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  • Marvel & Disney Cut Ties with Gazillion Entertainment, MHO to Shut Down - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    Bye bye, Gazillion. It's glorious to finally see the F2P market crumble.

    That's a little messed up. You are happy to see a game get shut down? I'm almost positive this is an awful thing for anyone who works there. The game was also monetized fairly well, and you could earn everything through playing.
  • Star Wars Uprising to Close in November - News

    I didn't even know it existed. But if it's only a mobile ARPG then I didn't miss out on much.
  • Steam Hammer Early Access Key Sweepstakes! -

    They keep making Survival games in every possible setting with the same features. The only difference between any of them is what the weapons / buildings look like and what the method of travel is. I don't think this looks interesting in the slightest, I just watched a gameplay and it looked the same as every other early access survival game.
  • This Week at GameSpace - Reviews Galore - Not So MMO -

    The only thing I have an issue with on Gamespace is how high every review score seems to be. I mean an opinion is an opinion, but I remember how hard it was to see any magazine or publication giving out perfect scores, or close to it, but I see Destiny 2 got a 10, and Edith Finch. Both of which are great but by no means perfect. I guess opinions are opinions though, I still think it's a neat site.
  • Wizard101 Gloomthorn Hoard Pack Giveaway!

    how do you get a key for a item
    You push the giant button that says CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR KEY
  • Rise of Iron Review - End of the Road

    JeroKane said:
    The main campaign might be around 90 minutes, if you were decked out in RAID gear from previous year and snoozed yourself through the missions like mad.

    I spend about 3 hours on the Main campaign, as I was only light level 290 or so, which was actually nice as it were challenging missions this way and really loved the campaign.

    But then you still have side missions to unlock, the new Strike and RAID and a lot of objectives to work towards via the new patrol zone.

    The new zone is absolutely amazing. I really loved the Dreadnaught of Taken King expac and still think that is the best zone ever in Destiny, but this one comes as a very close second.

    All in all though, seeing how some other games charge 20 bucks for just a DLC, I think it´s decent value for money for 30 bucks.

    I do agree that Taken King was fantastic and offered a lot more and felt like a real expansion, but did came higher at 40 bucks at the time.
    Yeah that's the same conclusion I've come to. I was at 320 when I started it, and still had a few issues with difficulty due to exploding shanks and not realizing they were around me. I am about 15 hours of playing this expansion into it and still having lots of fun. 
  • Wizard101 Gloomthorn Hoard Pack Giveaway!

    my code is T722D9L4W25Q48MQL6Q4

    i dont play this game
    Why do people always get codes if they don't play the games. I'll never understand. On a brand new account too. Weird.
  • PWE shuts down Runic, Motiga

    That's the problem with taking the offer of having a major publisher above your company that owns a stake in your company. You can just get shut down any time they aren't bringing in expected amounts. It's awful. I feel really bad for the people at runic, I hope they find new homes somewhere better.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II - Reddit Claims ALL Characters Can be Unlocked in 24-Hours* - N

    immodium said:
    immodium said:
    Shodanas said:
    So, i pay 60 euros for a AAA game with locked content and i have to be thankful for the fact that i "only" need 24 hours of game play in order to unlock said content ?

    Sod off.
    In the past publishers charged you full price for a game then if you wanted to play beyond the first 30 days you had to pay an additional fee.

    I'm honestly surprised at the MMO community being in shock at a practice they've been supporting (Not loot boxes/microtransactions, the idea that it's ok to keep charging a gamer a fee to play a game they've already purchased) for nearly 20 years.
    Except MMO's are completely different. You were paying monthly to get support for the game for as long as it is up. Server costs, keeping a dev team working on the game with patches and updates, and basically paying for any support the game is still getting. With other games you don't usually get continued support unless it is released in the form of an expansion or DLC. 
    Todays MMO's prove they can do all that even without a mandatory subscription. Or even a box price.
    By offering extremely large cash shops and pay to win features. 
  • Disconnect Issue Resolved, Compensation to be Offered - Black Desert Online -

    unrealaz1 said:

    Sovrath said:

    Divion said:

    The manner in which this issue was handled causes me great concern. As a Guild Master of a very large guild i had many people impacted, who lost the will to play this game. I myself suffered great loss, and frustration to this issue. I work as a System Engineer, and saw the manner in which they first attempted to shift blame away, then ignored farmed up data showing the issue with LeaseWeb, then finally shifting burden to the very players who reported for weeks of an issue makes me feel like their ability to tackle future challenges is left wanting. This isn't recent history either. Reports started surfacing of WAN Routing issues over Leasewebs relays months ago. It's very clear the methodology and cause is due to the desire to cut costs of infrastructure and provisional support vital to up-keeping a game of this size. The entire situation reeked of cash-cow practices more committed to their bottom-line by reducing overhead than anything else. The truly do deserve the name KashKao. Once a viable alternative exists, i predict a quick death in the months to follow. As an alpha founder, i'm quite heart broken.

    while I'm sorry you are heart broken that seems a bit precious. This seems to be a gamer thing, wear heart on sleeve and if anything goes wrong just storm away.

    Too much investment is going into these games where, if they don't fill some gap in one's life they become "dead to me".

    What about, they had some technical issues, they didn't fix them right away but they are now solved and people can go back to playing. "Problem solved".

    That's the thing, the problem will come back every time if they don't change LeaseWeb. And yes the game will be dead if something like The Lineage or Lost Ark comes out or Star Citizen. People don't just "storm away". You grow more and more fed up until you say fuck it and when you do, a lot of people will follow.Our whole guild which was even on EU gave up on the game and is playing filler games because Kakao doesn't deserve money anymore
    Lost Ark, and Star Citizen are absolutely nothing like BDO. Those games do not pull the same crowd and even if some of the population leaves for them, it won't kill the game. Lineage might pull a similar crowd but right now that game isn't even close to coming out and most of the people I knew who played Lineage 2 in any of my clans I was in went to BDO.