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  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    Xodic said:
    I still don't understand having earlier access to early access.
    Because it is not Early Access ? 

    It is voluntary player testing of a buggy Alpha build. And sending in bug reports.

    It is a common misconception that the Evocati are there "to play the game earlier than others". If you think that, you have not yet understood what the Avocados do. 

    Have fun
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    >>>> Those facts mean dev time started in 2011. >>>>

    Those facts mean that Chris Roberts (he, personally, the single person) started to work in 2011 (or earlier).

    Then his wife and lawyer joined. They founded a company. In April 2012.

    Then a small team assisted him to prepare for crowdfunding.

    We have only been through this 20 times or so. One more time ... why not? Will not be the last time.

    Have fun

    And you still dance around the fact that you cannot explain the April 2012 date.
    Kickstarter was Oct-Nov 2012, not in April.
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    Excession said:
    Erillion said:
    Excession said:
    But you are missing something.

    Using our own funds, we engaged a small group of writers, designers, and engineers to assist in this process. "  
    So it was not just

    Chris PERSONALLY (he, the single person)

    And you were missing what i wrote:

    "....Based on the facts (CIG/RSI homepage, founding date, April 2012)  Chris and Ortwin had a small group of people working on Star Citizen beginning in April 2012. Which puts the official starting date of the Star Citizen project at April 2012. That was the date when an idea became a project. "

    The small group worked on it since April 2012.

    Have fun
    You can write what you like to spin what Ortwin said, makes no difference to what he actually said though.

    Ortwin said:

    "Using our own funds, we engaged a small group of writers, designers, and engineers to assist in this process"

    See those words? "this process".

    What process is he talking about? well, that is simple:

    "Chris spent over a year building the game's backstory and creating a prototype in CryEngine that could be presented at campaign launch"

    That is the process he means, the "over a year" building a backstory and prototype.

    So, by Ortwin's words, Chris and a small group spent over a year working on what was shown at the campaign launch.

    What campaign launch? again, that is simple, the Kickstarter campaign.

    When did the Kickstarter Campaign launch? again, simple, it was 2012.

    So, according to Ortwin, they spent over a year working on SC, they being Chris and a small group, which put's the start of Dev time in 2011.
    You overlook the operative word "assist".

    So they were NOT there for the whole time.

    Combine it with a known fact: April 2012.

    Thank me later.

    Have fun

  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    In many ways it's a surprisingly reserved statement about Squadron 42.

    Where does this put the release date?
    I understand it will be announced in December

    --> "....and share our roadmap for its completion."

    Yes, quite a reserved statement. That is why I think this sounds more like Erin Roberts, not Chris Roberts. Has a factual, realistic undertone, less of an exuberant tone.

    Have fun
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    Or the Evocati are doing what they volunteered for .... bug hunting and playtesting. Instead of begging for online clicks and short-lived e-peen fame by releasing leaked data. 

    Have fun