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  • New Zealand - Loot Boxes Not Legally Gambling, UK May Beg to Differ - MMORPG.com News

    This news is basically way too vague to understand what is going on.
    I can make some assumptions based on the fact,courts/law have shown VERY little knowledge or effort to clean up scummy game developers.

    So far i can think of only 3x,first Hasbro was sued because it affected a LOT of people across USA,second EA was sued but not for gaming but for avoiding paying employees properly and third was a well known streamer w who was paid by a giant corp to You Tube sponsored videos and not denote them as sponsored.
    So yeah the effort by governments has been garbage,lazy bastards sitting behind a desk paid by taxpayers dollars.

    To me it is super obvious,it is gambling.So i assume some lawyers have found
    a way to manipulate terms and conditions and results to convince courts/judges they are not gambling,in other words pray on the ignorant non gaming people like the lawyers or judges.

    NO idea of result or what you get for your money....hmmm

    Gambling,stick 50 cents in a slot machine,NO IDEA the result or what you get.

    Pretty simple,if you cannot first look at what you are buying "the products",you have no control over the results,similar to gambling,example spend more money lowers the odds to not lose.

    An even bigger issue i have is when we win something,we get something,we OWN it we have it to show,in our hands ,be it money or some prize.Well gaming is telling us we are buying something and we own it,but we don't really own it,it is still theirs,so it is a very misleading and corrupt function within gaming.It is like buying a car but WAIT,they tell you don't really own it,you only license the use of it but never own it,it is still the manufacturer's car,you cannot sell it or trade it because they own the rights to it still.
  • For the Second Time in Two Weeks, Bungie Admits to Development Blunders - Destiny 2 - MMORPG.com

    Very odds news because what i have seen is that gamer's have been buying up these popularity games by the millions with no care for bad design or anything.
    Sure some might complain later in forums but they already bought the game and made Bungie rich.
    So complaining and admission after already taking everyone's money does nothing for the industry because guess what,D3 comes out this site will be all over it with marketing reviews/threads galore and people will still buy it without even looking first.
  • Is Blizzard's hearthstone the next controversy for cash shop gambling?

    Blizzard's entire operation has been moving more and more to ADDED costs to play games that do NOT warrant the very high costs these demand.

    We are talking 100-300 for a few months,compared to getting 100% of a games content through 15 dollar sub fees,you can easily see how much Blizzard and other tcg's are ripping people off.
    Furthermore ,these are NOT RNG loot boxes they are possibly worse or identical.

    You see to an average person consumer,we EXPECT rng to mean a complete total random outcome but this is NOT the case,especially in Hearthstone and others games as well.The results are weighted so that you get 100% meaningless and worthless cards MORE often,which you only get a grand total of 5 dust per crap card.Even worse you will often get 2x that same crap card in that same pack but you will NEVER see a legend or rare double in the same pack.

    Without explaining the whole ripoff system,i will cut it short,we do NOT control ANY of our purchases meaning we cannot sell those cards,we are stuck under Blizzard's umbrella to do as they see fit with OUR cards.So basically it comers down to not 1 purchase but it takes about 10 -20 packs to have a true rng at 1 legend.
    This is VERY misleading because people believe they have a fair shake at a legendary but they do NOT because true rng is NOT used,instead manipulated algorithm's are.If it was a TRUE and HONEST rng ,then i think most would consider it FAIR but not totally fair unless we control our cards we buy,meaning sell them to other players.
  • Crowfall - 2017 Wraps Up with Awesome News - MMORPG.com

    That is grossly stretching what ANYONE would get excited about.
    There is NOTHING at all in this article worth noting and to claim that we might get excited over this...pfft ..seriously?
    I also detest using examples like POE or Diablo to try and give the game some credence,this game is NOTHING like POE or Diablo so mentioning them because of some window screen is sad.There team doesn't know how to create their own UI screens?

    Even if they were like Diablo,that would do even more to turn me off than encourage me.This game ,put in simple terms,needs a boatload of money invested,a larger team a LOT more systems and PVE mechanics to bring about a true RPG with added MMO reasoning.

    There is too much just so wrong the game will NEVER have a chance to be good,..."campaigns"...terrible idea and ruins any immersive thought of being a role playing game.
    Cash shops,,that is NEVER going to fly with me,PVP...couldn't care less about pvp.The focus FIRST and foremost should be a ROLE PLAYING game and NOT pvp.

    Whatever this business is trying to sell me and others ,i am not buying it,they are making a cheap low budget offering and too much money going elsewhere instead of the game is NOT good either.Yeah marketing works because there is more focus on attaining money than the actual game,how does that interest me or a gamer in any fashion?

    Artcraft needs to realize that i care about the GAME and absolutely NOTHING else,not some screenshot or some class or some marketing,or attaining money,it is the SUM the FINISHED sum of the product that matters.
    So for now ,this game remains at best ,a hopeful 3/10 and i see nothing to change that.
  • Collections

    A very long time ago when i was a young kid,i lifted up an old wooden set of stairs in the back of the house we lived in.I found several very old coins,i almost immediately became a coin collector,i was so excited to see these old coins that i had never seen before from both Canada,Britain and the States.
    Point being that collecting can be fun,how about as kids we collected Hockey cards or baseball cards,some people collect Star Wars figurines or action heroes,collecting has a spot in many people's lives.

    However,along the same lines as poster above,a pile of sparkling shinies on the ground,constantly spawning is not a good way to do it.They should be rare and tucked away just about anywhere and not in a constant predictable spot.

    I could go for an idea using an example...the Faberge Eggs,legendary craftsmen make a dozen or so for a King,are sold and perhaps end up anywhere on some NPC or something.Example a mob kills you and takes some of your items,that item might go forever lost unless someone kills that Orc or Giant.
    There is so much that can be done in games if the developer is willing to put in some thought and create separate code for ideas rather than TEMPLATE game design.