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  • I hate you EA

    And this was your first reason to dislike EA?  I've been avoiding them for over 20 years now.
  • Time to upgrade

    Phry said:
    Bloodaxes said:
    My current PSU is:  Corsair TX 650 W

    Like I said, it's 8+ years old tough. That's what worries me.

    As for the SSD I won't go higher than 240 GB. I'm fine with having steam games on a regular HDD and some particular games on the SSD. There's been very few games (MMOs) lately that have released anyway. I will consider ditching the current HDD for a 2TB one tough.

    As for the ram, would you prefer adding 2 more 4GB cards or swap them for two 8 GB ones? Like I previously said, I've read plenty of topics on how adding more ram to existing ones could have some complications. It's true, the majority of the games still don't require 16 GB, but some do. I tend to play some of those games with friends.

    So, regarding the PSU.... change it? yay or nay?

    Thanks for the help :) 
    Personally i would ditch the 4gb ram sticks in favour of the 8gb ones, and regarding the PSU, i would consider getting a more powerful one, on the off chance that you upgrade at some point and need the extra 'capacity' and here i am thinking of future GPU upgrades.
    650 W is a lot for consumer use.  I don't see any real need to get more wattage than that.  Bloodaxes seems to be thinking more along the lines of, an eight year old power supply has a lot of wear on it, and it might be time to replace it on general principle before something goes haywire.  That's probably a good idea if you're planning on keeping the computer a lot longer.
  • Time to upgrade

    Why are you looking to upgrade memory?  If there's some particular situation where you're running out and it's killing performance, then fine.  But don't upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, as 8 GB is still plenty for most people.

    Even if you do upgrade, your motherboard has four memory slots.  Presumably you could add two more 4 GB modules and get to 16 GB that way, rather than either mismatching the channels (which hurts bandwidth) or removing your old memory entirely.  And if you think you genuinely need more than 16 GB, I'd really like to know why.

    Getting an SSD strikes me as most of the point of this upgrade.  Replacing an eight year old hard drive is also a good idea, as by now it's living on borrowed time and should not be relied upon.  If you continue to use the old hard drive, make sure it's only for things where it wouldn't be terribly bothersome if it abruptly died and the data was unrecoverable.
  • Intel 8th Gen

    Sky Lake Refresh Refresh is just Sky Lake with two more cores, and sometimes clocked a little higher because the process node is now more mature.  More cores rather than fewer cores is hardly a bad thing, but it's not what I'd have in mind as super awesome innovation.
  • Intel Coffee Lake 6-core (Out Now)

    Apparently it's a very soft launch, with New Egg saying it will be 3-5 weeks before they get any in stock:


    That's the sort of thing that companies do when they believe that they're behind and need to catch up.  And since Coffee Lake is really just Sky Lake Refresh Refresh, Intel could have launched it about two years ago if so inclined, though perhaps clocked a few hundred MHz lower.