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  • I hate loot boxes and so does Francis.

    Smedley was the first N.American to push cash shops and look what happened to SOE.
    A LAZY angle from a developer is NOT the answer,it might be a cheap cost effective way to raise revenue,but only short term,in the long term people just quit and your game makes no money.

    The problem is it leads to a lot of bad game designs across the gaming genres.So what is happening is that devs are making low cost minimal games to support getting them out fast,within a year or before it is ready,just tag on early access,people will buy and an easy profit is made.

    Th developers using these modern gimmicks don't really need to have any success after the initial push on sales,they already made a killing just selling the game.Look at this game  ,since 2016,so around 1 1/2 years  put into this game,that is a real crap effort,so yeah this cash shop thing is just icing on the cake.
  • Black Desert Online selected as the Best of Show Winner at Brasil Game Show 2017!

    It wouldn't make my top 20 mmorpg's.I love great graphics,yet i wanted to quit BDO in the first day i was playing.I struggled,pushed myself to stick around a week to justify my purchase,i have never thought of returning because to me it was designed terribly as an immersive mmorpg.

    combat animations/plausible realism,terrrible.
    automation in a role playing game...seriously?We have always called that botting and crap for gaming.
    lines stretching all over my screen to support some statistical node system that has nothing showing in game except those lines,again a good way to ruin immersion.

    fish botting,no thanks,proven disapproval as tons complained about fish botting in FFXi for years.

    A lazy quest system supported by some phantom that just pops out of thin air to give you another quest,who then pops a mob out of thin air as well,really good way to turn me off.

    Combat combos are just up/dwn/left right ,totally fake and do not represent what a player would really do in a combat situation.Little to no use of grouping,everything is designed to solo combat.

    I can't remember all the other stuff that bothered me,there was a lot,i could literally see an annoyance every 5 minutes,i couldn't take it anymore and completely removed from my HD it was that bad to me.
    For a game with beautiful graphics to turn me away that fast is really saying something,that constant murmur of gameplay>graphics,also holds true with me.I do weigh graphics heavily,so the game gets a 5/10 from me just for graphics,there is nothing in the rest of the design that i would want in a mmorpg i want to play.
  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    The frame rates sound awful.GTX980 is a pretty decent card to only have to handle space and it's limited few textures/assets.As to the ships,most of that would be from inside the cockpit only seeing a hand and the Hud's are very low poly.

    Dropping down to 15-20 with a GTX,ouch,so anyone with anything less ,might as well fire up a game of Yahtzee?

    Point being,the overall polycount in a view able area cannot be very high at all,i could be wrong but i doubt it knowing what space maps require.As proven in many videos i have watched,competent people in this industry know how to lower the polycount of models and objects and still maintain a good looking product.

    Looking it up right now ,i see they moved from CryEngine to Amazon engine,so imo a sellout likely partnering with Microsoft,not that i am surprised at all.I happen tro stumble into a link to Microsoft store and see a free SC app "Star citizen Center" boldly boasting "BEST space sim ever",,haha hold off their Jack,wait until the game is actually a game before boasting best ever.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    Blinkenn said:
    Corporations that prey on the weak-willed need regulating. At least China, Korea, and Japan have some laws that force devs to show loot box drop rates.
    I agree the same reasons we have laws behind seatbelts and distracted driving and selling liquor to someone already over the limit,tobacco to minors,because a lot of people are not capable of thinking rationally or with any common sense.

    Even when there are laws,those corporations,businesses are still using lawyers to find ways around circumventing the law.Geesh even the governments are trying to circumvent their own law/legislature with new legislature that claims to  be on behalf of homeland security,people all over the world are SOB's,corrupt and trying to exploit other people.
  • What's with the overall lack of superhero games?

    They are all bad games because their sole premise is to cash in on the IP and have to pay large sums for the license.
    A dev could make a super hero game without licensed heroes but that would defeat their purpose which i explained is to simply cash in.Besides to having recognized super heroes would likely not interest anyone.
    So as of now devs have turned to even cheaper game design methods,most of the super heroes are now in house and reside inside of Moba's and fps's like Overwatch.Pretty sad that even using in house assets and not paying licenses,they still get you to buy those heroes.
    Gaming is a sick dying breed right now,everything is geared towards spending money and making money.
    This is not going to change anytime soon because it is too lucrative for developers.Low risk low cost development,taking less time and able to implement cash shops.Point being you might get your super hero game but it won't be a good game.