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  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Yeah ... lets rehash the PAY TO WIN  and SHIPS FOR SALE AFTER LAUNCH debate.

    Its been sooooo long since we did this.

    The official discussion thread on pay to win was 488 pages (in the old forum, i am sure more has been added since Spectrum - the new forum - launched):

    I am absolutely sure we can find something that has not been discussed before (20 times). 19 times is also a sexy number. Lets add + 1.

    Or people could read this:

    But they rarely do, so lets continue to discuss it ad nauseam.

    And w.r.t. pay to win ... to save some time ... i picked a representative thread from MMORPG here.

    To save some time, lets read page 1-10 and jump in at page 11, shall we ?

    There are many more thread like this, of course. But i am sure we can find some more things to regurgitate w.r.t. this topic.

    Have fun

  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    From the RSI/CIG Weekly Newsletter October 13th, 2017

    "....Squadron 42 will be the focus of our Holiday Livestream in December, where we will preview some gameplay and share our roadmap for its completion.

    Our single player campaign, Squadron 42, shares a large amount of technology and content with Star Citizen and both games fuel each other. Technology built for Squadron 42 allows for a better experience in Star Citizen and technology for Star Citizen opens up opportunities that take Squadron 42 to another level.  Subsumption is an example of technology that is critical for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. The Item 2.0 refactor and the Player Interaction Mode were essential for Star Citizen and it is now allowing new and varied gameplay in Squadron 42. Planet Tech, the Zone System and 64-bit precision allows us to expand the playscape for Squadron 42 to solar system scale.
    We have a large team working on Squadron 42 and we’ve been making good progress towards achieving my goal to take the Wing Commander style narrative experience to the next level with first person gameplay that moves between foot, vehicles and incredible locations all rendered with a fluidity and quality that you normally only see in pre-rendered cinematic scenes. I am confident it is going to be worth the wait; a game that can hold its own with any other AAA story game.
    I am excited to show you some of this in December. And until then I’ll see you at CitizenCon!

    Chris Roberts"

    Have fun

  • Star Citizen - Alpha 3.0 out to Evocati player testers

    Orinori said:
    I'm interested in SQ42 also, more so than SC.  But SQ42 has gone silent.  I could speculate about it but what good would that do?  So I scan the SC forums from time to time.  All I read was that a schedule will be posted a later date for S42.  Before that a live demo mission couldn't be done because it hadn't reached that point.  
    I think everyone is pinning their hopes on a big reveal at the next event they are doing (citizen con? when is that?). While there is lots to celebrate for 3.0, I have to say if they don't show substantial progress at that event then sure there could be some big question marks. I always felt one of the big blockers they were facing was around AI movement and interaction which they seem to be finally getting on top of.
    CitizenCon 2017

    CitizenCon 2947 will be held on Friday 27th October at Capitol Theater in Frankfurt: Kaiserstraße 106, 63065 Offenbach am Main.

    Have fun

  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    Kyleran said:
    LeFantome said:
    No one is playing?

    I think a lot of people are. I constantly run into other commanders. What game are you playing?

    You're not playing the same game as us, for sure. The game is empty. OP, I stop playing because there is not enough content and the grind is way to real for me.
    I sure am! In fact, I probably play more than you do for sure, and I can tell ya it's far from empty. There's solo play, and group play, but not empty. There's actually a surprising amount of people in open play.

    You know, jumping through a gate and finding 400 ships surrounding it and locked on your hull is a "surprising amount of people", what sort of numbers are you talking about? 

    4 ish  ;-)

    Up to 40 in a player gathering for making a video or a multi-stage player race  (but those 40 do not fight ... they make figures in space with their ships and fool around on Teamspeak).

    No, its far from EVE ... no drunken Russian fleet commander screaming expletives at their battleship wings in an English/Russian language mix..... "Primary SirMolle ..der'mo !....SirMolle Primary .... align you bastards or I eat your balls myself .... SirMolle primary .. WARP WARP WARP..... pridurki .....FUCK YOU ... "  (incoherent russian curses and mumbling and grumbling ..... clinking of empty Vodka bottles)

    Have fun
  • Star Citizen - Alpha 3.0 out to Evocati player testers

    Talonsin said:

    Stop denying all those interviews. 

    We all know that Chris Roberts has been working on that project for the last decade or more.  Not 2011. But that is Chris .. PERSONALLY ... not a company ... not a team of people. HE was working on the story and the concept of the game to give a sales pitch to potential investors.

    THEN he added his wife and his lawyer.

    THEN (and by now we are in April 2012) he added half a dozen old friends to make a CryEngine trailer. CIG was founded. CIG back then was financed by Roberts himself at first.

    THEN (and we are now in October 2012) the crowdfunding campaign started.

    Stop interpreting more into those interviews than what is stated.

    Have fun