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  • Shadow Of War: microtransactions!

    Do you blame the company ? Because as long as people will pay, companies are going to do that. So I don't  blame them for giving them the tools to buy stuff with real  money, instead I blame the players for doing it.
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  • Shroud of the Avatar strikes again!!

    Now they're charging $50 for what they got for free in unity assets .
    How greedy is that , huh?

    Add-on store is really a joke.

  • Shroud of the Avatar - Offline is On - MMORPG.com

    1. This game is a mess
    2. It is a cash grab
    3. Grindy 
    4. Boring
    5. Dead with less than 200 or 300 players playing the game.
    6. The devs are banning left and right and soon as they can.
    7. Any excuses are good for a begothon. 
    8. The cash shop is a freaking joke 
    9. They are selling items $20 when they got it for free.
    10. Chris Spears has insulted most of the players , even MMORPG.com.
  • Game dead before it even started?

    I backed this one with more than $500.

    Shame on me..  Do not buy this game.  DO NOT.
  • An Impressive Look at New Moondial Effects - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    @Voidfarer, Welcome to MMORPG, land of the completely unmoderated forums where the same half dozen trolls who were banished from the forums years ago trash the game each week! Same guys every time. Look at Black777, Rawynhistory, and Ice-Queen's message history. Hating on SotA isn't just a hobby, it is a way of life! There was a time when I would come and try and correct them and reason with them. Now I try to just ignore them. This is pretty much 4chan of the MMO world so kind of expected.

    As for your actual post, Thanks for the kind words and I look forward to answering questions, drinking, and singing for you guys in the next Bega...er, telethon on the 31st! Take care and don't stress if these guys harass you simply for suggesting the game doesn't suck, they do it to everyone. BTW, this is Chris the dev and feel free to hit me up in the Sota forums if you have any questions!

    Wow, very unprofessional...
    If we don't agree with you, you're bashing. A classic from someone who can't take criticism.
    Start listening and stop being cocky. if the game was good, we would praise the game as much as we can. But nope, you want to control everything and refuse to admit your mistakes.
    When we speak, you don't listen.
    If you're not in control, you get mad.

    Children do the exact same thing.

    also, as Ice Queen said, numbers don't lie.
    ps: I did not get banned from the official forum.
  • Pre-Alpha Starts Today!

    Raxeon said:
    what an absurd price to get into pre alpha

    and they used to pay people to test their game.  How stupid customers can be............
  • Shroud of the Avatar strikes again!!

    That's my point.
    Getting something FREE and selling it for $50 to the people who backed your game is really shady.
    Instead of saying thank you for your trust.. They just want to fked the buyers , really deep in their $$$.

    So,how can you trust a them?
    People are not even sure if they will be able to make 5 chapter.  The game is so bad, the devs , greedy as hell and their way of marketing the game ?  Horrible.   

    This game will end up in the trash. 
  • UPDATED: Free Trial to Possibly Become a Permanent Fixture Starting Dec 20th - Shroud of the Avatar

    Chaserz said:

    How is this MMO doing?

    Long story short. Don't waste your time on this one .
  • UPDATED: Free Trial to Possibly Become a Permanent Fixture Starting Dec 20th - Shroud of the Avatar

    Folks will rant about there add-on store or telethons, but the reality is anything in those stores can be made/attained in game and none of them are needed to play.

    The reality is that everything in the add-on store can only be obtained in the add-on store or from a RMT reseller.  Even the COTO merchants in game that sell similar in appearance items, they aren't the same things.  Anything purchased with COTO can be looted.

    Sometimes, a series of items in the store will have a beaten up weathered looking drab boring piece put into the crafting system ... but don't expect it to be in game while those items are hot in the store.  Craftable knockoff versions of anything in the store, if it's even put in game, comes way after it's entry to the add-on store.

    Also, point of fact.  Attained in game does not equal earned in game.  Nothing is earned in game.  Either you buy it from the add-on store or obtain it from a reseller (for gold or paypal cash).  Nothing can be earned in game - you can't earn property deeds, you can't even win one unless you pump millions of gold into the lottery - it's worse that loot crates.

    Still play? If so why? If not why wasting your time with this?

    You can earn a lot by saving gold and buying it in game from lots of folks. No real $$ needed, every other game I've played always required in game gold to buy some type of housing. And having housing doesn't stop you from playing the story quest lines and seeing how you fair. That's the point of the game. Everything else is sandbox. How does not having a lot restrict you from doing that.

    Final statement from me on this, been debated to death. Enjoy whatever game you play.

    You're wrong on everything.
    The only way to get everything with gold is by playing the single player mode. End of story. Don't even try to argue. Items from the store are paid to win, simple as that. The devs are ready to sell their mom or to exploit a death... to sell crappy stuff. The average of players? Close to 200. MAX. Why?
    Nobody is hype about this game. Why? Nobody is streaming this game. Why? They need the store to make their game, without the store there is ZERO finance, why?
    Nobody wants to invest in this company who used smoke and mirrors to make a Kickstarter project who fooled most of the backers by changing the terms of the game, more than once.

    As I said, I don't think you know the full story of this... bbeeeeppppp.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II: Making Melee Work - General Guides

    Shodanas said:

    sayuu said:

    Really not sure I like MMORPG promoting this p2w garbage. P2W in F2P or B2P games ok I guess, but in full priced AAA games? Nope.

    what exactly about the game is pay2win now that the microtransaction system has been removed?

    also isn't the game buy2play? you're ok with pay2win in buy2play games. . .just not this one for some reason?

    your post is really confusing, please clarify

    This game is no more P2W than Pokemon or Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone.

    Can you inform us about the current retail prices for Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone ?

    And yes, this game is as p2w as it can get. In case you missed it the temporally disabled loot boxes contain star cards which directly increase a characters combat potency.

    A lot of people misconstrue what P2W is. Pay to win is the process where you acquire something that is otherwise inaccessible to a non-payer. Battlefront is not Pay to win. The model it had before it got plugged was pay to progress faster. Nothing in the game is barred from you if you did not opt into getting lootboxes faster with real money. 

    I find myself needing to mention I do not like this model and it is not desirable in any video game. However, I find myself needing to defend the definition of p2w so that it has more meaning and influence when stated in the future. Thank you.

    A lot of people misconstrue what P2W is.
    Agreed and sadly you're one of them.