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  • Why are so many MMO games filled with toxic players ?

    I would conclude that most MMORPG players are not passionate about the genre nor understand the community aspect of it. In other words, they're "not true mmorpg gamers". This was partly due to the influx of players that WoW brought into the genre and the accessible game that WoW is. 

    Sure, there were asshats and elitist in old school mmorpgs but as a WHOLE the communities of MMORPG's to my knowledge were not as toxic as communities we see today. Not saying all new school mmo players are toxic but a good portion of them are unfortunately.

    We have to remember that the genre was founded on D&D and single RPG players who were looking for an innovative approach to gameplay which involved a massive world with a massive community, hence the acronym, MMORPG. 

    I think players who have a passion for the RPG elements and gameplay respect the genre more and thus have a better understanding of community. I am not touting that old school mmo players are saints, far from it, but with my personal experience, the communities now and then are different.

    My conclusion is lack of respect for the community aspect of the genre. One can argue solo gameplay is another deterrent for a toxic community or at least promotes it. I personally feel that a 60/40 ratio of group to solo gameplay would help wean out the toxic players. Having a server reputation is a means of negation for that. It helped in Everquest.
  • Has Questing Eliminated the Exploring Aspect of Gameplay?

    Loke666 said:
    Arclan said:
    ste2000 said:
    It's Quest Hub that ruined exploration not Quest in general.

    I think that was the OP's position as well.   To the OP I would say yes I completely agree with you, having played years of EQ but never WoW; I did play Vanguard at launch, which had WoW's quest hubs.  Didn't like it; no one truly connected; all interactions were simply a means of completing the next "quest."
    I dunno, questhubs certainly is boring but overusing the quests doesn't help either. EQ had some awesome quests but they watered them out with plenty of really boring stupid quests as well.

    We don't need tons of silly pointless quests, a "Quest" should feel epic and interesting, not delivering a letter to someone standing 20 feet away. You could possibly call that a "task" but the rewards for such should be rather small.

    I don't really need a quest to go into the forest and kill 10 orcs, there certainly could be a bounty (Lineage handled that great by having most orcs drop totems you could sell to a bounty vendor). To kill the evil orc king is fine but lets get rid of anything not epic and just let the players roam the land and find small situations, band of mobs and similar they run into during their travels instead.

    Now, a good epic quest can be very fun, I loved EQ2s heritage quests for instance when you spent a rather lot of work to get an epic classic EQ item, they felt rewarding, often took teamwork and you were really happy when you got the reward.

    But then you have the quests you forgot as soon as you done them with some crap reward you really don't need, you grind a zillion of them just for XP. Those quests are as grindy as camping a spawning ground, a MMO should be about adventure and killing the inns rats feeding a peasants cows and similar is menial work, not adventuring.

    My general rule is "Would Conan have done this?". If not then I have to quote "Journeyquest" and say "sod the quest".
    I agree with you here Loke. Honestly, quests are not quests, but rather tasks. I like the idea of layering the 'quest' system into different categories. 

    Missive Board - Sort of like Vanguard but more indepth. Essentially Missives are soloable tasks, collection, bounty, harvest, escorting, stuff of that nature that reward in low to moderate coin and low to moderate exp.

    Quests - Sort of the Everquest Epic 1.0-2.0 (Never played EQ2), that often take a group to complete with some soloable parts as well. These should be static, like the example you give where you earn and work towards something that takes time and effort. This should take you all over the world. These reward on moderate to high experience and moderate coin based off the collection of things you have to do. Quests reward in obtaining a rare/epic item.

    Adventures - I think it would be interesting to have dynamic quests, which I will call Adventures. This is were you as a group or potentially solo can go out and adventure in the world. It would be something vague, like obtain the Moonstone, it was last scene being sold at an auction at the Gypsy Bazaar off the coast. You go there to investigate and learn by talking to NPC's that another NPC might have bought it or simply was stolen by a thief. Keep it vague so it caters to exploration in and having many different parts. Sort of like your 'choose your own adventure' books but encapsulated into an in game adventure. I think if done right, Adventures can go along way.
  • Are MOBAs and Other Match Based Games MMOs?

    No, they're not MMORPG's. They're MOBA's, simply categorized differently based off their core design. 

    *Pro-Tip* When doing a poll if you really want decent results, make all options black or white, don't involve unnecessary options like, "I like turtles" trolls will vote for that and you won't get the sample you're looking for. People won't take your poll seriously.