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  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    Kefo said:
    It's a lost cause. CR could have come out and said I started work on this with 10 other people in 2011 and it would still be spun. 

    If Erillion wants to have this then he can't deny the original due date was nov 2014 like the kickstarter page says. If he's going to use one website date then he has to use another
    If there are new facts (like Chris Roberts definitely saying he started work with 10 people in 2011) then i would take these new facts and agree that the project started in 2011. But so far he has not said that. So - based on what we know - i consider April 2012 the starting date.

    The Kickstarter page mentions an ESTIMATED delivery date of 2014.  Not a fixed date. But that is NOT the game we have now. This is also a discussion that we had here for about two dozen times ad nauseam.

    The 2014 date was correct for a game with a much smaller scope. And was already obsolete at the end of 2012. But that 2014 date is necroed by some people time and time again, completely ignoring that the scope is far far away from what was announced in October 2012.

    That Chris Roberts was (and is) overly optimistic and CIG estimates have a tendency to be overly optimistic is not something that is contested by me. I agree with that - and have agreed with that in the past. In the last years my estimate for first results (=SQ42 intro mission) was end of 2017. 

    Have fun

    SQ42 intro mission ... according to some sources that is a mission where you fight alongside the character played by Gillian Anderson (and talk to the character played by Gary Oldman) .... and which then leads to a situation where you create your character (face etc.) the way you like it. A kind of story based character creation scenario. A BIG CAVEAT here .. that is a rumour .. not fact.

  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    Vrika said:
    So, did RSI make this decision because
     a) They've got so much other exciting stuff they want to show at CitizenCon, or
     b) They can't show anything exciting about SQ42 during CitizenCon?

    I can't bring myself to believe into the first alternative.
    I think they have something for SQ42, but it is not yet quite ready for primetime. To avoid a repeat of last years' last minute NO GO decision and having a team desperately trying to work on two things at the same time for a single event, they seem to have decided to split the announcements (Alpha 3.0 at CitizenCon and SQ42 at holiday livestream). Seems to me that CIG is able to learn.

    Have fun
  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    In many ways it's a surprisingly reserved statement about Squadron 42.

    Where does this put the release date?
    I understand it will be announced in December

    --> "....and share our roadmap for its completion."

    Yes, quite a reserved statement. That is why I think this sounds more like Erin Roberts, not Chris Roberts. Has a factual, realistic undertone, less of an exuberant tone.

    Have fun
  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    From the RSI/CIG Weekly Newsletter October 13th, 2017

    "....Squadron 42 will be the focus of our Holiday Livestream in December, where we will preview some gameplay and share our roadmap for its completion.

    Our single player campaign, Squadron 42, shares a large amount of technology and content with Star Citizen and both games fuel each other. Technology built for Squadron 42 allows for a better experience in Star Citizen and technology for Star Citizen opens up opportunities that take Squadron 42 to another level.  Subsumption is an example of technology that is critical for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. The Item 2.0 refactor and the Player Interaction Mode were essential for Star Citizen and it is now allowing new and varied gameplay in Squadron 42. Planet Tech, the Zone System and 64-bit precision allows us to expand the playscape for Squadron 42 to solar system scale.
    We have a large team working on Squadron 42 and we’ve been making good progress towards achieving my goal to take the Wing Commander style narrative experience to the next level with first person gameplay that moves between foot, vehicles and incredible locations all rendered with a fluidity and quality that you normally only see in pre-rendered cinematic scenes. I am confident it is going to be worth the wait; a game that can hold its own with any other AAA story game.
    I am excited to show you some of this in December. And until then I’ll see you at CitizenCon!

    Chris Roberts"

    Have fun

  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    Kefo said:
    Erillion said:
    Kefo said:
    And as a stalling tactic to maybe either hope they withdraw their request or maybe forget about it. Either way it's slimey in my eyes
    Slimey compared to what ?

    The biggest critic of CIG does not give refunds AT ALL.

    How would you rank THAT on your "Slime"-Scale ?

    Have fun
    Hey look at that strawman over there!! I don't care about your boogeyman Derek Smart. We are talking about Star Citizen so please stay on topic 
    I WAS staying on topic. You call CIG slimey. They have offered refunds for years in a world where most companies do not offer refunds AT ALL after a laughably short period of time (less than a month).  They could just kick people out the door if they ask for a refund after a month, like the others do. They could claim that this is a pledge and not a sale. Why do you consider CIGs policy of offering refunds for much much longer "slimey" ? How do you rank then the others on  the "slime" scale? Ever got a 5 month refund from Sony ? Or a refund after 8 months from EA ?

    Have fun