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  • Dev Stream of the 21th of November 2017

    Cohh is a genuine fan of our game, we don't pay him a cent, he helps promote us out of the kindness of his heart and to have access to that sized audience who, for the most part, are exactly who we want to show our game off too, so we are pretty thankful that he wants to help us out like this.

    On a side note, no matter your opinion of Cohh from watching his streams, he is a great guy off camera and is a huge fan of EQ and other similar older style games and wants to help us get the word out about Pantheon, if you can give us names of similar streamers with such a large audience and passion for our game that will help us for free, we would gladly consider doing something with them.

    We have a streamer program launching in 2018 for everyone else but until then, Cohh is a great fit for us and we are happy to continue doing streams like this with him.
  • My Pantheon Dream Come True...

    Would prefer not to see any support for PvP.

    Far too often, PvE content is altered/nerfed due to PvP complaints.

    PvP will be completely separate, we can make class/world changes on a PvP server without affecting the PvE classes/servers so it won;t be a problem.

    So with that in mind, we plan on making a few really fun and challenging PvP servers with different rulesets depending on what the PvP community wants and we will start to ask for that feedback after we get into testing.

    Nothing changes Pantheon from being a PvE game first and foremost though and we have been very clear about that from the start.
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  • Pantheon Mysteries

    The Lore and Creative teams are both implementing their own hidden nuggets and easter eggs but maybe not to the same level as EQ at launch, EQ has had years and many expansions to add a lot of that stuff ;)
  • Duos and Trios

    Zindaihas said:

    Has it been stated yet what the size of a full group will be?  I assume it will be six characters (eight is too many imo).  It stands to reason that you should be able to progress on less than a full a group.  If you're good, the major difference between half a group and a full one should be the speed at which you can kill mobs.

    The most basic characters necessary are a tank and a healer.  With those two, you should at least be able to stand your ground against pretty tough mobs.  Throw in a crowd controller and you can then face multiple mobs.  From there it's mostly a matter of dealing damage to crank-up the killing proficiency of your group (this is discounting peripheral tasks such as tracking and picking locks, etc.).

    Not only that, but it can be downright fun testing yourself to see what you can accomplish with only two or three people.  As much as I'm looking forward to this being a group-oriented game, I would be extremely disappointed if it took a full group just to venture out of your home town.

    Most likely 6.
  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    Mendel said:
    Kilsin said:
    We are not instancing or level scaling, we will have a Mentor system that allows players of different levels to lower themselves to the lowest level player to group up and play together at appropriate levels, it is optional and just a way for high level players to play with low level friends/family and new players without steamrolling everything.
    EQ1 tried to do the exact same thing with the Shroud system.  It was a pretty dismal failure, and broke immersion quite dramatically.   There isn't a description of how it will work, only vagueness.  Will a mentor system be something useful and desirable, or more of a placebo?  I don't know, I won't be able to know how it works until there are reliable reports.  Kilsin should be in a position to maybe have some inside information, but once again reports only marketing pablum.  The single sentence above could easily have been applied to a the Shroud system before it was released, too.

    To anyone following this project, just be prepared for the implementation to be something other than you are expecting.

    It isn't the shroud system, think more VG Mentoring in the later stages when it worked properly. We have learned from both of those games and more over the years and will create a system that works well for our game.