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  • Modern LoTR:O

    Yes Mordor's pricing was higher than it should have been, but I'm willing to put that down to SSG being a smaller company than Turbine was and not being able to soak up costs like Turbine could.

    As it is, there's a really good sale going on with all the expac's being on sale and a double point sale.  Per chat most have picked up all expac's with the exception of Mordor for cheap.  People have worked it out that some are going for $1.50 and others $2.00.  Mordor right now is down to 2400 points so $20 I think.

    I think SSG did a good move with putting the XP raisers in the store as most interest was in Mordor so buying an XP stone, jumping up to play Mordor brought a lot of players back along with some new ones.

    I'm currently working the lower epic quest line, bouncing all over the place (lvl 10 - 50 zones) and everywhere I go I see players.  Chat's full, community is still nice as ever.

    I don't see LotRO shutting down anytime soon.
  • Modern LoTR:O

    I don't think they could go back to the harder version. 

    When it first came out and you had everyone pretty much at the same level range, finding groups wasn't that hard (and for those that weren't there in the beginning, we used to do PUG's to garb the bag out of the bandit area in the man/hobbit stater zone - and those cute little titles you get for not dying by lvl 5 and 10 actually meant something).

    Now that's it's thin on the ground (but not empty) in the starter zones and continues that way up towards cap, the easier mode makes sense.  Sure it waters down the game, but better than shutting out everyone who isn't already at cap.
  • It's hard to get involved with LOTRO, The model doesn't work for new players

    Everything in lotro is monetized, little signs everywhere throughout every single interface window that you can purchase this or unlock that or upgrade this or boost that.

    I just ignore them, so what they pop up?  I'd almost rather see something telling me what I didn't have than rage quit because I couldn't do something.  And I think you're over dramatizing it as the only pop up's come if you move to a zone you don't have (and yes those are annoying if all you're doing is going in and out an instance) or when you level up.

    They have a slot machine called hobbit gifts that lets you waste mithril coins, an intermediate cash shop currency (it's a currency that you buy with cash shop currency, which this cash shop currency (lotro store points) you can buy with real money) it's like in game real money currencyception.

    How?  Not only do you have to click on the icon to get it to pop up (don't want it?  Don't click on it!), you hit the free roll, take the item which 99% of the time get's sold as trash and play on.  You can see the items on the list and there's nothing on it worth playing slot machine for.  You make it sound like if they have a choice they'll always spend the cash.  Sorry I don't buy that.

    As for the OP's note, I think it's a stretch to think a 10year old game would still be pulling in the same amount of people as it did when it started.  With no advertising I see 'I just found this game' over on the Steam forums all the time.  Yes there are some people just getting into it, the more able to solo feature is there because there's not a lot of lower levels.  Can't see how that make's it unplayable.

    I think most of your 'pain' is more up at 5am frustration.
  • Do character models and customization influence your MMO choices?

    Some what.  I won't play any of the Asian or Anime games as I just don't like that look. 

    For all other games it's rare I can play on the highest graphic's so looks and customization don't play big into my picks.  I base more of my choices on game content & setting.
  • I thought this was an interesting read for anyone who cares about the game

    I'm wondering which group is yelling the loudest?  Those that don't want you to spend money to get the gear ..... or those WITHOUT money to (or WON'T) buy the gear?

    Honestly we've had lock boxes for a long time now.  The key's do drop (once in a great while) so don't buy them if you don't want to.  

    And a different way to look at it would be; all those raiders that moan over the lack of others raiding, maybe if they get the gear easier, you'd have more players joining you.