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  • Team Working to Address Ongoing DDoS Attack Against NA Servers - ArcheAge - MMORPG.com

    People go to jail for his if caught and gain what from the risk...nothing.
    So i find it VERY hard to believe,most of the time,i believe it is a simple excuse cover up for failures.

    Bunch of servers went down...DDOS,,,need to use some machines for a new game but we don't want to buy more servers,just claim a DDOS until the typical mad rush early game wears off,etc etc,excuse excuse.

    Unless i see some PROOF of a DDOS,like a filed complaint with the proper authorities,then i choose to believe it is fake news.Talk is cheap until you can back it up.

    LMAO,i guess i should have read the entire story first,soooooooooo.
    Man o man,i have seen this song and dance before,they are launching a new update,not enough server space as we have seen before with Trion,yep i am even more convinced this is a BS claim by Trion.

  • New Zealand - Loot Boxes Not Legally Gambling, UK May Beg to Differ - MMORPG.com News

    This news is basically way too vague to understand what is going on.
    I can make some assumptions based on the fact,courts/law have shown VERY little knowledge or effort to clean up scummy game developers.

    So far i can think of only 3x,first Hasbro was sued because it affected a LOT of people across USA,second EA was sued but not for gaming but for avoiding paying employees properly and third was a well known streamer w who was paid by a giant corp to You Tube sponsored videos and not denote them as sponsored.
    So yeah the effort by governments has been garbage,lazy bastards sitting behind a desk paid by taxpayers dollars.

    To me it is super obvious,it is gambling.So i assume some lawyers have found
    a way to manipulate terms and conditions and results to convince courts/judges they are not gambling,in other words pray on the ignorant non gaming people like the lawyers or judges.

    NO idea of result or what you get for your money....hmmm

    Gambling,stick 50 cents in a slot machine,NO IDEA the result or what you get.

    Pretty simple,if you cannot first look at what you are buying "the products",you have no control over the results,similar to gambling,example spend more money lowers the odds to not lose.

    An even bigger issue i have is when we win something,we get something,we OWN it we have it to show,in our hands ,be it money or some prize.Well gaming is telling us we are buying something and we own it,but we don't really own it,it is still theirs,so it is a very misleading and corrupt function within gaming.It is like buying a car but WAIT,they tell you don't really own it,you only license the use of it but never own it,it is still the manufacturer's car,you cannot sell it or trade it because they own the rights to it still.
  • Destiny 2 - Our Curse of Osiris Review - MMORPG.com

    Btw serious reviewers like those of The Angry Joe and many You Tubers,they make game play videos because they are serious.Sure they likely have business arrangements as well but at least their videos look like legit serious reviews.
  • Crowfall - From Crowdfunding to Preorder - MMORPG.com

    Crowfall like 99% of the studios that flooded the market,is yet another CHEAP game build.The team is NOT putting forth their best effort,instead only what they can afford to make.

    To make things clear,i have no doubt the industry is capable of making a LOT of triple A games,they simply cannot or will not take the risk of going in too deep.

    I feel there is a distinct reason as to why i enjoyed years of FFXI starting back in 2003.That team led by Tanaka at SE went into deep debt,5 years worth of debt.I did nbot find that out to years later reading interviews with Tanaka but it shows the team was willing to take 5 years to recoup costs before turning a profit.Now a days studios are asking for money UP FRONT with either no effort or little game to show.There is a huge difference in trust and confidence and now a days there is little trust in themselves and no faith in their own work to go into debt.

    I would venture a bet that 99.9% of the studios right now would go defunct if they had to endure 5 years of self debt before turning their first profit.

    Here is a little something ,some might remember maybe not but the guy from Kings Isle "JTodd"once stated that "if people think designing a game is as easy as having 200k,they are grossly wrong".That statement i remember from about 3 years ago,it stuck with me because it really says a lot about these studios trying to make games with sub par budgets.
  • Crowfall - From Crowdfunding to Preorder - MMORPG.com

    LOL what the heck did that video have to do with Crowfall?I feel like they released the wrong video for this thread.

    If a single player that took part in crowd funding had the perception the game was not coming,why the heck did they give money then?So the perception would not change one bit as they obviously believed it would release no matter what phase it is in.

    "GREAT people,easy to get along with",haha what else would an employee say being paid and put on the spot?What is she going to say...i don't like working here,i wish Artcraft would go bankrupt?Furthermore ,what does that have to do with the game?Even if i was someone thinking about working at Artcraft,i wouldn't be like....ok i guess i am in,she said it was great here,so it has to be.

    Me? I wouldn't back a single game,i am a customer,not a sucker,i buy products that work not products that might work or will work some time in the future.

    If these rich guys couldn't trust themselves to build a game with their own money,then why on earth would i trust them with my money?

    There has not been one and i doubt will ever be one quality game through these free money ventures.Nobody on this planet will ever respect money given to them the same as if they had to earn it.

    Bottom line,this Crowfall team needs to start sending meaningful videos,something that might actually entice a person to want to play,however they stil need a game to advertise,not promises.