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  • Star Wars Uprising to Close in November - News

    I didn't even know it existed. But if it's only a mobile ARPG then I didn't miss out on much.
  • Love MMO Arenas? You Need To Be Playing Battlerite - Michael Bitton at

    I've actually put a lot of time into Battlerite since it launched in EA. It's what I wanted Bloodline Champions to be, and so far it's garnering them way more attention than BLC ever did. It's pretty balanced, the only feature I really want is a voice chat, since this game is all about communication, and I only have like two friends who also play it that I can get on my team speak, I kinda wish I could tell my team mates who we should focus or try to work together.
  • Rise of Iron Review - End of the Road

    JeroKane said:
    The main campaign might be around 90 minutes, if you were decked out in RAID gear from previous year and snoozed yourself through the missions like mad.

    I spend about 3 hours on the Main campaign, as I was only light level 290 or so, which was actually nice as it were challenging missions this way and really loved the campaign.

    But then you still have side missions to unlock, the new Strike and RAID and a lot of objectives to work towards via the new patrol zone.

    The new zone is absolutely amazing. I really loved the Dreadnaught of Taken King expac and still think that is the best zone ever in Destiny, but this one comes as a very close second.

    All in all though, seeing how some other games charge 20 bucks for just a DLC, I think it´s decent value for money for 30 bucks.

    I do agree that Taken King was fantastic and offered a lot more and felt like a real expansion, but did came higher at 40 bucks at the time.
    Yeah that's the same conclusion I've come to. I was at 320 when I started it, and still had a few issues with difficulty due to exploding shanks and not realizing they were around me. I am about 15 hours of playing this expansion into it and still having lots of fun. 
  • Albion Online - Testing After Galahad -

    I bought into Albion recently and have been having a blast. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I have been. I'm on the edge with whether I should continue or just wait until july though when the final wipe happens.
  • Black Desert Online still one of the most popular mmorpgs

    While I agree BDO is quite populated, measuring games off their twitch viewership is not a way to see anything. Streamers have followings, that will watch even if they no longer play said game, or ever did in the first place. Plus usually one or two streamers host most of the viewership for a game (excluding behemoths like LoL and CSGO). The game is very populated, but alot of people are AFK since the game allows you to be AFK and do some things.
  • Review on BDO

    I had fun with BDO. I also didn't spend anything other than the cost of the game, and I usually had 3+ months of value pack time, full pets, and a full costume with just using gold. I had a 60, and spent most of my time grinding, but it was fun to me. I knew going in I wouldn't be top player, but the game world is beautiful, and the game itself is fun.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - PvP is Amazing in Stormblood -

    MikeB said:

    I'm wondering how the game's PVP can be "amazing" if the combat is probably the worst in the genre?

    Obviously, this assumes you already like the game. This wasn't written for people who already take a pass on the game due to their (understandable) issues with the slower combat. It's more of a "If you like FFXIV, you should check out the PvP. It's pretty awesome now!"
    I've been enjoying the new PvP changes, and the PvP in general. I've always tossed it aside because when it came out it was a thing that felt like they added it just to say the game has it and to appease people whining about not having it. Now it actually feels like it has soul to it, multiple game modes, the 3 faction frontline mode is pretty fun. I also like getting 300k exp per match of frontline, it's a nice break when I need to level for the MSQ's, and I don't feel like grinding side quests.
  • Which MMO has the best crafting?

    I've been playing a lot of FFXIV and the crafting is super fun. Having individual classes with individual gear for each crafting type is awesome, plus you gain skills as you level the crafting class which can be used on the hotbar, it's just pretty cool having a crafting class treated like a non crafting class.