Blizzard to self promote their other games right on cue,once a week.
  • What's with the overall lack of superhero games?

    They are all bad games because their sole premise is to cash in on the IP and have to pay large sums for the license.
    A dev could make a super hero game without licensed heroes but that would defeat their purpose which i explained is to simply cash in.Besides to having recognized super heroes would likely not interest anyone.
    So as of now devs have turned to even cheaper game design methods,most of the super heroes are now in house and reside inside of Moba's and fps's like Overwatch.Pretty sad that even using in house assets and not paying licenses,they still get you to buy those heroes.
    Gaming is a sick dying breed right now,everything is geared towards spending money and making money.
    This is not going to change anytime soon because it is too lucrative for developers.Low risk low cost development,taking less time and able to implement cash shops.Point being you might get your super hero game but it won't be a good game.

  • Soloist Mione Does It Again - This Time Gul'Dan Falls in Nighthold - World of Warcraft Videos - MMOR

    I been saying it awhile now,games are attracting people not on merit but on platforms to BRAG.
    People playing these moba's to get  ranks,platinum..gold whatever,hearthstone to get legend,soon they get legend they seldom care anymore.Diablo ladder rankings,remove that superficial bragging nonsense and likely nobody cares.

    Seriously though,content is meant to be finished,is it really any surprise someone beats a boss inside a mmorpg?Now if there were some secrets and expected to take a very long time to figure out a Boss,it might be noteworthy the FIRST TIME.
    After someone has already beaten a Boss,it is no longer worth a shred of notice.it becomes like ....ok so this boss has now been killed for the 65,785th time...umm yeah ok exciting.
  • Have you ever decided to not play a game simply because you missed out on an exclusive reward?

    It never occurred to me. Exclusive content is nice and all but as I see it aa  reward for being there in the beginning.  Being rewarded for being in the right place at the right time is a theme of life. Doesn't bother me at all. It may be lame if the legacy item is overpowered, but I just still say that it is just life. 

    "Early bird gets the worm" . . . you can also get rewarded for coming later and not have to deal with suboptimal systems or spend all your money on costume that is inferior to one that comes out but you don't have the cash for. 

    So . . . basically, doesn't bother me at all. 
    I don't think it is about being the right place,many people see these and still avoid it because usually it is tied into some form of purchase.
    Like pay 30 to play  or for 75 dollars you get this exclusive item.

    Founders packs have used this very gimmick.To me this is beating around the bush,it is simply an era full of crappy developers forcing cash shops onto us.
    I doubt there are many exclusives that are not tied into some form of sell job.

    The only thing comes to mind are seasonal event items but in most cases those items come back at next years event or eventually.
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    Oh btw,we should look back at Chris's career,he is known for taking too long and over spending,his track record alone should have meant he should have been claiming 2-3 years longer than expected and a game more costly than expected and not promised otherwise.