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    Elite Dangerous is still working on expanding the planetary landing system, plus more (including multi-crew ships).  Why would you say it's failed to provide that feature? 
    >> here you can move around inside your spaceship >>>

    Show me how i can move around my ship in E:D please.

    And i do not mean that captain mannekin that is nailed to the captains seat.

    In EVE i can at least walk around my captains quarter in the station.

    Also show me please how i can exit my rover on planetary surfaces and walk around on  foot.

    And while you are at it ... do that on something else than a barren moon without an atmosphere. Thank you very much.

    Have fun
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    Fun derelict that i would like to see in Star Citizen when we explore Mars

    This is the next rover on its way to Mars - and NO .. that is NOT a joke ;-)

    Have fun

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    Crowdfunding and presales are two different things.
    Guiness Book of Records calls it crowdfunding ;-) 

    So much for THAT old redundant discussion...

    Have fun
  • Star Citizen - Monthly Development Reports

    blamo2000 said:

    So, this game has a huge following.  Do you think it just got lucky and hit some sort of super hype sweet spot, or there was always this big of a community that for some reason stayed hidden all these decades?  Or, is this came bringing a fragmented sub-communities together by hitting all the check boxes?
    I think the Star Citizens community is build on several existing communities (Freelancer, Wing Commander, Star Wars Galaxies, Elite, EVE Online, X-Wing fans...etc. ) that have been waiting for more games of this kind in the last years. With only a limited amount of new games to keep them busy. I would not call them "hidden" - underserved may be a better word. So i think you are close with your assessment that Star Citizen brings together sub-communities.

    It is also notable that quite a bit of the Star Citizen fans are in the 35+ age segment, having a higher spending capacity than the average gamer. Which helps towards the financial success of this crowdfunding campaign.

    A mixture of media hype, a textbook example of marketing and some controversy adding some spice and generating a lot of extra coverage for free have kept Star Citizen on covers of gaming magazines and sites for years, further contributing to the success of the project.

    "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." I am not sure if Seneca knew that his sentence would apply to video game projects, but it certainly fits IMHO. It was much more than just blind luck.

    Have fun 
  • Star Citizen - Monthly Development Reports

    Kefo said:
    Isn't this the third time they have switched focus to SQ42 now? Seems whenever it's time for a big fundraising push it's time to hype the game that's so secret you haven't seen shit of it in years!
    Journalists visiting Foundry 42 UK (e.g. Game Star magazine) have seen quite a bit of SQ42, but are under confidentiality agreements about releasing the information too soon (Presse-Sperrfrist = news embargo until a certain date ?). They report that a lot of work is going on and the parts they have seen are looking very good, but are not completed yet - that was in late summer 2017.

    Have fun