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  • IGN buys Humble Bundle

    I look at twitch and what it became,i expect nothing good when big money takes over,their only purpose is to make lots more money.

    The only interesting part will be to see what their minds have come up with on how to scam people.
    What i see here seems actually pretty simple.

    First of all,let's further exploit the "charity" bull crap that is going on all around the world and use IGN to further sponsor and get more recognition.

    Still fresh on my mind was a couple months back they "IGN" had that gaming museum on their site and so happens that is a recent so called "charity" by Humble Bundle.If anyone cares,go search,watch that video and you'll see how much bull there was to the point the one guy chuckles and the other two kind of stare at him in disbelief at how much bull he was pulling off.

    IGN partnered for certain with that so called bull charity and both made a killing.Charities are allowed to have sponsors,pay sub contractors and even cross the line and if they do ,mostly all the government cares about is their tax cut,then carry on as usual.

    I would not doubt for one second that is when IGN first took notice at how much money that Museum charity was pulling in and wanted in on the whole idea or charities.Seeing Humble utilizing the same charity as was on IGN,pretty much says they are fully aware of the exploitation profit/potential.
  • Around the Verse - Cockpits: Enhancing the Experience - Star Citizen Videos - MMORPG.com

    I just went back and fast forward to the main purpose and watched.One dude made me laugh at least, "we don't want fire to come out of a fire extinguisher...unless it is made in the UK..lol".

    Overall,i got a better feel for some of the ongoing,long lasting effects that will be in game play .."i think" and not just in the PVE game play "SQ42".Example interior effects from damage is a nice touch.The problem there is ,i doubt the player will be leaving their cockpit to put out those fires but we will see.Then all the talk about making sure animations look right when doing things in the cockpit.

    They are spending a lot of time on small detail,is it a good trade off compared to more content and time spent,hmm not sure.I do support small detail effort a lot but i also look at the entire product,if SQ42 only has 20-40 hours of game play,i would rather have more content than small subtle details.

    My opinion on the "enhancing experience"?What they are doing with the animations is very minimal to enhancing the experience,i bet many players won't even notice what is going on in the animations,which is mostly just hands being attached to various components to make it look realistic as well player to seat animations.I also saw one dude talk about spending at least 3 weeks on this,so likely into 4-6 weeks.I do not think a competent team needs 6 weeks to work on a few cockpit animations.Even the fire in the cockpit is VERY simple to pull off unless you are adding in destructive properties "i doubt it",and even then ,that would just be a simple timer trigger.

    The turnoff in the video,that last guy was doing some serious Chris Robert's ass kissing,his last statement....It has always been Chris Robert's goal to have high quality standards...lmao,yeah we get it,your ass kissing.
  • Is Guardians of Ember the Lovechild of WoW & Diablo? - Guardians of Ember Review - MMORPG.com

    This game is proof of the sign of the times,cheaper less aggressive game builds.I played Runes of Magic and actually enjoyed it,yes a sort of Wow clone but did more than Wow and used the sub class system.
    Dragon's Prophet i did not like but i could see they went for an idea and the game was still an aggressive build.

    Runewalker does at least try to put several ideas in their games,i just don't like the cheaper platform/Diabloesque type game that is Embers.If it was a better open world concept with free look i would likely play it.

    However,i would say it is much better than Diablo given the same platform as Diablo really doesn't do anything besides waste your time until you get that perfect build then it is another brainless waste of time,at least Embers is building a rpg.

    So although Rune copies Blizzard a lot,they are 2/2 in my books as i would rather play Runes than Wow and this than Diablo.

  • The Real Question ...

    Zindaihas said:
    They said in that last video that pre-alpha testing will begin soon.  Of course, soon could mean anytime between now and next year.  But what exactly is "pre-alpha" testing?  Nothing comes before alpha in the Greek alphabet, so what does the "pre" mean?  Is it where they stick one toe in the water just to test the temperature and if it feels comfortable, then they put both feet in next?
    If people been paying attention the last 5 years the gaming industry has changed a LOT.

    No longer are things done simple and obvious,everything now is marketing deception,cover ups,promises yada yada.

    This PRE idea is simply trying to be careful on what players should expect.To simply say Alpha,players automatically think "ok it's close,should be a good look".Then if looks awful,everyone jumps all over it and damage is done.

    This game has to be very careful,they do not have unlimited marketing budgets to fire up fancy videos like Blizzard and others,so they have to make sure each step is a good one.

    Personally i kind of already have a pretty good idea of what to expect in most of the game design.I'll be straight up frank,i am not expecting magic here but i am hoping there is enough creativity to get me involved,i really yearn for a new mmorpg.
  • MMORPG.com : General : Game of Thrones: Conquest Teaser Reveals October 19th Release Date

    BruceYee said:
    This will be the biggest p2w cash grab ever.
    As well a total trash game thrown together in a mere year  maybe 18 months.Like every single known IP game it will ONLY be made to cash in on the title and not the game's quality.
    it doesn't even matter if the game is a 1/10 tons will buy it and of course more will be lured in by heavily followed streamers who will be sellouts and get paid to endorse it.