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  • Crowfall - 2017 Wraps Up with Awesome News - MMORPG.com

    That is grossly stretching what ANYONE would get excited about.
    There is NOTHING at all in this article worth noting and to claim that we might get excited over this...pfft ..seriously?
    I also detest using examples like POE or Diablo to try and give the game some credence,this game is NOTHING like POE or Diablo so mentioning them because of some window screen is sad.There team doesn't know how to create their own UI screens?

    Even if they were like Diablo,that would do even more to turn me off than encourage me.This game ,put in simple terms,needs a boatload of money invested,a larger team a LOT more systems and PVE mechanics to bring about a true RPG with added MMO reasoning.

    There is too much just so wrong the game will NEVER have a chance to be good,..."campaigns"...terrible idea and ruins any immersive thought of being a role playing game.
    Cash shops,,that is NEVER going to fly with me,PVP...couldn't care less about pvp.The focus FIRST and foremost should be a ROLE PLAYING game and NOT pvp.

    Whatever this business is trying to sell me and others ,i am not buying it,they are making a cheap low budget offering and too much money going elsewhere instead of the game is NOT good either.Yeah marketing works because there is more focus on attaining money than the actual game,how does that interest me or a gamer in any fashion?

    Artcraft needs to realize that i care about the GAME and absolutely NOTHING else,not some screenshot or some class or some marketing,or attaining money,it is the SUM the FINISHED sum of the product that matters.
    So for now ,this game remains at best ,a hopeful 3/10 and i see nothing to change that.
  • Crowfall - From Crowdfunding to Preorder - MMORPG.com

    LOL what the heck did that video have to do with Crowfall?I feel like they released the wrong video for this thread.

    If a single player that took part in crowd funding had the perception the game was not coming,why the heck did they give money then?So the perception would not change one bit as they obviously believed it would release no matter what phase it is in.

    "GREAT people,easy to get along with",haha what else would an employee say being paid and put on the spot?What is she going to say...i don't like working here,i wish Artcraft would go bankrupt?Furthermore ,what does that have to do with the game?Even if i was someone thinking about working at Artcraft,i wouldn't be like....ok i guess i am in,she said it was great here,so it has to be.

    Me? I wouldn't back a single game,i am a customer,not a sucker,i buy products that work not products that might work or will work some time in the future.

    If these rich guys couldn't trust themselves to build a game with their own money,then why on earth would i trust them with my money?

    There has not been one and i doubt will ever be one quality game through these free money ventures.Nobody on this planet will ever respect money given to them the same as if they had to earn it.

    Bottom line,this Crowfall team needs to start sending meaningful videos,something that might actually entice a person to want to play,however they stil need a game to advertise,not promises.
  • Mom Claims Teen is a 'Scapegoat' When Sued by Epic Games for Cheating - Fortnite - MMORPG.com

    I doubt they have any chance of winning that suit.

    I doubt the user could assume it is making changes to the copyright code,he did not create the hack.
    It would be nice to see these devs eat their own words as they have been using the FALSE moniker of FREE to play for a long time now.
    The term "to play" would assume as intended by design,any form of pay wall is NOT as intended to mean FREE to play,it would be a FORCED pay wall,therefor NOT free.These devs would have to start labeling their games as SOMEWHAT free to play but not entirely.

    The "minor "infraction may get Epic in some trouble for releasing his name however she should be careful because they could lean a suit towards her being it was her internet in use,although i assume the proof of use is on a YouTube video.None the less,i know for fact that you the parent is responsible for that internet use no matter your child is 14 or 3 years old.

    On the subject of profit loss,that was the first real chance devs had at going for lawsuits as there seemed to be no chance otherwise.This avenue i believe was also first tried by Epic years ago going after a couple people creating cheats for Unreal Tournament.I am not sure how that argument was conceived in courts,there might even be an argument that cheating encourages more users as everyone wants to win.I know personally i quit COD forever because cheating was not taken care of ,so long term cheating i am certain costs devs money.
  • Blizzard Wins German Lawsuit Against Bot Maker - World of Warcraft News

    Good for them,good job,but maybe do a better job of preventing before hand next time.
    I mean just start up another bot,create a new bot,Blizzard seems to rather spend tons on lawyers than get their game in order.
    Players have been cheating in Wow since Justin TV was popular.
    The obvious problem is that actions need to be fast/fluent,can't put a check on every action so automation wil remain until Blizzard can figure it out.
  • Around the Verse - The Evolution of Quantum Travel - Star Citizen Videos - MMORPG.com

    That is about 3 days worth of work for a good programmer and if the team is working together and not one at a time.Create the animation/sound sequence,then a simple warp to a different zone/location/receiver of which the mover will have a trigger,very easy to do.
    The 3 days is only for the programmer to create the code to make the triggers/movers,the actual implementation takes 5 minutes.