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  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    3 guarantees in life,we eat ,we sleep and SC will have a new ship for sale.

    3 uncertainties in the next 10 years,how much taxes we pay,how big will Blizzard be,and what year will SC announce a polished release.

  • Turn-based fantasy strategy games?

    Ok so a very quick look on Steam...

    Seems i looked at Divinity prior,the turn off was a 2014 game still with locked camera,that is a big letdown for me.
    However,it does look solid and the editor is a huge plus for me,brings back days of UnrealTournament and Epic games giving us the free toolset.

    So my verdict??I am going to buy Divinity Original Sin,too bad the camera seems to be my only issue otherwise i would say definitely worth a go to anyone.I hope it has some open ended game play and not totally on rails/linear,i will see and hope for the best.
  • Why WoW's Class Design is flawed and PVP will never be balanced

    Flawed?I have said this for years and noticed it the first day it came out.

    They designed the game so that players play SOLO and ALL the time doing quests that offer xp and that again is just a dumb idea that makes no sense at all.Then after days/weeks/months maybe a year of soloing they are asked to RAID ...roflamo,so they have never been in a group and asked to raid now,just dumb.

    Back on the mention of quests giving xp.XP is SUPPOSE to be a representation of that classes skill level/ability,the more xp the more skilled that class is.Well how did their team of brilliant minds decide that doing some non related meaningless quest should allow that class to be more skilled,better at everything it does?The ONLY way xp makes sense from questing is if it is completely related to the skill of that class and or they want to have some sort of questing xp/levels but no way should linear questing be related to a class skill/abilities.
    This is why you don't just COPY some other developer when making game unless you fully understand wtf you are copying.As well trying to give your OWN take on ideas is fine and could be good but when nothing makes sense you might as well get into a different line of work.But hey guess what,millions of gamer's seem to like games that don't make sense,good job Blizzard,your better at making money than making games.
  • BAM Goes the Nerf Bat Sending 5 Cards Scrambling - Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    Having played since beta and knowing the game very well,i say Blizzard is full of crap on the WHY.

    The last two expansions have involved a VERY heavy FORCED spending to attain much needed quest cards and now rares/legendary to be able to keep up with viable decks.
    Notice how they pick on BASIC cards that have been around forever and NOT the cards that involved spending a lot of money to get them?People have been saying War Axe was OP for 40 seasons lmao,so what took them so long?

    This discussion is really tough to sum up quickly,i need to target specific ideas to chime in on Blizzard's LACK of ability to properly run this game and design cards.

    One of if not the MOST important aspect of a pvp design is to allow BOTH players to react and hearthstone does NOT.
    The godfather of TCG's MTG did it properly,HS does not and that is the use of a stack which allows players to react to OP plays.
    The big picture here is that Blizz is nerfing cards that players can react to while allowing cards with ZERO interaction to remain and Blizz clearly stated to they DO NOT like zero interaction,well proof is they lie and just make up shit for good PR.

    So right now there are a LOT more plays where all you can do is watch your opponent and NOTHING can change the play which is about as bad a design as you can get.Example QUESTS,there is no way to stop them,Mage does the Take an extra turn and is auto loss,NOTHING you can do to stop it,hit concede,FUN and interactive right..NOPE.

    To chime in on the Innervate nerf.So what is Druid going to innervate out that is so bad,,a fledgling is all,not really that often and ONLY in the aggro build.However with current Priest build you can turn 4 or 3 depending on coin the card that summons a 1/1 of something in deck.Well the build involves all high cost creatures.the idea is it gets killed then you can summon a 10 drop back for 4 or 5 mana.

    Jade Druid is also VERY slow with near zero early game,so it is quite beatable and not needing to be targeted.Silence Aya Black knight a taunt and a Geist will remove the 1 cost cards really stifles the build,at least players can REACT.
    Point being ,the game needs fixing,improving and we need to STOP seeing cards that do not allow us to react or remove the effect.I will point to Priest yet again,well several op hero powers ,once the card is played the hero power remains,no way to remove it,so ZERO interaction.

  • Why are not more people playing this game here ?

    Last poster,you nailed it on the nose and why a lot or most games are a RACE.Devs have not created games where anyone can just pop in and join,does not encourage new players,instead it is a race and nothing more.
    Yep over time,markets,AH's all that stuff will be flooded with items.A game's economy is really tough to design,there is always going to be a fine line of HOW MUCH,do we get for rewards or from selling to npc's etc etc.

    When i seek out a new mmorpg,i look at all the small details,crafting,economy design,rares if it is a simple Tier game or in depth,i look at it all.I don't just take a devs word for anything i have to actually play a bit and see for myself.Sometimes i will even sit and look over an auction house to figure out how the game is working long term and over all levels.

    The bigger picture,i hate tiered gaming, i want ALL levels to be important,i want crafting to utilize ALL levels of items and not just say a level 100 item needs level 100 area items to craft it,that would be a lazy lame design.

    So yeah point being,i never thought Albion would be that good,not at all,you need to look deep into a game design before just jumping in,although i am seeing it all over,so many new games get a large crowd instantly because gamer's are so bored.

    I have a very easy school of thought...If a developer cannot AFFORD to make a game,there is a VERY good chance they cannot afford the time or cost to design in depth systems.