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  • Star Wars Uprising to Close in November - News

    I didn't even know it existed. But if it's only a mobile ARPG then I didn't miss out on much.
  • This Week at GameSpace - Reviews Galore - Not So MMO -

    The only thing I have an issue with on Gamespace is how high every review score seems to be. I mean an opinion is an opinion, but I remember how hard it was to see any magazine or publication giving out perfect scores, or close to it, but I see Destiny 2 got a 10, and Edith Finch. Both of which are great but by no means perfect. I guess opinions are opinions though, I still think it's a neat site.
  • Love MMO Arenas? You Need To Be Playing Battlerite - Michael Bitton at

    I've actually put a lot of time into Battlerite since it launched in EA. It's what I wanted Bloodline Champions to be, and so far it's garnering them way more attention than BLC ever did. It's pretty balanced, the only feature I really want is a voice chat, since this game is all about communication, and I only have like two friends who also play it that I can get on my team speak, I kinda wish I could tell my team mates who we should focus or try to work together.
  • Rise of Iron Review - End of the Road

    JeroKane said:
    The main campaign might be around 90 minutes, if you were decked out in RAID gear from previous year and snoozed yourself through the missions like mad.

    I spend about 3 hours on the Main campaign, as I was only light level 290 or so, which was actually nice as it were challenging missions this way and really loved the campaign.

    But then you still have side missions to unlock, the new Strike and RAID and a lot of objectives to work towards via the new patrol zone.

    The new zone is absolutely amazing. I really loved the Dreadnaught of Taken King expac and still think that is the best zone ever in Destiny, but this one comes as a very close second.

    All in all though, seeing how some other games charge 20 bucks for just a DLC, I think it´s decent value for money for 30 bucks.

    I do agree that Taken King was fantastic and offered a lot more and felt like a real expansion, but did came higher at 40 bucks at the time.
    Yeah that's the same conclusion I've come to. I was at 320 when I started it, and still had a few issues with difficulty due to exploding shanks and not realizing they were around me. I am about 15 hours of playing this expansion into it and still having lots of fun. 
  • BlueHole Eying Fortnite Battle Royale Similarities - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    Siveria said:
    Sorry but Pubg doesn't own battle royale stuff, far from it. That said I don't even see how pubg is even popular, the game looks like garbage. I just don't see the draw to it at all.
    It's very fun if you like the type of game. Which obviously you don't. Doesn't make it garbage.
  • Review in Progress (PS4): Part 3 - Destiny 2 Columns

    Sovrath said:
    exile01 said:

    I feel as you. I enjoy the game enough to know I don’t want to spoil more before the PC launch.

    I got the PS4 version as well but haven't played it. I'm gonna go hardcore on PC then later on casual on PS4. 

    So youre paying 2x the price to do the same things over and over. No wonder people pay those 200 early start packs. Yes its your money but for me thats Mindblowing! And its not even about the money, its about how people easly fall into hype and then reconsider, regret.
    People play video games more than once. They'd like to do it on a different platform. as those platforms provide a different experience (lounging on the couch as opposed to sitting straight at one's desk for example. It's not hard to understand.
    Yeah, I've owned games on 3 platforms before just because I have different friends who play on different things. I own Black ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC because of different friends. I don't even like that game, I just like playing things with friends. I bought Destiny on PS4 and XBone for the same reason. I wouldn't ever buy the 200 dollar starter pack for anything, but if I know I enjoy something I'll definitely be willing to shell out for multiple copies as long as there is reason.
  • Steam Ratings, Reviews, and The Bombing – Steam’s Histogram Puts All the Work Back on the User - MMO

    Xasapis said:
    Remove the scores? Sure, lets remove one of the few tools that users have to both accurately inform of the actual score of a game and influence the developers.

    Lets see ... 2k and their basketball game ... that company was found manipulating unfavourable reviews, while also including invasive microtransactions into their games. The game was bombed. Sure, the review manipulation is not directly related to the actual game, but it shows how easily "game journalists" and their scores are manipulated in favor of game companies.

    No, user review need not only to stay, but become the prominent qualifier for any game. Had I known that gamers gave ME:Andromeda 5.5 as opposed to "game journalists" 7.5, I would have researched further into the problems and saved myself a bad purchase.

    The bottom line is that unfortunately game journalist reviews on pretty much any site (too much carbon copying happening to rush those reviews) are unreliable. While the gamer reviews do have their issues, the bigger volume statistically and lack of influence from the game developers make them a more accurate indication of a game's quality.
    The problem with this line of thinking comes from something you said yourself. "Sure, the review manipulation is not directly related to the actual game". That sentence right there. It effects both ends. Review bombs aren't an accurate representation of an actual games score either. Reviewers at least have a guideline they have to follow for writing a review and making it make sense, and you choose whether or not to think it was somehow manipulated. I choose a select few reviewers I actually listen to. 

    The idea behind a review bomb changing a problem with a game makes sense to me. It sounds good on paper. But at this point, what ends up coming of it most of the time. Absolutely nothing. It gives users the idea that they should rate something either 1 or 10. 1 if there is one problem with the game they don't like, and 10 if it's good to them. There's no in between, save for a few users who actually take time to think out a response. The main issue in my head is, users don't actually give things a chance. THIS GAME HAS DENUVO 1 OUT OF 10 REFUSE TO BUY. Game gets review bombed with 1 out of 10's because of DRM. When they are playing it on steam a platform made to be online DRM itself. I just think there needs to be some stipulations into what constitutes a review. It seems like people flock and score it based on what else they see, and it doesn't give games actual fair reviews. No game should be a 1 out of 10 unless it was unplayable, yet you see any time a review is negative on platforms like Metacritic or steam it's always one extreme or the other.

    If a game takes away a feature, I think the potential buyers should be aware of that, but it shouldn't make the game get a 20% positive review status on steam. That will just turn away anyone who doesn't know any better. I don't know how to fix the situation myself, but it just seems like I pay less and less attention to user reviews and just watch videos myself because user reviews are usually just bombs in one way or another. 
  • Which MMO/RPG lore would you like to be made into a TV series like Game of Thrones with high budget

    Elder Scrolls could have a fantastic series, FF as well.
    Elder scrolls would be my choice. There is a lot going on and it's all really great lore. Final Fantasy would depend on which one, 14 might make an alright series, but most of the mainline games probably wouldn't work.
  • Which MMO has the best crafting?

    I've been playing a lot of FFXIV and the crafting is super fun. Having individual classes with individual gear for each crafting type is awesome, plus you gain skills as you level the crafting class which can be used on the hotbar, it's just pretty cool having a crafting class treated like a non crafting class.