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  • Crowfall: PvPers Need PvEers

    I think you have a valid point but you have obscured it by referring to PvE. What games like CF and CU need are not PvErs but rather some PvPers who also like to do gathering, building, etc. in addition to the people who just want to kill their enemies all the time (me :p).

    As the other commenters say, these kind of games can't really appeal to true PvErs because there is the strong possibility of being ganked while gathering etc. which true PvErs won't put up with for long when they could just play in a different game where that doesn't happen.
  • Bring On Siege Perilous!

    If a column uses bullet points but there are no bullets, does it really have bullet points? :p
  • Will CU have BG type PvP as well as OW RvR ?

    Scambug said:
    From the little research I've done, it seems the answer is no. Could anyone confirm?

    I've been playing Warhammer for a few weeks now and it reminded me how much I don't enjoy open world RvR, at least 2 faction RvR with no efficient balance mechanic.

    Open world fights almost always go the same way: one faction face rolls the other over some objective, the face rolled faction gives up and the face rollers end up fighting against doors and PvE mobs.

    Long story short, I realized I only enjoy MMO PvP when there are systems in place that force even sides, like in battle grounds. Doesn't matter the scale, it can be small or large but the sides must be even.

    CU will be a 3 faction game and it's commonly accepted that these types of PvP environments tend to self regulate population balance. I wouldn't know, I've never played a 3 faction RvR game.

    So my next question is will CU only count on this 3 faction self regulation or will there be systems in place to force (not encourage) some sort of faction balance in the open world ?
    You are correct. There are no plans for instanced battlegrounds with even numbers right now.

    There will be mechanics to try to limit the extent that an overpopulated realm can roll over the other realms, but mostly it will be done by self regulation.
  • Pledging/Early Access - The Ultimate Hype Killer

    I remember when Camelot Unchained was THE game that everyone was drooling over.  Savior of open world PvP, sandbox was just becoming the hot trend, all that.  It was going to be AWESOME!  People (me included) pledged and bought into the game early and hyped it on here to no end and then...crickets.  Years later, there still isn't even a game client to test for those who pledged.  Look at the forum activity on here if you want an indication of how much interest there is these days.  Early pledging and early access, the ultimate hype killer.  Who knows, maybe it will gain a second wind if and when it ever becomes a testable game, much less an actual release. 
    Backers who purchased tiers with IT, Alpha, Beta 1, and even Beta 2 (CUBE only) have access to the game client for scheduled tests and CUBE.

    CSE sends out updates every week, a newsletter every month, and livestreams multiple times a week. That's not crickets.

    This... is not the official forum. If you are truly a backer, go here

    and login and you will see the actual official forum is extremely active including dev participation by Mark and Ben.

  • What the crap, still no Beta ETA?

    The only thing that really has gone wrong is that the company keeps telling people that Beta 1 or the announcement of Beta 1 are coming "soon" when in reality they have proven unable to estimate dates at all accurately.

    They should just be quiet about dates and should only report progress that is being made on the game until they have an actual firm date to report.
  • Camelot Unchained News - First Class Archetype Revealed - The Devout

    Those aren't specs. Those are distinct classes in entirely different realms.
  • Any Backers/founder owners here?

    We're still quite a while away from a time when the game in testing is enough like the game that will launch that we can give you a reliable answer. If you can't tell from the publicly available information -- especially the Foundational Principles, BSC system design documents, and class reveals -- whether you might like the game, then I'd suggest waiting a while longer before backing it.

    A lot of gameplay should be added in the next year and the NDA should be removed so you will get much better information in say 6 months than we can give you right now.
  • So many old school DAOC players in one place. Lets sound off our name/server. Maybe reconnect with o

    Hariken said:

    No thanks. CU is no DAoC

    I'll pass.

    I agree and if all these people are so hot for DAOC why aren't they playing it. They do know its still up and running right.
    The mess Broadsword has made of DAOC is very different from the version of it most CU backers fondly remember from the pre-EA years. If DAOC was still roughly the game we loved back in the early to mid part of the previous decade, we very well might still play it. (And we don't play the free shard version of it because PvE level grinding for months before we can RvR isn't what we liked about it.)