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  • Gear Dependency Vs. Player Skill (Poll)

    Gear Dependency Vs. Player Skill is an argument that is thoroughly discussed, especially in development. Let's define each.

    Gear Dependency = Your Character does most of the work based off how you build your character through stats/gear. Player skill can take an affect but typically it's knowing a rotation and the fight. 

    Player Skill = The player output is doing most of the work and gear is merely a perk. Most games who use this method, are fighting/action based RPGs. Most people will consider this to twitch gameplay, however, player skill can be categorized into tab-targeting as well. - On the other side of the spectrum, player skill can also be constituted by knowing your class, rotation, mechanics, how to build your character ect. 

    Most traditional RPG's use more of a stat/gear progressional method to build your character to survive in combat. With the innovation of MMORPG's it has paved a way for players to increase player output that transitions into more player skill. 

    I have been warring with my self which holds true and may work best for MMORPG's as a whole. You see, I am typically a black or white thinker so I automatically consider one method may be better than the other. So in other words I always compare what is better and why. I have concluded that it really depends on the type of gameplay you're going for and designer's preferences for their audience. 

    Let's take WoW for an example. WoW, is intended for the super casual but also caters to hardcore players. WoW has always been mostly a gear dependent game, in PVP and PVE. In Wrath, Blizzard thought resilience was a great stat for PVP but it made gear dependency worse. If you didn't have high resilience you couldn't compete. In PVE, ilvl is something sought after and players won't choose you if you have a low ilvl because they know a higher ilvl will produce more damage, healing or mitigation. If I were to put percentages to WoW, I would say it's 75% gear dependent and 25% player skill. The player skill in WoW, comes from knowing your rotation, how to build your character with secondary stats and simply knowing the fights and not standing in stuff. But is Gear Dependency the right or wrong approach? 

    Personally, I think the best method is to have a 50/50 ratio. Or even a 60/40 ratio of player skill to gear dependency. One of the unique elements to RPG's is building your character. And most of that is through stats/gear. I do believe that gear should play a vital role in combat but I also believe that player skill should help overcome encounters. I felt Everquest was a decent example of balance of player skill and gear dependency. You can argue it fell into the 50/50 or 60/40 ratio. 

    I am curious to your thoughts on what you prefer as a gamer? Vote and let me what is your preference?

    Does it not allow the OP to vote in your own poll anymore? I would vote for the balance of both.

  • Why are so many MMO games filled with toxic players ?

    I would conclude that most MMORPG players are not passionate about the genre nor understand the community aspect of it. In other words, they're "not true mmorpg gamers". This was partly due to the influx of players that WoW brought into the genre and the accessible game that WoW is. 

    Sure, there were asshats and elitist in old school mmorpgs but as a WHOLE the communities of MMORPG's to my knowledge were not as toxic as communities we see today. Not saying all new school mmo players are toxic but a good portion of them are unfortunately.

    We have to remember that the genre was founded on D&D and single RPG players who were looking for an innovative approach to gameplay which involved a massive world with a massive community, hence the acronym, MMORPG. 

    I think players who have a passion for the RPG elements and gameplay respect the genre more and thus have a better understanding of community. I am not touting that old school mmo players are saints, far from it, but with my personal experience, the communities now and then are different.

    My conclusion is lack of respect for the community aspect of the genre. One can argue solo gameplay is another deterrent for a toxic community or at least promotes it. I personally feel that a 60/40 ratio of group to solo gameplay would help wean out the toxic players. Having a server reputation is a means of negation for that. It helped in Everquest.