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  • POK books became necessary when the world got too big.  It was NOT necessary at release.  POP was the 4th expansion counting release.  So the world was 4x as large as at release.  Travel was getting ridiculous.
  • ketzerei84 said: Kilsin said: PvP will be completely separate, we can make class/world changes on a PvP server without affecting the PvE classes/servers so it won;t be a problem. So with that in mind, we plan on making a few really fun …
  • When EQ added loot mechanics recently it was a great improvement.   The consensus became if its something you want then click need.  Vendor loot: need, stuff to sell to players: need, stuff you would wear: obvious need.  Then if there is something o…
  • Amathe said: What I said was that a hobbit town would not have orc oriented quests. There could of course be some  general quests. Bear in mind, however, that this is meant to be temporary. It is only to facilitate new players meeting up. Not f…
  • Amathe said: svann said: Would you be happy if you were free to start in any city but with enough of a penalty to disincentivize starter city shopping for the majority of players? Yes. But there is already a penalty. If you are a…
  • I really dont like the idea that any race can freely start out in any city without penalty.  I think that when you do that then people start asking "what is the best city to start in"?  Then the more people that go there the more incentive there is …
  • Amathe said: Sovrath said: And that person's friends can run to meet him/her as well. Solo. Got it.  No, if you want to join your friends  then it is possible for your friends  to come find you as a group, not solo.
  • I dont think players should get a free ride to another starting town or the ability to be born there.  Each race should start at their own town and help populate that area.  If you really want to join friends at another town then hoof it over there.…
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  • Ive learned that you cant have open beta stretch out too long or people finish the game and get bored before release.  See Project Gorgon.
  • Sometimes when a game runs poorly its not because its designed for too good of a machine, its just because it was designed poorly and no matter how good a machine you get its going to run poorly. As an example, you try running through Warsliks Wood…
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  • I agree that at beginning travel should be hard.  There has to be some incentive for players to stay at their starting areas or else everyone will just port to what is said to be the best starting area and the other areas will be empty.  If friend…
  • Rhoklaw said: The only people who are against immersive forms of travel are the so called "I don't have time to sit around for 5 minutes on a boat, because my time is precious" crowd. Whenever you start out "The only people who...." yo…
  • LegotheHutt said: How are you all not familiar with CotH??  Standard CotH was only zone wide.  There wasn't a long cool down.  Only a small component cost.  It brings people together...but not from anywhere in the world.  It's not a reverse por…
  • Vanilla eq was fine for its time, but relied way too much on autoattack.
  • Dullahan said: gervaise1 said: Do you have any idea about political theory or have you just been .... brainwashed. National Socialists were considered "right wing" - and there are a wide range of "left" and "right" social…
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  • Torval said:  I seriously doubt this team will pull off level scaling. . I dont know how we can make any simpler.  They arent doing level scaling. Stay in school, bro.
  • deniter said: I still think this 'mentoring system' has no place in any seriously taken MMORPG. Do you really want a situation where you fight in light armor with a wooden stick in your weaker hand only because you met someone you know that is …
  • The only thing I remember about level locking in VG was that every once in a while someone would ask in general "What the hell is this ability for?  Why would I want to stop xp???".  Maybe 2 people ever really used it.