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  • Time to upgrade

    Why are you looking to upgrade memory?  If there's some particular situation where you're running out and it's killing performance, then fine.  But don't upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, as 8 GB is still plenty for most people.

    Even if you do upgrade, your motherboard has four memory slots.  Presumably you could add two more 4 GB modules and get to 16 GB that way, rather than either mismatching the channels (which hurts bandwidth) or removing your old memory entirely.  And if you think you genuinely need more than 16 GB, I'd really like to know why.

    Getting an SSD strikes me as most of the point of this upgrade.  Replacing an eight year old hard drive is also a good idea, as by now it's living on borrowed time and should not be relied upon.  If you continue to use the old hard drive, make sure it's only for things where it wouldn't be terribly bothersome if it abruptly died and the data was unrecoverable.
  • Intel 8th Gen

    Sky Lake Refresh Refresh is just Sky Lake with two more cores, and sometimes clocked a little higher because the process node is now more mature.  More cores rather than fewer cores is hardly a bad thing, but it's not what I'd have in mind as super awesome innovation.
  • Intel Coffee Lake 6-core (Out Now)

    Ridelynn said:

    Granted, part of this good news comes with the news that Intel is also requiring the new 370 chipset to use with Coffee Lake. All 8000 series processors will require a 300 series motherboard, just because. Even though socket and functionality-wise, you should be able to use 100-300 series motherboards with 6000 through 8000 series chips.
    Gigabyte has now apparently said that Intel also is preventing Z370 from working with Kaby Lake.  Apparently Gigabyte says it would work fine, but Intel is demanding that they artificially disable it in firmware.


    No idea what Intel hopes to gain by that, as it seems to be looking for creative reasons to be petty.  It's one thing to say, we won't officially support it but motherboard vendors can do so on their own.  But to artificially disable it?
  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Excession said:
    Quizzical said:
     Also, for the quest giver NPC, what color should his left shoe be?

    He is barefoot, with seven hairy (Ginger hair) toes!
    My point wasn't that the color of the left shoe is particularly important.  My point was that there are a ton of little details that you probably don't realize until you try to make a game yourself.  Choosing a shoe color isn't hard.  But choosing and implementing many, many thousands of comparably little things is what making a game is all about.  An hour to do this and two hours to do that multiplied by the many little things that have to be done to make a game is how game budgets end up in the tens of millions of dollars.

    You can make a simple game on the cheap.  I've actually make quite a few.  But making a single-player game where you and up to three AI characters that can't move are trying to pick the right firing angles to blow each other up is not at all similar to making an MMORPG.
  • If you won the lottery . . .

    Get a lawyer and see if it's possible to prevent anyone from knowing that I've won the lottery.  The laws commonly say that it isn't, and if not, then try to negotiate some way to give the money to charity without anyone finding out that I was the source.  Failing that, seriously consider burning the winning lottery ticket.

    The thing that you have to understand about lottery winnings is that they're basically cursed.  If you win the lottery, you'll have fourth cousins twice removed that you didn't even know you had and probably don't coming out of the woodwork asking for money.  Friends, relatives, co-workers, and random hangers-on will constantly beg you for money, at all hours of the day and no matter where you go.  You'll get suicide threats and all manner of sob stories to try to get money out of you.  It will not stop until you die, even if the money runs out first.

    And why shouldn't they beg?  After all, you've established yourself as someone with a ton of money and no clue how to manage it.  You demonstrated the latter by playing the lottery in the first place and the former by having the misfortune of winning it.  The only way to truly win the lottery is not to play.