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  • Arcfall: Previews: A Fresh Take on the Sandbox Exploration Game

    k61977 said:

    Well looked like a great game till I read don't take your best gear out. Don't have it in me for anymore open world pvp games, become toxic to fast for me. Hope that it goes well for those that want this game. Always good to see game do well even if it isn't something I want to play.

    The PvP will not be as normal PvP, it will be based on your character's Karma. Doing good deeds gives you good Karma and doing bad deeds gives you bad Karma. Stealing is one of those skills that will give you bad Karma. Now a player can't steal from another player if the other player's Karma is above 80% good. Same goes for PvP type Skills like murder where a player cant kill another player if the others Karma is above 40% good. So players that only want to play PvE will just have to keep their Karma above 40% good, where as players that want to kill others have to keep their Karma below 50% bad. This creates a unique PvP/PvE system where its up to each player what he wants to play in the same world. There is good rewards for those wanting full PvP as well as for those wanting full PvE.
  • PvP Delayed to the August 25th Update, But It's Gonna be BIG - Arcfall -

    blamo2000 said:

    Does this game have any sort of character development and character building? I am not into games without caps or games where everyone is exactly like everyone else besides equipment like Albion Online and games of that ilk. UO has character builds and caps.

    Yes you build your characters skills up by doing things with it like Swordsman Skill will increase every time you swing a sword. There is around 24 different skills right now and more being added. Skill levels of a skill unlocks abilities. Each skill can go up to a max of 1000 points and you can have a max of 7000 points in total for all skills together so you can only dabble in a few skills to max to build a character or in many skills at a much lower level which makes every build different dependent on what type of character you want. You can lock,unlock or set skills to go down on the fly.
  • Devs Explain How Mounts Will Work - Neos Land -

    Thanks, combat with mounts will play a key role in the game attacking other players Keeps or Towns. Read more on our website about mounts.
  • PvP Delayed to the August 25th Update, But It's Gonna be BIG - Arcfall -

    There will be certain situations where PvP will be forced on you for 30 min if you are greedy or do something bad like stealing, no matter what your Karma is at. But it will be your choice still. Just the rewards might be worth it. Or if you see a dead body laying there from another player, the urge to take his stuff might be to big.